Monday, November 4, 2013

Great Goodly Gladstone

Hello Father and Mother and family!!! and friends.

So we didnt baptize anyone this week. :(   But thats okay! :)   And Dad, Sister Fenton just shared it on her page, but i can ask her to message it to you.

Sounds like all is well on the Utah front! We had some cloudy days this week which was a nice break from the piercing Australian sun. The temperature is starting to rise....last week it hit 39 celcius...whatever that is, its hot! And its not summer yet apparently! Bring it on sun. Im just glad we get a nice breeze from the ocean. 

Enough about the weather! This week we taught Ken with the chinese elders as per usual, he is preparing for his baptism on the 11th. We actually just taught him this morning as well, hes doing great! He says he doesnt know everything yet but he just wants to be baptized! Amen Ken, we can make that happen. We taught him "My Heavenly Father Loves Me" in english and sang it together. It was cute. :) We also saw Joann and read the Book of Mormon with her. That book changes people! I cant believe i didnt read it more before the mish! Its amazing

We also had FHE with our RC Mark and Tabitha. I love them :) I was conducting and it was so cool to have fhe with people who had never had it before in their life. We sang and had star of the week and all of that (when you are the "star of the week" everybody else says something nice about you) . Im glad we always had fhe at home. Prophets are pretty inspired I'd say! Wednesday we did service at Bree's house like we always do. She is going through a little bit of a hard time right now. We cleaned her car and i was vacuuming it out and it was parked outside right in the sun, the sweat was dripping off my face onto the ground in the car! Nastay! Dont worry i carry around a sock in the basket of my bike to wipe my face with when we make it to appointments. :) Really though.

We taught some investigators we havent seen for a while so it was good to follow up with them. We also taught Joann the ten commandments and law of chastity. She took it all in very well. Her and Nino actually met in Japan while they were both living there. She made us udon noodles they were so yummy! She worked as a Japanese translator when she moved back to the phillipines. Sometimes she teaches me Japanese. 

On thursday we had a miracle. We were about to bike out to Gondoon street which is across town. Then i discovered i left my helmet in the other sisters we just started walking....then this old couple pulled over and gave us a ride! We were so happy because that would have been a long walk :) We said a prayer of thanks after they dropped us off and contiued the work. We teach one of our potential investigators children about the gospel because she wants them to learn about God ;) i love teaching kids. 

On friday we went and saw Dilys and her mother Stella who is a non member and her father Peter who is RC. We taught Plan of Salvation...who doesnt just love this lesson? How wonderful that God has a plan, a way, a path for us to follow so that we can return to live with him again. How vast, how wondrous, how complete, redemptions grand design. Where justice, love and mercy meet, in harmony divine.... As Eliza Snow says. Dilys is doing great and feels so happy all the time.

Also on friday we worked out with RC Mark and Tabitha and Dilys and Laureen (the Fentons taught and baptized her a few months ago, shes awesome) and put on boxing gloves and punched each other. I was sooooo sore the next day!! Good grief!

On Saturday i held a snake! It was so pretty. This was at Celeste's house, (investigator) she has two snakes they are both over six feet long...i didnt know i loved snakes! They are so soft. I had it all wrapped around me and was petting its head. I think ill get a snake when i come home :)  Except you have to feed it live rats which is kind of disturbing to watch ill have you know. Poor little fella! 

Sunday was lovely, we went to church and Darral came. He needs some serious help in his life and we are trying to give it to him. He always reeks of alcohol and nicotine but has sincerity in his eyes. Im so thankful for the word of wisdom!!!

Family i love you all :) Transfer calls are in two weeks!! Eeek Sister Kyaw might fly back to Brisbane. who knows? Transfers are exciting :) 

love you all,
Sister Schaelling 

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