Monday, November 24, 2014

Lessons learned...from Companions!! yay...

Hello family!

I love you guys so much! Im assuming you have all my travel plans and such. its okay if you get the wrong time i think i can find my way home from SLC. haha joking! i cant wait to see all of you. This last week has been really good, we taught 15 total lessons which is a high for us. Lots of contacting also but we're struggling to find potential investigators. but hey. we taught Tahlya this week who is a new investigator and she is also a witch. Yay witch doctors haha. She is good and very kind. Hopefully as she reads the Book of Mormon she will come to know the Savior. 
Sister Allen and Schaelling

Being my concluding email i would like to share with you all what i have learned from my companions. I cherish my companions soooo much and they have changed and effected me a lot! More than i had supposed. When i think of my mission, i think of them.

MTC: Sister Allen, a sweet, soft spoken, kind loving lady!! She taught me how to listen with love, when all i knew was how to talk, a lot. She knew how to listen to our investigators and taught me how to be compassionate and not just bold. She is amazing :)

New Jersey, trainer: Sister Kranewitter, from Essen Germany. 4 foot 7, a convert at age 13, only daughter of divorced parents, and fiercely independent. Sister K was a big adjustment to the gentle Sister Allen. Sister Kranewitter taught me how to be a missionary. She required a lot out of me and pushed me to my limits! She taught me how to work hard and grit my
Sister Schaelling, Kranewitte, and Pack
teeth and persevere. She taught me how to be humble and correctable and not take things personally. This was a difficult time in my mission, but i have always been grateful for her firmness and pushing me to lead. I had no problem leading for the rest of my mission after her.

Sister Pack, fellow trainee, we just leaned on each other as we both got trained by sister K.  She is fun and was also a new missionary like me. 
Sister Schaelling and Cocker

Australia, follow up trainer, Sister Cocker
. Tall Tongan from the "ghetto" of South Auckland, New Zealand. Sister Cocker taught me how to laugh!! We laughed our way through our transfer together. She and i had a big desire to work hard and together we knocked doors into the night. We biked and i learned to drive on the other side of the road and learned all about Polynesian culture. We laughed and worked and she taught me how to follow the Spirit. She taught me to be bold.

Gladstone, up North, Sister Kyaw
. From Rangoon Myanmar.  Firstly Sister Kyaw taught me about Burmese and Asian culture!
Sister Schaelling, Ken and Sister Kjaw
Eating with your fingers and a lot of rice :) With broken English and myself in my third transfer, far away from our leaders together we relied heavily on the Spirit as we biked the streets of Gladstone. We prayed with real intent every time we left the flat and went to teach, because we really needed the help. Together we had 8 baptisms, the most fruitful time of my mission. Sister Kyaw taught me the importance of communication and to be strong. From a difficult country and background, she had strength i had never seen before so closely. We truly had a little sister big sister relationship with her being 8 years older than me. How i love her!! She was also my first companion to have for three transfers. 

Sister Merrill and Schaelling
Gladstone, Sister Merrill. How i love this woman! My first companion from Utah it was so
funny being with the same culture again. She taught me to be bold and teach with power and authority. She was an amazing teacher and helped my teaching skills so much!! 

Sister Stanton and Schaelling
Ballina, Sister Stanton. Oh Sister Stanton, i always had flashbacks of England with her, she's from Sheffield, Yorkshire. Together we were sent to open a new proselyting area in the furthest southern part of the mission. Our challenge was great and we had both been out for 8 months. Together we prayed!! She taught me how to pray always!! We prayed A LOT and it was amazing. She is soft and gentle but also amazingly strong. She taught me to be obedient no matter what. She taught me how to be smart and not mindlessly chug along. We grew very close in our 6 months together.

Sister Schaelling and Koloamatangi
Ballina, Sister Koloamagangi. Another Tongan companion, from Sydney. Sister K taught me to be myself. We laughed so much together and she was a good worker. She taught me to be bold with fellow missionaries. We were only together for 6 weeks, we could both discern very clearly our investigators concerns which made us quite the team.

Sister Tufarius and Schaelling
Capalaba, Sister Tufariua. From the beautiful island of Tahiti, how i love Sister Tufariua!!
She has taught me to have faith! She has had many many trials and tribulations, but pushes forward in faith!! She is a beautiful example of enduring to the end and also has taught me to trust the Spirit and to trust God!! She is also hilarious and has helped me with my communication skills. i love her so much.

I am so grateful for my beautiful companions and all they have taught me and this wonderful mission. i will work my hardest this last week. i love you all so much.

Sister Schaelling

Monday, November 17, 2014

Life is good!

November 17, 2014
Howdy family!
This week was especially grand because GUESS WHAT??  Do you remember Phillip Kimura, the Maori man from Gladstone that Sister Kyaw and I taught and baptized??  SO he came and surprised me at our Cleveland Stake conference!!  And he took out his endowment the day before!!! WHAAT!!!  I thought I would never see him again!!!  I love Phil!!!!!!!! Man, that was SUCH a tender mercy and a blessing!!  Not to mention we had a great stake conference with Elder Coward, 70, and Elder Nielson, the exclamation point game plan Elder Nielson who is now in our area presidency, he is soooo funny!  So it was a lovely day indeed!  We have a new stake presidency, the stake president and his second counselor are both in Capalaba ward. Yayy Capalaba :) 
Darren is alright, he came to stake conference. We’re still praying for him. We taught Linda this week, she is a new investigator and she is amazing!!!  She really felt the Spirit its the best when that happens! :)  We taught her about how families can be together forever. She believes she can see her mother again after this life and we let her know that she will!  We also had a miracle, we lost Laura our investigator ages ago because she moved and we couldnt get a hold of her and didnt know where she moved too. Then we found her younger sister door knocking!  And when we came back we were able to teach Laura and her sister this time! Miracle! 
Todd and Rodessa are also good.  Thank you for the hot tomales!! and the notes!  they are awesome!!  thank you so much :) Todd thinks you guys are way cool and said that he understands why I am the way I am after he met you mom, because apparently we are both outgoing haha. 
Stake conference evening session was great. Its a bit different from UT where we have to gather in the Marriot Center of Bountiful haha. Here we just meet at the stake center and the authorities are just cracking jokes and walking around with a micraphone interacting with everyone.  thats what elder Nielson was doing.  it was so cool and of course about the hastening of the work! He told us to ask ourselves, am I in or am I out? Do i want to be a part of this great work or not?  Because its up to us!  We are free to choose!  As i watch powerful representatives of the Savior, it makes me want to be so strong in the Spirit like reminds me of the scripture in 4 Nephi 7 I think.. "they were angry with him.,.because he had greater power than they, for so great was the faith of Nephi.that angels did minister to him daily."  I want to have that kind of faith!!

Family i love you so much!! until next week, stay strong :)
much love
Sister Schaelling

Monday, November 10, 2014

Last few weeks

Hey i have normal Pday this week! Yay! and i think i will have normal pdays for the rest of my mission. yes i am pretty sure of that but as dad says, "one never knows" haha. 

So you saw good old Todd Smith! Yeah i think i scared him at Darrens lesson haha. I am not that bold all the time but sometimes you just gotta lay the beat down! haha but Todd is great. And it sounds like your week has been good! i keep forgetting its Christmas season because its boiling hot around here. so Christmas should be fun!!

This week was pretty interesting! Weve been trying to visit heaps of members but saints are quite busy in this area of the vineyard. I guess i dont have much to report on today because i already updated yall on last week til thursday! But on friday we did weekly planning, something im not going to miss but hey it needs to be done haha, and Saturday we got to do service! Service is good! it takes my mind off being stressed that i only have three weeks left. we cleaned a part member familys house. i honestly love cleaning i dont know why. when i feel like cleaning that is! then i love it!!

this week ive been on a rollercoaster of emotions! im basically sad sad sad that my mission is ending! but im happy too. but ive been in the sad phase this week. hopefully i will move into the happy and excited for the future stage this week!! we met with lots of people this week that were telling me to be happy! well then it will be done! happiness it is. :)

Sunday was good! Because we went to church and it was the adorable kids primary program!! so cute they always make me feel the spirit! oh to have the faith of a little child. we saw two less actives on Sunday. we were going to go to an Anglican service because we got invited and i secretly think it would be sweet to go to another church when im a missionary but we didnt get permission because theres not much purpose in us going to the Anglicans! They need to come to us our dear President counselled us. I love President Henderson. He is so smart.

Im excited for this week but know it will be challenging. These last weeks are challenging ill have you know. But i will endure to the end!! Interviews this week with President i cant wait!!!

much love
Sister Schaelling

Thursday, November 6, 2014

A few more weeks with my Tahitian Princess

Hey there family and friends hope life is treating you all swell!!  

soooo this week....lets see.

Hey nice job Davis High for maintaining our 2nd next to AF title....and cool Shannon ran a half marathon! sweet! and sounds like everything was grand.

this past week and a half..... well sad news, Darren is still on the smokes. His date is dropped for the 8th.......on the brighter side we have a new investigator!! yay!! Matthew is his name. Funny story--he came to church with the elders investigators and we met him, but then we walked up to him and GQd him at the bus station and we didnt know it was him, and he was like hey yeah we met at church! sweet! turns out he lives in our area and we taught him the plan of salvation. he is cool, a bit of a rough background,. but a humble guy. yay new investigators. 
I'm a Tahitian Palangi....(white person in Samoan)
we also saw Kayla again and this time her nonmember friend was there. i love when that happens. we had a message about prayer. it was lovely. Aussies are so interesting when it comes to religion, they're usually pretty uncomfortable discussing it. its like a no-no subject. but when you ask the right questions and bring it up in the right way, its great because they'll be honest and open with you. i love the Aussie people. mate. :) 

we went on a couple rescue visits with members which is always lovely! its amazing how going to visit someone to help strengthen them totally has the same effect on yourself. "and both are edified and rejoice together." D&C section ever!!!

the temple today was lovely!! and it was great being with the zone...when i think about the time i have left i feel a zillion emotions.  oh i just found out today that coming home of the plane with me is one of the APs, who is like the QB for the U or something, so the airport will probably be flooded with his fans haha. high school never ends...

we had trade offs this week and i was with Sister Wainwright in her area which was great and everything except we were walking the whole day and Holland Park is full of, hats off to the missionaries who walked their whole missions. haha make me look like a big baby!! she is so fun though, i loved it. we went door knocking all day. i love days like that. so fun. we met a sweet lady who does martial arts and i took a video of her doing a head kick...look forward to that one folks!!

we got smashed by a baptist missionary, well i dont know if he was a missionary but we was GQing at OUR bus station haha jk.  it's a free country but he was happy to tell us after a long standing discussion of doctrine that we are going to burn in hell if we "don't leave the Mormon church".  man good thing i have self mastery haha.

family i love you all and the gospel is true the Church is true i love this work and will continue to serve diligently to the end, 

much love
Sister Schaelling

From October 26, 2014

Hello Family this week has been pretty good. we have taught a reasonable amount of lessons this week and have a new investigator! Mitchell! he is great.  well he is not super interested right now but im sure he'll come around. he is the boyfriend of a less active YSA that we found door knocking. he told me his sister is majoring in women and politics and that she would love to talk to me about our church being male dominated....#bringit....hahah. 

We are still teaching Darren and he is still smoking out the wazoo. the pills arent working as well as we'd hoped. we need a magic pill. Todd smith told us that one of his wml's on the mission would make the investigators smoke a pack of cigarettes under a garbage bin to get them to quit...yep considering that one hahaha jokes. 

its nice being full time car!! so awesome. better than walking everywhere. We had dinner with a recent convert named Michael this week and it was yummmy! he was found by sister stanton and he's great, very kind and he has a strong testimony. we visited heaps of less actives as per the usual and so on.....teaching and finding and gq ing...and this homeless couple...don't even get me started....its practically illegal to be homeless here in Aus because its very liberal and there are like a million community services available to help those in need.  anyways...

Sunday they released the ward mission plan. does our ward have a ward mission plan? do we have a family mission plan? lets make one. lets visit less actives!!!! yay!!! there were talks on Sunday about service and i just remembered you mom and when youre like hey!! its snowing!! lets go shovel the entire streets driveways!! yay!!!! haaha that was fun, lets do it again!!! 

So i'm a bit scatter brained but the week coming should be good. our new district is fun and this is a good zone. and we have challenges every day but we work thru them. And my companion is adorable and hilarious!! AND i love you all. did you get my letter with pics? did Todd smith visit you yet? i wont be emailing until next thursday my time because we have temple this week heads up!!!

love you all!!!

Sister Schaelling

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

We're on youtube!

So transfers happened and guess what? I am staying here in the wonderful land of Capalaba and i am staying with my beautiful Tahitian princess, Sister Tufariua. Yay!!! She is going to kill me. It will be a wonderful 6 weeks together :) the other two sisters are getting transferred, and we just found out that their area is getting closed so now its just me and sister Tufariua in the flat! wow we have a big flat too...but im used to being in a two way so it should be fun. i hope we are full time car. that would stink if we had to share with elders because their not allowed to drive us sure well be full time car that would be amazing!!

Anyway it sounds like your week has been busy and good family!! Wow so cool Kat is home and assimilating back into the "real wold" of utah haha. Hey guess what we are teaching Todd Smith and his gf who is not a member, i think i have mentioned he is from fruit heights but he's going home this week and i told him to come visit you guys so hopefully you receive him! he buys us dinner every monday night so he's awesome :)

So for the area were teaching Darren still and set another date with him for NOVEMBER 8TH and we need to MAKE THIS HAPPEN PEOPLE. goodbye cigarettes!!!! goodbye coffee!!! hello water!!!! seriously he just needs to get baptized.  hes seeing the doctor today to help quit smoking because he needs more than just encouragement from us. im sooooo happy ive never had a cigarette. they're sooo expensive esp here in australia, like 15 for a small pack! dang what are we made of money here or what?

So we also had dinner with the Meharry family and they had their non member family there and it was lovely. I made friends with the girl next to me she was awesome. i love meeting new people. weve also been GQing this week as usual and it didnt feel like it was week 6. usually week 6 is really busy and hectic but it was unusually calm this week. we had a little sisters conference and it was just so lovely. one of the new sisters sang a song called Gloria by rob gardener and boyyyyyy it was amazing!!! dang shes got pipes! apparently both her parents are in mo tab. it was beautiful. President talked about how living the gospel should never be heavy or hard or "i just cant do this anymore-" that is not the gospel of Jesus Christ. Living the gospel is light and lifts our burdens and fills us with joy.  so true!!

We also got to watch the general womens meeting this week and it was just lovely. i love sister Marriots southern bell accent :) conference is the best. we also taught Susan again and she is interested and progressing slowly and is going to feed us this week so that is awesome :)

im so grateful to be a missionary and to labor and serve here in Capalaba. im glad im staying here for another transfer with my beloved companion. :) The Church is true!!! i love you all so much. oh and i am in a youtube mana show or something like that. were having a cultural night in nov :)  

love you all

Sister Schaelling

Carly is in it just for a second!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Rock Church vs. True Church

Heyyy family!!

Wow Kat is home! Wow that is crazy. Um, Katrina, you need to write me every week as part of your return missionary duties! haha  I bet its wierd being home!

Well this week we met with Darren again and family i dont know what happened but this time i finally lost my "you are such a waste of my time" attitude. As we were sitting there i honestly desired his salvation and i loved him! Kind of sad it was hard for me to love him in the beginning but im grateful for gifts of the Spirit including charity. So heres the story, he wants to go back to the Rock Church. He went there on Sunday just to see what it was like and he loved it, and all his old friends want him back, and he is stuck because he loves us too and our church. Welp that would be a hard decision if both churches were true. But theres the thing. Darren was saying he just needs to go to the church thats right for him. Oh man, God is a God of order and we are all his children and would He not have one true church? We are trying to teach with power and authority. He is really good at praying though. In his closing prayer he asked Heavenly Father to help him know which church to belong too. He will recieve a powerful answer.

Well conference was amazing! We just watched it over the weekend and i loved 'Which way are you facing' by elder Robbins and 'Approaching God with Spiritual Confidence' by the German 45 year old. Sooo gooodd!!! Elder Hamula was the one that toured our mission. Lately i have been reading all the biographical paragraphs in the back of conference Ensigns, its amazing how all of them are like lawyers or doctors or businessmen with lots of degrees. Anyway i liked it because then when they spoke i was like 'oh i know you.' Haha. We have a lot of conference Ensigns in the flat. :)

This week was pretty full of conference and oh we also taught Rodessa, our kind of less-active members GF. His name is Todd and guess what? He went to Davis High School! Oh wow small world. So we talked about Kaysville together haha. Rodessa is lovely and my companion has such a powerful testimony she makes everyone cry.

Wow i dont know what else to say, everything is a blur. Its so fun being companions with a Tahitian. She is so funny. She always tells me that i am crazy. Which is pretty true. I burned myself on my thumb and it blistered big and now its nasty looking. Just so everyone knows. Today was our zone leaders birthday, Elder Garcia, so we decked out their flat while they were gone. We are continuing to find find find. GQing!!! :) OH we also had an awesome visit with a wayy less active. I think i am just really prideful because i will visit someone once and be like 'man theyre so annoying', then visit them again and im like 'man i love you so much!!!' haha. He said the closing prayer which was huge and we felt the Spirit when he prayed! it was awesome.

We are also continuing to teach Susan she is progressing along slowly. The work is moving forward!! And being a missionary is just the best. :) I love the gospel and Jesus Christ.

Sister Schaelling