Monday, November 11, 2013

Ken got baptized!

Hello Family!
So Ken got baptized this morning at 11 a.m., it was wonderful. The elders that taught him in chinese were on skype with us and there were talks in chinese :) The other sisters and i sang a musical number after he was baptized by Elder Fenton. Sitting with Ken after his baptism i asked him how he felt and he just said "Peace." That sums it up!!

So this week the STLs (sister training leaders)  Sisters Moran and Tautuiaki flew down from Townsville to go on trade-offs with us! They stayed for a week (theyre leaving tomorrow back to their area) and it has been wonderful. Sister Kyaw and i camped out in our living room/study room and i forgot that sleeping on the floor is fun! We also found some yummy australian sized cockroaches in our three inches long. And they fly. But thats okay we just smash them burmese style

So on Wednesday sister Kyaw and i had a rediculous day and we found out that there is this one street that everyone just doesnt like us! Except our two investigators that live there that is. On Thursday i went on trade offs with Sister Moran who is just adorable, i was leading the area for the first time here in Gladstone. It was fun, Sister Moran is really positive all day and patient with me as i study the map and try to find where we are. (our area is not really that big i just am direction challenged even after two transfers) we tracted and taught and i love teaching with different missionaries and learning their skills. Friday we were with Sister Moran as a 3 way and we just planned and planned (weekly planning) and then brought our investigator Celeste (snake lady) with us to go work out at Mark and Tabitha's place and have a lesson. We taught the Word of Wisdom, Celeste made it to church on Sunday too, she is doing so good. 

Saturday was good, we saw Arnelson who fell off the radar for a little while. He is still struggling with drinking but really wants to be baptized. We need to send missionaries to his wife and kids in the Phillipines. He wants to be sealed in the temple. He spoke to us about how he can't sleep at night especially if he was arguing with his wife on the phone or if he forgets to pray. He works long hours and needs his sleep but it doesn't come...we committed him to pray and read from the book of Mormon every night before he goes to bed. We promised that if he did the Lord would help him rest. 
We were so blessed this week in finding. We found heaps of potentials just at lessons, our investigators friends, on the street, out exciting! We are following up with all of them this week. I realized sometimes the Lord blesses us with people to teach, but having lots of people to teach doesnt necesarily make you a good missionary. When it comes to numbers that we add up, there are some numbers that are totally up to the agency of others, like investigators at church, and some that are up to us and our own agency, like hours finding (we report that) and contacts. I like having something to do that will always be up to me. I can always go talk to people or go knock doors, its whether they accept or not thats up to them. Does that make sense at all? Any who.  Also this is the last week before transfers and im pretty sure Sister Kyaw is going down to Brisbane but who knows? I do feel some sort of a change coming. I realize i've always been in just "normal" missionary situations, Jr companion in a developed area. Its kindof nice! I talk to a bunch of sisters that white wash and train and open areas and it seems so stressful. Me and Sister Kyaw we just do our thing :) 

Im so happy Ken got baptized. It was fun to have the STLs here! and i just got kicked off my computer!
love you
SIster Schaelling 

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