Sunday, October 27, 2013

Phillips Baptism in Gladstone!

October 27, 2013  

Dearest Family,

Thank you for the letters!  This week was really good, i will just pick a few highlights! we found this Korean man named Yong and he is awesome. We taught him sitting out on his porch and shared the Restoration. He is very thoughtful and believes very strongly in God and Jesus. Everything he said was so true...if there is no love in someone, they dont know God. He has read eight versions of the Bible. He asked awesome questions and listened intently. We gave him a book of Mormon and invited him to church. He said if he feels love at church it will help him know. "For eight years i have been praying....Im thirsty, and so tired." Man i really felt for him. We went back to give him a Korean book of Mormon and his countanence was totally different...his neighbor who hates us, came over and told him a bunch of anti mormon stuff when we left....he found a bunch of nasty things about the church...we testified til the cows came home and begged him to keep praying and reading. He is confused. "Please pray for me." He said as we left. He came to church on Sunday, and said it was very different, with no pastor. Hopefully we can be in tune enough with the Spirit to resolve his concerns without contention. We really love him!
Peter (father), Dilys, Sister Kyaw and Schaelling
Darral....we saw Darral, the man who contacted me in the Library. We brought RC Peter and Dilys (Peter is Dilys's father) with us to teach him. Darral lost his father not long ago. 5 months ago actually which is when i came out on my mission. He kept telling us he needs spiritual guidance and he loves mormons and wants to be a member of our church. This is a miracle, but also we need to be patient with him. He’s a heavy drinker and smoker, and he needs our help. Im glad Peter came with us to his lesson because Darral's house is a little creepy. Darral was just weeping in front of us because he is so lost. I’ve never seen so many men weep before i came out on my mission. Its sad.

Phillip! Phillip was baptized on Friday. Teaching him was a little stressful because we had to teach him everything super fast. So we are going over all of it again now that he’s baptized. He was so nervous before his baptism, he was sitting there in his jumpsuit and turned me and in his new zealand accent said "im dying sister!" I tried to help him out and calm him down :) After he was baptized he said he felt like a huge weight was lifted off his shoulders. He really felt the Spirit when he was confirmed as well. Phillip is really humble and meek. Teaching him was so funny sometimes because we would commit him to do something and he would always say yes, he would. Which is wierd because usually we have to resolve a million concerns before people commit but Phillip is just really gentle and submissive...we can all learn from him.
Philip's Baptism, Sister Schaelling and Kyaw
We continue to teach Joann and Nino and this week we shared Word of Wisdom. Something i noticed about myself is that i hate making things....fluffy. I just want to always be bold and speak the truth. Elder Fenton jokes that people stay out of the church because i am too bold....haha. (Im really not that bold)  But ive heard missionaries gloss over questions from investigators because their scared of offending them so they dont really teach doctrine....we dont do our investigators any favors when we do that. Let them know the truth, boldly, and with love. :)  Anywho Nino wants to learn everything about the church before he will think about joining. Joann is very loving and has a hard time getting her three little boys to church alone. I would to if i was her! 

We taught a RC named Laureen this week in her home. I really liked that lesson. We talked about eternal marriage. Her husband Paul is a long time member, recently reactivated. She was baptized before i got to this area. They are seriously the cutest couple ever to me. Laureen is so excited to go to the temple and be sealed....I love the temple.  Mark and Tabitha are aiming for the Temple as well.

At Phillip's baptism all of the sisters, myself included, sang Love at Home first in english than Tongan and sister Lealii e'e played the guitar. We also sang it in sacrament meeting. Elder Fenton put it on facebook actually....interesting haha. Church was really lovely this Sunday. We only had two investigators come but thats okay! We have been seeing so many miracles and Sister Kyaw and i continue to bike the night away,....(well, the day,) and we are so blessed to be teaching all the day long.  I’ve lost a bit a weight here in gladstone. 

I love you all!! 
Sister Schaelling

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