Monday, August 25, 2014

A great week.

Helloooo family!  here is heaps of photos of me and my comp at the temple and other missionaries of the zone, one of which is 6 foot eleven! and sister stanton reunited and me on trade offs with sister carter. well see if they all load... love you all!!!

So this week was lovely! We started off with zone p day in tweed which was fun, amazing race around Coolangatta and it was great. Everyone had fun and we brought a cake for our zone leader Elder Rameka's birthday. Its always great to be with fellow laborers in the vineyard! :)

On Tuesday we taught Colin our new investigator the restoration and ive decided that Satan really doesnt like that lesson. Like everytime i teach it and me or my comp is about to recite "I saw a pillar of light.."  the phone rings or the dog barks or someone has a coughing fit. Gooooood grief people!! Oh my goodness. But hey ya just gotta push thru it i suppose!! :) Teach and testify...amid dogs and phones and coughing fits...haha.

We also saw heaps of Tongans out in the whoop whoops of our area called Wardell. Its this tiny tiny town and they are members, living there and working at a cucumber farm. Conveniently my companion speaks Tongan and i love to hear the island languages they are so pretty.  We encouraged everyone to come to church even if they cant understand what people are saying haha. We saw Sister Barrett and it was just lovely, i love her sooooooo much. She also gave us a referral ages ago that we contacted on Saturday but well get to that! :) Sister Barrett is so open to the Spirit  but likes to sleep in on Sunday haha. We shared the story of Ruth and loyalty...i LOVE Ruth and i love how she says to her mother in law Naomi "Intreat me not to leave thee, nor return from following after thee, for whither thou goest, i will go, and where thou lodgest, i will lodge, and thy people shall be my people, and thy God, my God."  Man i feel the chills just typing it! Ruth chose not to return back to her gods and her people but stay faithful and look toward the future. May i be like Ruth and like Esther :) (clue--Tevia singing to his daughters in Fiddler on the Roof)

Wednesday we taught the lovely Nareda and she is doing...okay. She has a rough situation but we are trying to help her. We had a special training with President that we skyped in, he is just a powerful teacher and servant of the Lord. We are really focusing on using the Book of Mormon as our most powerful tool in conversion. I love the Book of Mormon. I get lost in the stories every morning as i read from its pages...the war chapters are captivating! Sister Stanton taught me how to love the war chapters and learn from them.

Thursday we contacted 78 people in one day which is a record for me. Lots of street contacting, its so fun! And in Ballina we average like 1 or 2 potentials a week so its normal to contact a hundred people and not get one appointment. But thats okay. Ballina has taught me how to deal with rejection haha. Its all good.:)  A couple that moved to Ballina fed us dinner and they are lovely. Friday we had weekly planning and also taught Jerry and Samuel! At Brother Grace's house. He is so old and so in shape he goes running all the time. His wife is adorable. Jerry and Samuel love them too so its fun teaching over there.

Saturday we took Siobhan (Shiv-on) out with us to do some visits in the rain!! It was fun, She is Sister Deloncrais's daughter. We went to Wardell again and visited this old man and he looked so sad, just staring at the rain. We shared a scripture and prayed with him. Also on Saturday we contacted David, a referral given to us by Sister Barrett, he is a total hippie.  it was great. He is a lovely man, not religious but belives in a higher power. Sister Deloncrais came with us. She is a great member missionary.
Sunday we went in the morning to Jerry and Samuels place just to make sure they woke up for church haha. It was funny. They came:) We ended up teaching YSA and Relief Society so that was fun. Now when people ask me to teach last minute im just like "sure." no use fretting about it. The lesson in RS was on family history, roots and branches, and i shared an experience i had on the train back from the temple sitting by a lady, we talked and then we got talking about family history and i got her the family history center near her and the consultants number because the elder in that area was on the train too. she was so excited to find her ancestors. Coincedence? i think not!!! :)

Well family i think thats it, i sure love you all and have a smashing week!!

Sister Schaelling

Monday, August 18, 2014

Country beach life in Ballina.

Wow this week was intersting and good! Sounds like the neighborhood walk-about was fun!! if only you could have had a real walkabout australian style!! Sorry the keyboard im using is really annoying so im not bothering to capatilize much..

this week was gooood!!!  because Jodie came to church!!! whahoooo!! and she is giving up coffee. she is so solid and has had such a hard life but she is ready for the gospel. the lord has definitely been preparing her. we are facing the adversary as always when dates get closer but we are fighting together. sister k and i also gave up chocolate and candy because shes giving up fun. haha love it!

So we had trade offs this week and i got to go out of my area for the first time ever!! it was soooooooo wierd serving not in ballina because ive been here for a long time. haha. but i was with sister carter in beenleigh and it was fun and so much more fast paced than country beach ballina. it was nice but i was glad to be back. :) so basically i will be a mess when i get transferred....

We set a date with Jodie this week!! i wasnt even there when they set it.  it was sister stanton and sister k, kind of funny i leave for one day and they set a date. but she is doing great and church was really good, it was ward conference, so the stake presidency came down and stake RS. they are just great. i hope i NEVER serve in a stake calling. just saying. :) there are dads two favorite words. ;) anyway, on tuesday this week we taught Dewi with brother and sister mcmillan jr. he speaks indonesian so that was helpful!! she is adorable and kind of progressing. samuel and jerry missed church sadly so we went to see them that night. they are doing good and won their rugby game on saturday. they are good boys. 

Mark got called into work and couldnt come to church sadly :(   he is still going for the 30th, we shall see. Saturday we did weekly planning and then we had the ward activity which was basicaly standing and eating but it was yummy food!!! We have been getting a ride to church to save our ks. :) Yay k limitations. (sarcasm.) 
We are in tweed because today is zone p day!! we a planning it and kind of doing an amazing race. should be fun, exciting and refreshing ;)  family i love you all and keep workin hard

much love
Sister Schaelling

Monday, August 11, 2014

Malo lelei, fe fe hake? (How are you?)

Dearest family and friends!

The end of week two is upon us, wow. that was fast! Sadly i left my camera in Tweed so i wont be getting it til like next week :(  So when i get it back then i will send some photos!! 

Sounds like family you had a nice week in K town and girls camp sounds like a success! I want to come. :) Dad im glad you got to go and be "the priesthood" as we always called the male leaders at girls camp which im sure is not politically correct but hey. Girls camp was always such a good experience, cleansing of the soul from worldly needs and such while getting very dirty. :) Fun fun.,

This week was good! I am having a hard time figuring out what to write these days because everytime i sit down to email its just like, welp, another week in Ballina! teaching, driving around, talking to lots of people on the street and keeping our heads up!! We got lots of potentials this week and they seem pretty solid. We taught a lovely new investigator named Dewi, she is Muslim from Indonesia and she is soooooo sweet. So humble and the cutest little smile. I love teaching people that dont speak english very well because they actually listen haha. And its so much easier to teach simple and clearly. We visited the Tongans again and Samuel and Jerry gave them a ride to church! That was awesome they are buddies now. Islanders... love them. :)

The members we met that live in Ballina, Matt and Shenice, fed us dinner on Thursday night. We can go to dinner on weeknights if there is a less active or non member there, and they live in a group home with 4 other members, two of which are less active. They are fun and fed us yummy food. We shared a message about Moroni 10:3-5 and how we can all know the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon and the church by the power of the Holy Ghost. I love the Holy Ghost and have been studying it a lot lately, and how different the Holy Ghost is from the light of Christ. Ive definitely been guilty of telling investigators that say "oh i feel the Lord guiding me" and im like boom thats the Holy Ghost! But really its the Light of Christ which is preparatory to recieving the Holy Ghost who is a personage, whereas the Light of Christ is not a personage at all. Really cool. One of our Bible bashing investigators was telling us how he has ministers from all different religions visiting him and professing to him that they have the Holy Spirit, and (being Christadelphian he believes that no one has the Holy Spirit anymore and it was only given to the original Apostles for the work of the ministry and that was taken with the Apostasy and not restored) and he says to us how can all these men be "guided" yet contradict each other? We can only recieve the Holy Spirit by the laying on of hands, is what he told us, which is soooo  true we agreed but he doesnt believe the restoration so it a moot point with him. But its true, we must recieve the gift by an authorized confirmation to be guided constantly but the Holy Spirit.  Anyways ive learned a lot about the Holy Ghost since coming on my mission is what i am trying to say. haha.

We taught Jodie on wednesday night and she also fed us dinner (yum). We are getting fed a lot lately which is a miracle!:) She has had a really hard life and loves the idea of the plan of salvation. She wants it to be true but feels like its wishful thinking in a way but wants to believe. Its so interesting people who are no strangers to pain hear the plan of salvation and are filled with hope and longing, while people who love the things of the world see it as so hard...i am trying to be humble and meek and grateful for the Lord and his guidance even when it is hard. 

Well family this week was great and i love my beautiful companion. She is teaching me to speak Tongan. Malo lelei, fe fe hake? :)  We continue to press forward in the lovely land of Ballina, New South Wales, Australia :)

much love
Sister Schaelling

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Heeelllloooo one and all!

Hello family!! i know its late to email we had pday on wednesday this week because we got to go to the temple!!!!!!! yayy!!!! it was so amazing. i love going there!! such a beautiful place to be. this week was crazzyyy, well this week and a half. this email might be written in ghetto language because i am emailing from a mall computer and the keyboard is wierd!! we are in tweed heads right now and will drive back to ballina after. the amount of times ive driven that drive ive got all 120 ks down. :)

Soooooo if i could have a dollar for all the times i have had my investigators tell me that i am going to hell this week i would have two dollars. haha. we went to teach the family that knows the bible very well and unbeknownst to us they are totalllyyyyy against all that we believe and had a lesson plan with there list of questions ready for us about heaps of deep doctrine...awkward...they then told us we belong to a cult and they looked us i the eyes and told us we were going to hell. whaaaaaat??? i dont get the black and whiteness of these people. i would never tell someone they are going to burn in hell because they dont belong to my religion because that make noooo sense. anywhos then we went and taught Kieth the Christadelphian and he kind of did the  same thing in a nicer way.. ah well we just bore firm testimony of Joseph Smith, the Book of Mormon, the current prophet and then left.  what can ya do?
This week we had miracle finding!! Have i mentioned how much i love finding?? i love it because it used to be really hard and awkward but after doing it for quite a while it feels natural to talk to people everywhere when it was so much harder in the beginning. i love opportunities to sit and share a quick message or to be an answer to someones heartfelt need of a smile and a friend. I love walking the streets with eyes searching for those who are seeking us but dont know it yet. its amazing! We sat with a lady from indonesia who is muslim. she is so adorable. we are going to teach her again.
Also this week we went to a tiny town called Wardell to visit our Tongan brothers, :) there are some members from Tonga living in wardell and working and my companion conveniently speaks their language!! :) she told them off for not coming to church like they should be haha. islanders are good at telling each other off haha. hopefully they come on sunday. we also taught jerry and samuel this week and they are doing great!!
family i dont have my planner with me so thats all i can remember of this week but know that i love you all soooooooooo much. keep on keepin!! 

much love
Sister Schaelling

id send pics but i dont have my bag! next week :)