Monday, June 30, 2014

A BAPTISM in Ballina!!!

Hello Family!!!

Sounds like you all had a wonderful week!!!! The air show looks fun and even more amazing camera pictures with the fancy lens!!! I should probably upgrade my camera in the future.... :) But thats okay. So the big and exciting news of the week is SAMUEL GOT BAPTIZED :) :) :) First baptism in Ballina since we got here 5 months ago!!!!!!! Man!! It was so good. The service was amazing!!! And Samuel wore a lava lava!! (the man skirt) and it was awesome!! 

It was the most stress free baptismal service i've ever had!! Usually i'm running around trying to print more programs or make sure that someone is playing prelude but the ward helped so much. We sang and Brother and Sister Mcmillian gave talks and Brother Mcmilan Sr did the baptism!!! And it was so beautiful. 

And also, there's a family in our ward called the Spillers. They live like and hour and a half away on a farm. They have 8 kids. And Brother Spiller, without us asking, killed a pig and brought it for all of us to eat after.  Oh my goodness, it was so good, and Samuel and Jerry loved it because it reminded them of home eating killed pig all the time on the islands, yum!!! And we didnt even ask Brother Spiller and he did that for us/Samuel! So nice, service ninja. 
Sister Stanton, Schaelling, Samuel and Brother McMillan

So that was the highlight of the week, We also took Siobhan out with us for rescue visits, she is 14. So i think that i'm pretty used to teaching lessons by now and it all seems pretty normal and not scary, but after our lesson Siobhan was like, oh my goodness that was so cool! And so happy she got to come with us. I think that sometimes I forget how exciting teaching can be and how lucky we are to get to visit people and share the gospel with them!!
Delicious food at Samuel's baptism!
So i love teaching our investigator named Sister Banks. We like calling our investigators Sister and their last name because we feel like were in sisterhood (gangster style) and i've developed a habit of calling everybody (well females, old or young,) "Sis." Anywhos, so we taught Sister Banks and she is always confused with the concept of Christ and also doesn't feel like she knows who she is. But shes such a paradox because she welcomes us in her home and lets us help her tidy things up and its totally at ease like she knows who she is and is very open about her beliefs. I love teaching her because she isn't afraid to ask questions and is sooo honest. We need that!!

Family, being a missionary is the best. Just like life there are ups and downs. This week was obviously an up and very happy and exciting with Samuel's baptism. There are also downs like when we knock on doors for 20 hours in a week and get two potential investigators that both drop us before their appointment. That would be a down. But its okay, because no matter up or down we can still be diligent and work hard and have faith! Happy news, last transfer at mission tour Elder Hamula (President of the Pacific Area) challenged us to work hard and burst off the plateau we were having of 50-60 baptisms a month. Now i've never been one for numbers and going crazy about them, but my mission President is. :) As a mission we set a goal to have 100 baptisms in June, something never done before ever in the ABM. We have had weekly mission wide conference  calls with updates and miracles stories and testimonies. This morning we had a conference call and President let us know we reached 105 baptism in June!!! Elder Hamula himself was on the phone and his wife and told us he was so proud of us and read to us "according to your desires,...according to your faith, it shall be done." Sister Stanton and i just started crying when we heard his voice, which is interesting because i never cry!!! We are happy to have worked hard, and even though i can be a grumbler when it comes to leaders going crazy about numbers goals, i know that when the Holy Ghost is with us we can accomplish our goals and desires! :)

Family friends, love you all so much!!

Sister Schaelling

Cleaning the oven, gotta love it!

Monday, June 23, 2014

Samuel has a baptism date!

Heyy family!!!! 

Sounds like you all had awesome weeks!!!! Kat im so happy Estiwar got baptized :) Dad hope you had a good fathers day! And wow hiking mount timp for youth conference....diligent souls who planned that one... :) 

This week was amazing! !! Ill start with the exciting news,,, Samuel came to church again!!! and i might have forgot to mention, he has a baptism date for the 29th, THIS SUNDAY! AND HE GOT INTERVIEWED AND PASSED!! and he is the most solid investigator ever and is like a Samoan version of Morgan!!! AND HES AMAZING!!! and he's getting baptized!!!!!!!!! Wow.  Also, Jerry his less active friend came too and we got his records!!! And they are just the best!!! And the ward loves them and is fellowshipping beautifully!! And Sister Stanton and I can't believe our luck that we get to see a baptism together. Heavenly Father is so good to us!!!

So that was definitely the highlight of the week. I wonder if i have written about Samuel very much, i can't remember. He from Samoa but moved to Christchurch New Zealand when he was 15, he has six brothers and three sisters and his family is Methodist. We met them walking on the street, Jerry called us and said "hey sisters!" and we went back to teach them. And they are both wonderful. And we have been able to teach in members homes because a.) its wayyy better that way, and b.) they live in a man cave with other rugby players. Usually we refer to them as "the rugby players"or "the Samoans" because there's not that many Samoans here in Ballina!!! And they are great. Its such a miracle they found us. Every soul is precious!! Samuel agreed to be baptised the first lesson and we set the date the second lesson. Well, my companion set the date if were being specific :-)  He has been solid with every commandment and gave up coffee as soon as we taught him. He's a crazy good example of obedience and selflessness. I think about these amazing people that i get the privelige to teach and i love how it says in the white handbook, "when you return home, do not forget the people you have taught. At all times live worthy of their trust."  I love that!!!

Sooooooo another highlight of this week is we went on some rescue visits with Sister Deloncrais, we went to see a lady named Marie out in Ewingsdale, a country area. She let us in and she is so lovely. I love doing rescue visits folks. But sometimes they make me sad, when i see people who obviously still have a testimony but don't come to church anymore because they feel pressure to be perfect or like they can't be good enough. If we had to be "good enough"to come to church hardly any of us would qualify! Anywho, she didnt tell us why she was less active or anything but she talked to us about serving in Young Womens and everything and she was just lovely and made friends with Sister D (yay friends) she also gave us bananas!!! from her tree!! Win. 

This week we finished up the lessons with Samuel at the Deloncrais' home and also the Grace family (they're and old couple and they run the family history center) and it was great. We also saw the Smiths, they are great and always welcome us in :-) We visited Sister Barrett, less active and she got talking about her baptism and confirmation. We visit taught Sister Fuggle Jr, as we call her, she just moved into the ward and is sick and pregnant. She is lovely. On Saturday we went our door knocking with Siobhan, (i will be impressed if you already know how to pronounce that, "Shivon") a fourteen year old young woman! Door knocking is so fun with members! :-) We met some cool people and these two dudes were hilarious, one of them seriously reminded me of Shaggy, he was like "Hey look were pretty mad atheists here man..." haha. They were nice. 

Sometimes i think about faith and how we can keep it. I've visited soooooo many less actives on my mission. In the beginning i would think, wow, why dont they just come back to church?  It's true. Or wow they need to get their act together. (warning: judgemental sister schaelling. haha) now when i visit them i see a child of God just like me. Someone who has struggled with the same concerns or trials i have or harder trials and questions. I feel like they are my brother or sister or mom and i want to help them. But its kind of sad!! Because so many times i've seen people stray from the gospel because its "too much"or "too hard"or they feel they are "never good enough"or can never measure up. And i know and even they have probably known, that these feelings definitely do not come from the Holy Ghost, they are still real feelings! And it's not always easy to just brush them off. We need nurturing and visiting/ home teachers to help us, and church each Sunday, to fight the adversary folks. 

So missions are the best and i love the Lord :-) 

Much love
Sister Schaelling

Monday, June 16, 2014

Hello one and all!

Family! Hello! Thank you for the emails and photos, sounds like your week was lovely with the strawberries and horseshoe pit. :) Jenna you are so cute. Scott and Dad you look very manly (remember how we would compliment food or nature and then wait for someone to return the compliment to ourselves? wow, its so pretty out side!! wait for it... YOU'RE pretty outside! haha)

This week has been grand!! GUESS WHAT! we got transfer calls and SISTER STANTON AND I ARE STAYING TOGETHER! this is our fourth transfer together and in Ballina! YAY. its a good thing we are soul sisters because we will end up being together for six months at the end of this transfer...yay. :) We are so happy!! 

So the highlight of this week is that SAMUEL CAME TO CHURCH :) he came by himself too and showed up early. He is so cool and we love him. He survived all three hours and the ward was really friendly to him. Half the ward used to play rugby for Wollongbar which is where he is playing now so they had plenty to talk about. We have been teaching him and Jerry in lots of members homes, which is lovely. teaching in a members home is wayyyyyyyyy better than teaching them on the front porch.  I love how when you walk in a members home the Spirit is just like BAM, something i didnt really notice until i served a mission and have been in homes where the Spirit is definitely not BAMing if you know what im saying. And having members testify especially about the commandments is SWEET!!! i love teaching law of chastity because its so bold and so true. I also like teaching tithing, i think were so lucky to get to help Heavenly Father with building his Kingdom. He could probably do it without us but He lets us help Him so he can bless us :) Commandments are the best!
Sister Deloncrais and Son

Also we saw Myra this week and took Sister Deloncrais with us again and they are super best friends now its crazy how well they hit it off. They connect on a whole other level Sister Stanton and I dont even get it haha. But we are continuing to teach her. We went and saw Nareda as well and helped her organize some of her stuff. She is totally an artist and so fun to be with. We are trying to help her understand the plan of  Salvation, which i love teaching. (who doesnt. haha.) She is so fun.

We also have been seeing Emily randomly but had to drop her baptism date :( She is smashed with schoolwork and life. Its hard ive realized to help people see that the gospel isnt here to overburden us or make our lifes harder or give us more commitments we cant keep. Living the gospel IS life, it IS our commitment. Its hard in a world so governed by material or educational pursuits or work or possessions, family commitments, to have extra time, we just have to shift our time. Its a bit difficult to find more time to do things, i think its a shift of what we use our time for. Does that make sense...?

Hmm im trying to think if anything more exciting happened this week. Sister Stanton and I just fill our remaining time with finding!! Knocking those doors. Its nice most people are super nice or pretty nice so its really kind of funny the random rude person. this one guy saw who we were and he was like "oh let me put it this way, even if i did have time, i still wouldnt talk to you. " it was so funny and abrupt, i dont know why its funny to just is...most people are really nice though. Oh we were door knocking and this lady was on the phone and was like hey sorry can you come and talk to me on your way back? So we were walking back and almost forgot but then remembered and went and talked to her again, she was like yeah you guys can come back and teach me and ill read the pamphlet! YAY :)

I have been studying WHO AM I lately.  Wow i am really using the all caps key lots today. haha. But our lovey President gave us an equation for success in missionary work, which is:
     finding+teaching+planning+member engagement divided by knowledge of who we are and why were here equals success.
So my brainy companion explained it to me later that the top of the equation is what we do, find teach plan and work with members. But if we dont know who we are or why were here, than we wont have much success, even if our doing things stays constant. But if we know who we are and why we are here, and do the things we need to, then we have success. And we were talking about how this applies in our life, when we know who we are (child of God) and why we are here (plan of salvation) and then we DO what we need to (faith, repent, baptism, holy ghost and ETTE) than we are successful in the Lords eyes! And we have peace and joy!! It made sense when she explained it to me. And i think sometimes i lose knowledge of the 'who i am' because it gets lost in just doing things. So, cue seminary 90s music, "Ive got to find out who i am!" (please tell me you know this song)
Sister Stanton and I got soaked tracting
Also, guess what? We are a Tabernacle Choir only music mission now!! Good thing i have heaps of Tab Choir CDs...yay!!! :) 

Also, we had zone p day last week and we played baseball with a tennis ball and no gloves. It was so fun! i pitched for a little bit and hit a line drive if anyone is wondering....haha. BUT our beloved District Leader slid into home and he wasnt wearing shoes and collided with the pitcher and broke his foot and it requires surgery so hes going back to New Zealand! So sad!! But he will be back soon we are hoping...

Oh Sister Stanton and I are visiting teachers now :) Our RS pres gave us some names, well like a million names. We went and visit taught Sis. Kate McMillian, whom we call sister Mcmillian Jr or Sister McJr for short (she doesnt know we call her that. haha.) But she is married to James Mcmillian who is in the bishopric who is the son of Ross and Pam Mcmillian who used to be the Bishop and now is on the high council and all in the ward. Se we call them the McSrs and the Mc Jrs. Its all very confusing. She is so funny and awesome and she scaled my teeth for free!! Yay clean teeth! :) 

I love you all so much, thank you for your prayers!! I send mine right back at ya!!!
Sister Schaelling
Elders and us at Zone P-day

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Exciting news on the baptism front.

Hello Family!!! Well this week was lovely! I attatched pictures of the P day we had a couple weeks ago of our trip to Byron Bay and Minyon Falls. It was fun!!!

Oki doke, sounds like family you had a successful week this week!! Britta's reception sounds fun and nice highlight in your hair Jenna!! Dad, im so happy that you got the GS 14 job!!! Thats awesome!! Im glad you are all doing so well!! :)

So this week! We had a miracle!! Well lots of them but one of them is we set a baptism date with Samuel!! The Samoan we met on the street last week. We had a lesson with him at a members house and my companion was so bold and set him on date for the 29th. His friend Jerry, the less active is helping fellowship him and also wants to come back to church :)  Its so happy and exciting.  We had another lesson with them on Wednesday and taught Gospel of Jesus Christ. He is so great and has good questions. I love teaching so much. I love Samuel so much! He is so humble and wants to follow Jesus Christ and Jerry is there to help him!! :)

We also had a wonderful lesson with a new investigator named Myra. She is lovely and from the Netherlands! :) She is really searching for the truth. We brought sister Deloncrais with us, man it is so important for our investigators to have a friend member, or else Satan will just go even more crazy on them...

We had trade offs this week and i was with Sister Carter for the day, she is from Seattle Washington,. She helped me so much, i love her!! She is a wonderful missionary and example. i love trade offs!!!

Family im so sorry im out of time!! i love you all so much and am doing good. Please pray for Emily and Samuel and their baptisms.

 Much love,

Sister Schaelling

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Hello Family! and Friends!

Sounds like Memorial day was great!! Nice penny boarding and scootering S and J. Dad props on the 50 mile bike ride...did i read  that correctly? haha Sister Stanton told me this one time she went on a date and her date took her for an 18 mile bike ride...hahaha. I would die...
Since Carly doesn't send many pictures, here's a pic of S and J having fun on J's penny board and S's scooter
This week was lovey and full of miracles!! I will tell the miracles!! So Monday night we went GQing at the bus stop and as we pulled up and parked the car we saw a woman with a man talking. We felt it wasnt the right tome to get out and talk to her so we waited. The man left. We waited a little longer until it felt right, and got out and went to talk to the lady. I said hello and she rushed over to me. She started saying how stressed she was that her autistic friend was supposed to be meeting her and he wasnt and she couldnt read on the paper when her bus was leaving. I tried to calm her down a little and told her from the ticket her bus wasnt leaving for two hours. Just then the friend she had been waiting for showed up and she was so relieved and thanked us for calming her down when she needed it. She said she was just about to get on a taxi and try to find him when we showed up. She saw our badges and said "oh yes mormons! the elders come and see me every week and i want to become a mormon too." She told us her sad life story and said she was moving to Ballina soon. She is from Thailand and her name is Batong!

On Tuesday we taught Nareda again and she said the plan of Salvation sounded like a fairy tale...well kind of is i guess. haha. She is fun to teach because she keeps us on our toes with a million questions every time. We also saw my main man hippie inactive Noel and his partner/wife Sharon. They are great, always talking our ears off with crazy stories, we sang all seven verses of "A Poor Wayfaring Man of Grief"with them and then me an Noel had a Wierd Al quote off. Im pretty sure i won... :)

As we were going to cross the street we saw two big young men coming towards us. The street was busy and we couldnt pass yet and they got closer and one of them muttered a friendly, "hey sisters..." We stopped trying to cross the street and talked to both of them. Their names are Jerry and Samuel and they are both Samoan an from New Zealand. They are rugby players and Jerry is a member, Samuel is Methodist. We talked for a little and got an appointment to teach.  We then crossed the street and went finding and met Jess, a lovely mother of two kids who invited us back.  Later in the week we went to see her and taught and her two kids were just going crazy!! It was fun and a little stressful and Jess seems golden. On Friday we went back to teach the rugby players and the lesson was so full of the Spirit. Jerry told us of how he wanted to come to church again but didnt know where it was, and he wanted his friend Samuel to come with him and be baptized. He said when he saw us on the street he was so happy he almost ran to us and was telling Samuel to hurry up to catch us before we crossed. Samuel is humble and listened intently to the message of the Restoration. He promised to read and pray and we invited him to be baptized, he said he would pray about it, and he thanked us many times for coming to teach about was awesome!!

This weekend we had stake conference at Mudgeeraba and it was soooo good. Elder Coward of the eighth quorum (who knew there were that many) of the 70 presided and his remarks were amazing. The Sunday session was so good, President Shine our Stake president talked about how the call the hasten the work is not to over burden us, but to save us, by losing ourselves we are found! and that the Lord requires faith, not infallibilty! it was wonderul!!

Family i love you all!!!!
Sister Schaelling