Monday, May 26, 2014

Another Great week in Ballina!

Hey family! need to be speedy today!!

Dad youre emails are always so well put together and hilarious, i laughed when you said "Ive never ran 10 miles before but i decided to give it a try..." Like, how many people say it that casually haha. Sounds like you are progressing family and well done Pop on a full Sunday. Im kind of glad ill never have to conduct a sacrament service or anything really. It sounds stressful haha.

So this week was fun!! Last Monday i learned how to change a tire because as we were driving on the highway we heard a mysterious noise, loud and fast banging sound. Not good...we pulled over and inspected it was just a plastic bodypart hanging off from below the front left we drove to our appointment which was FHE with the Smith family it was fun! We drew pictures from Alma 50 and talked about fortifying ourselves. We then drove to the Cookes, members whom Brother Cooke used to be a car mechanic so he drilled a hole in the hanging off plastic and wired it to the bumper...meanwhile he guided me through changing the tire because i didnt know how. Haha it was fun....

We taught Nareda again on Tuesday and it was good! She is stil really confused and doesnt understand the need for Jesus Christ...its interesting to teach her becuase ive always had almost child like faith in Jesus Christ...ive never really wondered why we need Him or if the Atonement was real or anything like that, so thinking about her questions helps me learn. We also were able to see Emily on wednesday and we taught the Plan of Salvation, the Spirit was so strong! She is prepared and loved it, as we were teaching we were getting ready to committ her to be baptized on the 21 of June. (I love inviting people to be baptized, and i only get to do it for 18 months, its the best.) We had taught all of the Plan of Salvation and the Spirit said ask her what she wants to do, so she can be accountable. We asked, What does this plan motivate you to do? She said, i want to be baptized, and my companion set the date. YAY we have a progressing investigator, were so excited and love her so much. Her closing prayer was adorable. 

We had the zone leaders at our district meeting because they were down for trade offs with the Lismore elders, they role played on me and it was amazing, they are such good teachers!! They taught me about the Holy Ghost and invited me to be baptized, they way they taught was so good ive been trying to copy them. We brought Sister Deloncrais with us to see the inactive Sharon and finished teaching Plan of Salvation. It was wonderful. the spirit was there...

We were also finally able to teach Carly the full restoration and also invited her to be baptized which she glad we were able to help her understand our message and the purpose of our visits. We saw Thalia again and she wants to be baptized but her mom wants her to be baptised in her church, challenges always come...

Sorry fam im running out of time! Today we went to some waterfalls and also Byron Bay it was beautiful. i discovered im not afraid of heights anymore, at the falls we could get close to the edge and it was pretty, i was standing on the edge and looking over against my companions will and then she just started crying...i felt so bad haha 

love you all so much!!!
Sister Schaelling

Monday, May 19, 2014

YO to the world!

Hellooo family!! This week was awesome! The chalk festival looks cool! And sounds like your week was fun! And happy mothers day again! 

Sooooo, this week we had the much anticipated mission tour with President and Sister Hamula of the area presidency! fancy schmancy!! We showed up at the meeting early of course, and don't worry, we did NOT have wet hair! Ha ha.  Then we had trainings from President and Sister Henderson, amazing as always and president trained on something that stuck out to me, how we're supposed to teach the lessons in their full content unless directed otherwise be the Spirit. A lot of times we teach a few principles of the restoration and finish it another time, but hey, why not teach all of it while we've got them sitting there? So true. 

Elder/President Hamula then trained us (after a short talk by his wife of course) for like three hours. Maybe it was two. It was soooooo good! He talked about....everything and then he did question and answer and it was just so great. I wasnt gutsy enough to ask anything but everyone else had really good questions.  We talked about how at times as a missionary its hard to work through exhaustion, and then he pointed out Hebrews 11, the chapter all about faith.  It talks about how saints endured torture and pain and sickness and lions all by faith. When our faith grows, our endurance grows. We talked about how we are made perfect in the end, and how we have to be patient with ourselves as we strive to overcome our weaknesses. Someone asked what his greatest desire for us would be. He said it would be for us to know the Lord. When we know the Lord, nothing can overcome us, we have everything we need. "In the world ye shall have tribulation, but be of good cheer, i have overcome the world." :) It was great. 

Oh he also kind of smashed us for not inviting to baptism in the first lesson and also we need to plan better. (Its crazy how leaders can tell you something youre not doing well, in like the most inspiring way)  So we were going to our first lesson after mission tour and thought we had better take his counsel and invite them to be baptized. After all, thats kind of why were here after all!!! haha. We went to teach our potential whom we had met at the door a week before named Emily, and as we were teaching, her friend Olivia joined. Olivia had amazing soul searching questions, and we continued to teach, we recited the first vision and the Spirit flooded the room, tears, then Olivia asks "So what do i need to do?" We invited them to be baptized and they accepted. Miracles!!'

I dug out my planner from my first transfer and we did weekly planning the way my trainer from New Jersey taught me, long and meticulous but effective. I was surprised at myself for planning meticulously on my own accord.  haha. Weekly planning is great and helps us feel prepared.

Family my time is almost out!! i love you all so much and of course, I love the Lord. Thank you all for everything you do!! Keep smashing it!!

Love sister schaelling

Monday, May 12, 2014


Hey everyone! Family it was so great talking to all of you on Skype!! You're all so cute and Kat one day we will just talk in person haha. I love you all soooooo much and Mom happy mothers day!!!!! You are the best mom i have ever had!!!! :) :) i love you so much!!!! :) 
Sister Schaelling and Stanton

Soooooooo I feel like i dont have much to update because i just talked to you all! Ballina is still kickin, we met a really cool potential investigator named Jack!! He is honest in heart!! He was so open with us and asking us heaps of questions!! It is exciting finding all the time because the miracles just dont stop for anyone let me tell ya. 

Funny story time!! So this week we had a dinner appointment with Sister Davey and a guy from our ward, Reese was there. So after the appointment were driving home and i pull the car over to get a song, which i never do. Then were talking for a second and i start to pull away from the curb and i see a man, a tie.....running towards us....who could that be? I roll down the window and Reese just hands us our phone all out of breath and stumbles away....we left our phone and he ran to bring it to us!!  yay!!!! Miracle!!!!

Also this week we took one of the young women out with us knocking doors, it was fun. I like knocking doors with members. We also are having mission tour this week with Elder and Sister Hamula who are in the area presidency, fun!! Shined shoes and no wet hair...or their will be consequences...hahahah. No really it will be great. I love conferences, a spiritual feast!!!

Did i mention that we taught Tristan, our member referral? It was a quick lesson and we were just relying on the Spirit the whole time to guide us! Try teaching the entire restoration in 12 minutes! haha itwas good he is sweet! Were excited to keep teaching him!!!
check out this sunset... the skies are amazing here at night!!!

This work is the best and i love the Lord. I was thinking today about the gospel in my life and how much of a part of me it has been. How lucky i have been to always have the hope of the gospel in my life blessed. I love you all somuch. Keep smashing it!!!!

love love
Sister Schaelling

check out this sunset... the skies are amazing here at night!!! and me and sister stanton!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Howwdy from the Beaches in Ballina!

Hello family!! Dad your emails are always funny.  Mom i dont know if i already said thank you but thank you for the package with the easter treats and the cute b-day banner! I love seeing it, thank you.  

This week! Was swell. It was week six of the transfer so we were stressin that one of us would leave! GOOD NEWS, Sister Stanton and I are both staying!!!!!! YAY :) This will be our third transfer together! Yay for three transfer companionships, they are the best :) I love her and we love Ballina so its a good mix!! Sooooo on Monday after emails we had a party of two in east Ballina where there is a river. We kidnapped a members guitar for the day and Sister Stanton is skillful so we worked on hymns to sing for everyone who has a guitar in their house. It was fun! On tuesday we saw Valma! our old finnish investigator. She is so cute. And hard to communicate with but i think she enjoys our visits....we also saw NOEL! I love Noel, our crazy long haired inactive friend. Guess what, we found out his niece is Niki who we also visit! Did i already mention this? That was crazy. Noel talks our ears off and is hilarious....his partner is totally normal and nice so its funny to see them together. 
Sister Stanton and Schaelling at the beach. She says "But we didnt go on the beach, dont panic!"
This week we were finding (did i mention were not supposed to use the work tracting anymore) and my comp was like hey lets go talk to those men who are of them was from Guatemala and i got to use my amazing spanish skills (sarcasm. haha) but it was fun to talk to him.  We gave him a card because hes going back to Guatemala next week... We also visited Sarah Young, and she looks a lot like Katrina to me! She has two babies and is pregnant, shes the bishops daughter. Now theres like a million people living at Bishop's house, Sarah Young and her hub and two kids, Bishop's other son and his wife and the youngest thirteen year old boy. Visiting them is fun :) It's funny too because Bishop is pretty well established in Lismore/alstonville/ballina (hes a lawyer or the step above a lawyer...barister?) so when we're finding, we just meet heaps of people who know him. Bishop is cool. 

We went door knocking on Wednesday for three straight hours which doesnt seem that long until you do it haha. It was good, met lots of cool people and gave out pamphlets...we then went and followed up with former investigators and one of them said we could come back!!! Melissa. Yayyy miracle. The mission is doing something called Miracle May where we tell our DL a miracle we had everyday. Its fun. On Thursday we took Sarah Young with us to see Sharon and it was really good!! I love teaching with members it makes me happy...ive learned something on my mission. I love studying. I could study all is good to accumulate the word of God. But Jesus said, "if ye believe these things, see that ye do them." Doing, teaching, speaking, helping, all come when we show our faith- we do something. Going and visiting someone is an act of faith-- teaching, inviting, following up-- they are vital- we must be and do. Be Christlike, and do Christlike things. I would love to sit and study all day but it only doesme good, but when we go out and share what we learn and feel, it does everyone good!!

Oh guess what? We locked ourselves out of the flat, YET AGAIN. :)  we are getting to be pros at this. And this time it was during morning exercize so we had no phone and no ladder on hand and no windows open...but fear not, no unhallowed hand can stop the work from progressing. So we prayed, and after walking to the locksmith to see when it opened we ran into our neighbor who got our other neighbor who has a big ladder, and turns out the kitchen window wasnt locked, just closed!!! Yay not having to pay 80 dollars for a locksmith. Yay miracle and nice neighbors. Yay.
This is us and Sarah Young, visiting Sharon
Friday we saw Nicki! She is so cool. We finally finished Restoration and just as we finish first vision, her mother comes in and is like "hello everyone!!".....spirit gone but hey it was there for a second! It seriously seems as soon as you start the first vision the phone goes off or some kid on the street starts screaming and its like COME ON PEOPLE. ah well. Oh yes on Friday the Mcmillian Jrs fed us dinner. We call them the McMillian jrs because their parents also live in the ward. Their names are James and Kate. Kate (Sister Mcmillian jr) is from Canada. They are super cool, Bro. Mcmillian Jr is in the bishopric. They are one of the few active families in Ballina. (Threres two) We ate spaghetti and shared about how the Book of Mormon answers questions of the soul. (i love that doctrine.) We gave them an activity in PMG to do. ( I am totally doing PMG activities with my hub for family night...and then we will role play....haha) 

We got to see Carly on Saturday night and she has a tiny 4 week old puppy. Her house is kind of a mad house right now with eight people living there. She has a house mate named Skye who we always talk to and he is SO funny. Aetheist if youre wondering. His mom was Mormon back in the day. Sunday was lovely, fasting on the mission is really hard! but good! And yesterday was a working day because today is transfers. However the elders didnt get transferred either so no one is going to the meeting to get supplies so were gonna have to make some home made planners....yay. :)

This week was really good and fun and were excited for next week too. We have more plans for members to come out with us and were just gonna take them door knocking if nothing else haha. This ward is challenging but challenges are good because they help us grow. I feel at home here. I love this work. I love these people and Heavenly Father with all my heart. I really know that the message we carry is worth more than the treasures of the Paul said to the crippled man begging for money...(acts 3) "Silver and gold have i none, but such as i have give i thee..." he then healed the man and he ran rejoicing into the temple...As the Lords missionaries we dont carry silver and gold but the gospel of Jesus Christ, knowledge of the workings of the Lord and the steps necessary to return again and live with our Father in Heaven with our families. Its worth so much more that silver and gold...

I love you all so much!! Talk to you next week
Sister Schaelling