Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Hello, Hello from Lovely Ballina!

Hello dearest family! 

This week was interesting! and good! we had a fun zone p day on Tuesday (in Tweeds Head) and threw water balloons at each other. I think this is the biggest zone ive served in where we can all see each other. (up north i had no idea who was in my zone haha.) We GQd that night in Tweed (always fun) and then we had Region Meeting with the STLs at Mudgeeraba where we basically got trained on modesty and locking our hearts and all the typical sister missionaries struggles...

Thursday was a really good day because we got to teach lessons!! Yayyyy :) We saw a man named Mick from Mauritius (island off the coast of madagascar i think) he seemed really cool except he doesnt really believe in God and disagrees with a lot of religions. We also saw Sister Monk! our less active and we taught the first part of plan of Salvation, man the spirit was strong! I know the Pre earth life was real because everytime we teach it, the spirit is just like BAM. We also saw Sharon and taught Plan of Salvation as well and it was lovely. She is great. We have started taking member fellowship with us to less actives because we dont have too many other set appointments to take them too....
P-day in Tweeds Head
Friday was weekly planning!! Yay...lots of sitting and planning and making phone calls. Saturday we got to see Thalia again!! Yay.  We are trying to get her a ride to young womens. She is doing good. We went finding, oh and we have been going to our member referral, Tristan's house but he's never home when we go. His mom is really nice and said the sisters used to visit them when they lived in Western Australia and swim in their pool...awkward. We visited the Grace family that night and shared a message about the Holy Ghost and sang for them. 

Sunday was great! We went to church and there's this super cool family called the Spillers and they have eight kids and drive like an hour and a half or something in their huge bus like car to church. Sister Spiller gave a talk and also taught RS and it was really good. We talked about "No other Gods" and i love how Elder Oaks explains that "jealous" means having deep or tender feelings-- it totally changes the meaning of God saying he's a jealous God. We had lunch at the Mcmillians and the Spillers were there too and we ate their cow. The Mcmillians are so cool. Sister Stanton and i love them and we love visiting them. 

After lunch on Sunday we went to see a family we found ages ago in Wollongbar. They were all home and we were able to see them and share a message and we prayed all together and the Spirit was there. Its an amazing feeling to actually bring the Spirit into a home and then leave with it. Sunday night we had a dinner with the Stokes family and they live out in the whoop whoops and you drive this windy mountain road going 100....its fun :) 

As always i love studying. This week i have studied a lot about service and giving of ourselves. King Benjamin is the man. i love the beginning chapters in Mosiah and how King Benjamin has spent his days in the service of his people, ive also been thinking about how we should treat each other...i love how in the scriptures it says to esteem every man as himself, to esteem his brother as himself. The words we say, last forever, and our actions follow them. I love the Hymn, Lord i would follow thee.."Who am i to judge another, when i walk imperfectly?" I have learned not to judge and treat others with love and compassion and to serve...its the best way. Theres a beatiful quote about being a selfless, humble servant of the Lord:

When I am tempted to listen to hot, egotistic voices within my own heart; when it seems that love can never win but always loses; when it seems as though humility is ruthlessly trodden down by those who pass over it on their way to their own selfish ambitions; when it seems as though God cannot possibly triumph; when pity and love and mercy and kindness and tenderness are weakness; when it seems as though greatness is only possessed by those who know how to grab, and have the power to snatch at it, no matter what the cost to others—ah, yes, when the voices sound in my own heart which say you must play for your own hand, you must think of number one, you must not let yourself be trodden down—when I am thus tempted, my God! May I hear in imagination the tinkling of water, poured into a basin, and see, as in a vision, the Son of God washing the disciple’s feet. (-Leslie Weatherhead)

I love all of you and i love the Lord :)
much love,
Sister Schaelling
Tweeds Head

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Fun times in beautiful Lennox Head

A note from a member in an Easter Egg for us
Hello family!!
Sounds like this week was fun for everyone!! Dad glad you got to go out and so some visits. I think i am just going to go visit people all the time after the mish, me and kat can go door knocking together haha.  Jenna i loved the picture of you on your board! so cool!! and Scott you are just a cool cat!! Mom and Dad i love you so much and kat your emails are always great and inspiring :)
This week was fun! We had trade offs with the Sister Training Leaders so they caravaned down to Ballina and spent the day with us. Every trade off ive been on in my mission ive been the one leading in my area...so i never get to go on vacation for the day :) But because were a little far, the STLs just come and stay the night and we all work in Ballina for the day. I was with Sister Tauti and we went finding and visited some less actives and it was all good fun :) I love islanders. Shes Samoan, but from New Zealand like Sister Cocker. She is great and a wonderful teacher and her prayers are always filled with the Spirit, i love trade offs because they help me learn!
So this week we went door knocking lots and lots and it is fun. Ive been trying to really listen to the Spirit even at doors, to help these children of God see us as His servants. Something i find saddening is when people give us a schpeel about how there are so many churches and the Bibles been translated so many times and how can we know which of all of them is true and then they close the door. And im like, "here we are!! Listen please we have answers to the questions of the soul"....oh so cool story, we knocked on a Baptist pastor's door and stood talking to him for ages, he was REALLY nice and was asking genuine questions. A lot of times people ask us questions but we know that they already know what were going to say. So we really have to have the Spirit with us and teach by the Spirit when were finding. So we taught about the plan of Salvation and the Book of Mormon and prophets and priesthood authority. He didnt smash us! It was a miracle! :) Then we left. He invited us to his service ;)

Sisters Stanton and Schaelling at the Brisbane Temple
We went to a place called Lennox Head and did some finding there. Its RICH! apparently this place has the some of the best waves in the world to surf. We had little success but it was really pretty. We talked to a Jehovah's Witness man (its wierd sometimes they're the only ones that will stand and talk to us) and he was telling us how Jdubs are pacifists so they will never go to war or fight anyone. it was funny because i told him that my dad was in the air force and he was like, oh. sorry. haha. He was nice.
I gave a training in District Meeting this week on asking inspired questions- which means we have to listen, be in tune with the Spirit and focus. As i was giving this training i felt like i needed to relate it to companions, and how we need to listen to each other. I remember times on my mission when i have prayed and prayed for my companion and i to be able to understand each other and work in unity..."for the spirit of contention is not of me." So i started training on how important it is we listen to each other, and focus on each others needs and listen to what the Spirit is saying to us- i know how important this is in a companionship, and how it requires complete humility and faith.

Sisters Stanton and Schaelling on the Train to Brisbane Temple
Were in Tweed Heads now because today we have zone p day and are going to have a water balloon fight :) We got a referral from a member, first ever here in Ballina, and we are going to see him tomorrow, we're so excited. I love this work and how hard it is and i love the Lord and i love all of you!!!

much love
Sister Schaelling
Cool house in Lennox Head

Monday, April 14, 2014

Life in Ballina

Heyyy folks! Its me again. This email may be a little short but i shall type fast!

Jenna, YOU WENT TO PROM WITH A CUTE BOY!!! and you wore make up! its a miracle!! :) i hope it was so fun. Im sure you loved it!!! you're adorable. Sounds like Kaysville is doing well!! Mom and Dad keep holdin down the fort :)

So im not sure theres too much to report as i just emailed like 3 days ago, but HELLO conference was amazing!! We watched it this past Saturday and Sunday and i loved it so much. Of course i loved Elder Holland's talk about dispcipleship, and i loovvvveeed when he talked about how Christ's doctrine is not smooth and comfortable. "if you even think about breaking commandments, youve already broken them, in youre heart." and, "if thine eye offend thee, pluck it out!" man i love it, the gospel is the way, and living commandments is not easy. There seemed to be a theme throughout conference of the truth being opposed but standing firm anyway. i loved it. I love being a disciple of Christ because its hard. Life was not meant to be full of sunshine and rainbows, but when we are yoked with the Savior we can do all things! I also loved Elder Bednar's talk about the load and how the load we carry can give us spiritual traction. 

Family, we had to take a survey online and it ate my time! We are going to try to come back later and email again, but i love you all heaps !!!

Sister Schaelling

Later....hello! So i know the email i sent was super short but we have more time now. But i feel wierd writing another bit email to everyone!!!. I really loved conference. And to answer the question of where we mainly work, we mainly work in Ballina, Alstonville and Wollongbar but our area covers everything east of Wollongbar on the coast.
We had dinner with a member this week, Sister Davey. She is almost 70 and she is so cute. She is always running around so busy and always asking us to sing in sacrament. Her grandkids were over and one of them is getting her mission call this week hopefully. Sister Stanton and I are going to go GQ in alstonville tonight which should be fun. (GQ stands for golden question, and means street contacting.) GQing is fun.
love you so much!!
Sister Schaelling

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Hellooooo!!! I survived the ladder!!

Hello family! So yes i am emailing late because we had p-day on Thursday this week. If you want to throw a missionary off their schedule, change their P-day! haha but its all good because, WE GOT TO GO TO THE TEMPLE :) now usually Ballina and Lismore areas are too far to make the transferly temple trip but we had interviews this week with president and sister Henderson and they determined Sister Stanton and I could use a trip to the temple, so we got to go :) YAY:) i saw the new new video, it was amazing!!! Sister Stanton and i just did not want to leave the celestial room because the peace we feel there is so hard to describe. I really felt the Holy Ghost comforting me so much in the house of the Lord. I love temples. 

SO this week we had some exciting things happen!! So Sister Stanton and I have kind of been facing a lot of adversity here in Ballina and its been a little hard, both of us struggling with different things and with finding people to teach and actually getting to teach them, etc. But on Monday we had interviews with President and it was soooo amazing, he told me how much Heavenly Father loves me and is refining me and to keep my chin up. I dont remember all that he said and we talked about, but after my interview i felt this little glimmer that everything would be okay. And it has been! That night we were going to follow up with a potential, and we knocked and no answer. Knock knock knock...got in the car to drive home....then my comp is like, can we try one more time? (after we drive around the block) sure! then she answers the door and invites us in and we teach a lesson and her and her daughter are new investigators. Yay!!  Small miracle but it was like manna to us:)

Also the other day we were driving and thought, lets go check on Donna, whom we hadnt seen in a while. She was home (miracle!) and she told us how her auntie and nephew just died and we were able to teach and testify of the plan of Salvation and leave her uplifting scriptures to read from the Book of Mormon. She was so excited to read that night. Miracle!!

And then the next day we locked ourselves out of our flat. and we call the rental people and they have no spare key. (not a miracle.) so we call bishop and ask for a ladder. He is too far away to come to our aid. So his daughter and his daughters mother in law come and bring us a ladder so we can crawl in our open window...but we kind of live on a second story. so i climb to the tippy top of the ladder, tip out the screen and sister stanton climbs up some of the ladder and i step on her shoulder and hoist myself up about two feet of  the wall and into the window...miracle, we didnt die! But i do have some gnarly bruises across my fore arms. Who knew window seals were painful. Sarah Young, our bishops daughter that came to help us, her mother in law asked me where i was from after this excursion. I said Utah. She said, "wow, i never thought those utah girls were good for anything!" (impressed with my climbing skills) to which sister Stanton replied, "Yeah but her dads in the military." hahaha...that explains it.....

Im so glad we got to go to the temple. It was amazing. Im so thankful for the house of the Lord. This past little while I have been tested and many people have tried to shake what i believe in. But thats okay. Because we all have a choice. This is what i believe, what i have  chosen, and i know that its true. And the Holy Ghost has born witness to me that this message, everything that we share is true. That "this is the way, and there is none other way by which salvation cometh..." How great is the importance to make these things known unto the inhabitants of the earth. Even if people dont listen, im thankful that i have been given the opportunity to bear witness of the truth. No effort is wasted in preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ!!

Oh and i havent seen conference yet but it sounds amazing. We will see it this weekend. I love conference. I know that life is hard and missionary work is hard sometimes but all will be well...fear not though enemy deride :) courage, for the Lord is on our side! Family i love you all so much. Thank goodness families can be together forever!!!

Also the womens meeting was AMAZING :) loved it. And we also got to see Carly this week and there was music playing when we went to teach her and i was trying to figure out how we could have a spiritual environment and then the spirit said, sing for her. So we sang "My heavenly Father loves me" and Sister Stanton played the guitar. We had been practicing that song for our less active friend Noel and we were also able to sing for him too, he is so cool!! 

love love,
Sister Schaelling