Monday, November 24, 2014

Lessons learned...from Companions!! yay...

Hello family!

I love you guys so much! Im assuming you have all my travel plans and such. its okay if you get the wrong time i think i can find my way home from SLC. haha joking! i cant wait to see all of you. This last week has been really good, we taught 15 total lessons which is a high for us. Lots of contacting also but we're struggling to find potential investigators. but hey. we taught Tahlya this week who is a new investigator and she is also a witch. Yay witch doctors haha. She is good and very kind. Hopefully as she reads the Book of Mormon she will come to know the Savior. 
Sister Allen and Schaelling

Being my concluding email i would like to share with you all what i have learned from my companions. I cherish my companions soooo much and they have changed and effected me a lot! More than i had supposed. When i think of my mission, i think of them.

MTC: Sister Allen, a sweet, soft spoken, kind loving lady!! She taught me how to listen with love, when all i knew was how to talk, a lot. She knew how to listen to our investigators and taught me how to be compassionate and not just bold. She is amazing :)

New Jersey, trainer: Sister Kranewitter, from Essen Germany. 4 foot 7, a convert at age 13, only daughter of divorced parents, and fiercely independent. Sister K was a big adjustment to the gentle Sister Allen. Sister Kranewitter taught me how to be a missionary. She required a lot out of me and pushed me to my limits! She taught me how to work hard and grit my
Sister Schaelling, Kranewitte, and Pack
teeth and persevere. She taught me how to be humble and correctable and not take things personally. This was a difficult time in my mission, but i have always been grateful for her firmness and pushing me to lead. I had no problem leading for the rest of my mission after her.

Sister Pack, fellow trainee, we just leaned on each other as we both got trained by sister K.  She is fun and was also a new missionary like me. 
Sister Schaelling and Cocker

Australia, follow up trainer, Sister Cocker
. Tall Tongan from the "ghetto" of South Auckland, New Zealand. Sister Cocker taught me how to laugh!! We laughed our way through our transfer together. She and i had a big desire to work hard and together we knocked doors into the night. We biked and i learned to drive on the other side of the road and learned all about Polynesian culture. We laughed and worked and she taught me how to follow the Spirit. She taught me to be bold.

Gladstone, up North, Sister Kyaw
. From Rangoon Myanmar.  Firstly Sister Kyaw taught me about Burmese and Asian culture!
Sister Schaelling, Ken and Sister Kjaw
Eating with your fingers and a lot of rice :) With broken English and myself in my third transfer, far away from our leaders together we relied heavily on the Spirit as we biked the streets of Gladstone. We prayed with real intent every time we left the flat and went to teach, because we really needed the help. Together we had 8 baptisms, the most fruitful time of my mission. Sister Kyaw taught me the importance of communication and to be strong. From a difficult country and background, she had strength i had never seen before so closely. We truly had a little sister big sister relationship with her being 8 years older than me. How i love her!! She was also my first companion to have for three transfers. 

Sister Merrill and Schaelling
Gladstone, Sister Merrill. How i love this woman! My first companion from Utah it was so
funny being with the same culture again. She taught me to be bold and teach with power and authority. She was an amazing teacher and helped my teaching skills so much!! 

Sister Stanton and Schaelling
Ballina, Sister Stanton. Oh Sister Stanton, i always had flashbacks of England with her, she's from Sheffield, Yorkshire. Together we were sent to open a new proselyting area in the furthest southern part of the mission. Our challenge was great and we had both been out for 8 months. Together we prayed!! She taught me how to pray always!! We prayed A LOT and it was amazing. She is soft and gentle but also amazingly strong. She taught me to be obedient no matter what. She taught me how to be smart and not mindlessly chug along. We grew very close in our 6 months together.

Sister Schaelling and Koloamatangi
Ballina, Sister Koloamagangi. Another Tongan companion, from Sydney. Sister K taught me to be myself. We laughed so much together and she was a good worker. She taught me to be bold with fellow missionaries. We were only together for 6 weeks, we could both discern very clearly our investigators concerns which made us quite the team.

Sister Tufarius and Schaelling
Capalaba, Sister Tufariua. From the beautiful island of Tahiti, how i love Sister Tufariua!!
She has taught me to have faith! She has had many many trials and tribulations, but pushes forward in faith!! She is a beautiful example of enduring to the end and also has taught me to trust the Spirit and to trust God!! She is also hilarious and has helped me with my communication skills. i love her so much.

I am so grateful for my beautiful companions and all they have taught me and this wonderful mission. i will work my hardest this last week. i love you all so much.

Sister Schaelling

Monday, November 17, 2014

Life is good!

November 17, 2014
Howdy family!
This week was especially grand because GUESS WHAT??  Do you remember Phillip Kimura, the Maori man from Gladstone that Sister Kyaw and I taught and baptized??  SO he came and surprised me at our Cleveland Stake conference!!  And he took out his endowment the day before!!! WHAAT!!!  I thought I would never see him again!!!  I love Phil!!!!!!!! Man, that was SUCH a tender mercy and a blessing!!  Not to mention we had a great stake conference with Elder Coward, 70, and Elder Nielson, the exclamation point game plan Elder Nielson who is now in our area presidency, he is soooo funny!  So it was a lovely day indeed!  We have a new stake presidency, the stake president and his second counselor are both in Capalaba ward. Yayy Capalaba :) 
Darren is alright, he came to stake conference. We’re still praying for him. We taught Linda this week, she is a new investigator and she is amazing!!!  She really felt the Spirit its the best when that happens! :)  We taught her about how families can be together forever. She believes she can see her mother again after this life and we let her know that she will!  We also had a miracle, we lost Laura our investigator ages ago because she moved and we couldnt get a hold of her and didnt know where she moved too. Then we found her younger sister door knocking!  And when we came back we were able to teach Laura and her sister this time! Miracle! 
Todd and Rodessa are also good.  Thank you for the hot tomales!! and the notes!  they are awesome!!  thank you so much :) Todd thinks you guys are way cool and said that he understands why I am the way I am after he met you mom, because apparently we are both outgoing haha. 
Stake conference evening session was great. Its a bit different from UT where we have to gather in the Marriot Center of Bountiful haha. Here we just meet at the stake center and the authorities are just cracking jokes and walking around with a micraphone interacting with everyone.  thats what elder Nielson was doing.  it was so cool and of course about the hastening of the work! He told us to ask ourselves, am I in or am I out? Do i want to be a part of this great work or not?  Because its up to us!  We are free to choose!  As i watch powerful representatives of the Savior, it makes me want to be so strong in the Spirit like reminds me of the scripture in 4 Nephi 7 I think.. "they were angry with him.,.because he had greater power than they, for so great was the faith of Nephi.that angels did minister to him daily."  I want to have that kind of faith!!

Family i love you so much!! until next week, stay strong :)
much love
Sister Schaelling

Monday, November 10, 2014

Last few weeks

Hey i have normal Pday this week! Yay! and i think i will have normal pdays for the rest of my mission. yes i am pretty sure of that but as dad says, "one never knows" haha. 

So you saw good old Todd Smith! Yeah i think i scared him at Darrens lesson haha. I am not that bold all the time but sometimes you just gotta lay the beat down! haha but Todd is great. And it sounds like your week has been good! i keep forgetting its Christmas season because its boiling hot around here. so Christmas should be fun!!

This week was pretty interesting! Weve been trying to visit heaps of members but saints are quite busy in this area of the vineyard. I guess i dont have much to report on today because i already updated yall on last week til thursday! But on friday we did weekly planning, something im not going to miss but hey it needs to be done haha, and Saturday we got to do service! Service is good! it takes my mind off being stressed that i only have three weeks left. we cleaned a part member familys house. i honestly love cleaning i dont know why. when i feel like cleaning that is! then i love it!!

this week ive been on a rollercoaster of emotions! im basically sad sad sad that my mission is ending! but im happy too. but ive been in the sad phase this week. hopefully i will move into the happy and excited for the future stage this week!! we met with lots of people this week that were telling me to be happy! well then it will be done! happiness it is. :)

Sunday was good! Because we went to church and it was the adorable kids primary program!! so cute they always make me feel the spirit! oh to have the faith of a little child. we saw two less actives on Sunday. we were going to go to an Anglican service because we got invited and i secretly think it would be sweet to go to another church when im a missionary but we didnt get permission because theres not much purpose in us going to the Anglicans! They need to come to us our dear President counselled us. I love President Henderson. He is so smart.

Im excited for this week but know it will be challenging. These last weeks are challenging ill have you know. But i will endure to the end!! Interviews this week with President i cant wait!!!

much love
Sister Schaelling

Thursday, November 6, 2014

A few more weeks with my Tahitian Princess

Hey there family and friends hope life is treating you all swell!!  

soooo this week....lets see.

Hey nice job Davis High for maintaining our 2nd next to AF title....and cool Shannon ran a half marathon! sweet! and sounds like everything was grand.

this past week and a half..... well sad news, Darren is still on the smokes. His date is dropped for the 8th.......on the brighter side we have a new investigator!! yay!! Matthew is his name. Funny story--he came to church with the elders investigators and we met him, but then we walked up to him and GQd him at the bus station and we didnt know it was him, and he was like hey yeah we met at church! sweet! turns out he lives in our area and we taught him the plan of salvation. he is cool, a bit of a rough background,. but a humble guy. yay new investigators. 
I'm a Tahitian Palangi....(white person in Samoan)
we also saw Kayla again and this time her nonmember friend was there. i love when that happens. we had a message about prayer. it was lovely. Aussies are so interesting when it comes to religion, they're usually pretty uncomfortable discussing it. its like a no-no subject. but when you ask the right questions and bring it up in the right way, its great because they'll be honest and open with you. i love the Aussie people. mate. :) 

we went on a couple rescue visits with members which is always lovely! its amazing how going to visit someone to help strengthen them totally has the same effect on yourself. "and both are edified and rejoice together." D&C section ever!!!

the temple today was lovely!! and it was great being with the zone...when i think about the time i have left i feel a zillion emotions.  oh i just found out today that coming home of the plane with me is one of the APs, who is like the QB for the U or something, so the airport will probably be flooded with his fans haha. high school never ends...

we had trade offs this week and i was with Sister Wainwright in her area which was great and everything except we were walking the whole day and Holland Park is full of, hats off to the missionaries who walked their whole missions. haha make me look like a big baby!! she is so fun though, i loved it. we went door knocking all day. i love days like that. so fun. we met a sweet lady who does martial arts and i took a video of her doing a head kick...look forward to that one folks!!

we got smashed by a baptist missionary, well i dont know if he was a missionary but we was GQing at OUR bus station haha jk.  it's a free country but he was happy to tell us after a long standing discussion of doctrine that we are going to burn in hell if we "don't leave the Mormon church".  man good thing i have self mastery haha.

family i love you all and the gospel is true the Church is true i love this work and will continue to serve diligently to the end, 

much love
Sister Schaelling

From October 26, 2014

Hello Family this week has been pretty good. we have taught a reasonable amount of lessons this week and have a new investigator! Mitchell! he is great.  well he is not super interested right now but im sure he'll come around. he is the boyfriend of a less active YSA that we found door knocking. he told me his sister is majoring in women and politics and that she would love to talk to me about our church being male dominated....#bringit....hahah. 

We are still teaching Darren and he is still smoking out the wazoo. the pills arent working as well as we'd hoped. we need a magic pill. Todd smith told us that one of his wml's on the mission would make the investigators smoke a pack of cigarettes under a garbage bin to get them to quit...yep considering that one hahaha jokes. 

its nice being full time car!! so awesome. better than walking everywhere. We had dinner with a recent convert named Michael this week and it was yummmy! he was found by sister stanton and he's great, very kind and he has a strong testimony. we visited heaps of less actives as per the usual and so on.....teaching and finding and gq ing...and this homeless couple...don't even get me started....its practically illegal to be homeless here in Aus because its very liberal and there are like a million community services available to help those in need.  anyways...

Sunday they released the ward mission plan. does our ward have a ward mission plan? do we have a family mission plan? lets make one. lets visit less actives!!!! yay!!! there were talks on Sunday about service and i just remembered you mom and when youre like hey!! its snowing!! lets go shovel the entire streets driveways!! yay!!!! haaha that was fun, lets do it again!!! 

So i'm a bit scatter brained but the week coming should be good. our new district is fun and this is a good zone. and we have challenges every day but we work thru them. And my companion is adorable and hilarious!! AND i love you all. did you get my letter with pics? did Todd smith visit you yet? i wont be emailing until next thursday my time because we have temple this week heads up!!!

love you all!!!

Sister Schaelling

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

We're on youtube!

So transfers happened and guess what? I am staying here in the wonderful land of Capalaba and i am staying with my beautiful Tahitian princess, Sister Tufariua. Yay!!! She is going to kill me. It will be a wonderful 6 weeks together :) the other two sisters are getting transferred, and we just found out that their area is getting closed so now its just me and sister Tufariua in the flat! wow we have a big flat too...but im used to being in a two way so it should be fun. i hope we are full time car. that would stink if we had to share with elders because their not allowed to drive us sure well be full time car that would be amazing!!

Anyway it sounds like your week has been busy and good family!! Wow so cool Kat is home and assimilating back into the "real wold" of utah haha. Hey guess what we are teaching Todd Smith and his gf who is not a member, i think i have mentioned he is from fruit heights but he's going home this week and i told him to come visit you guys so hopefully you receive him! he buys us dinner every monday night so he's awesome :)

So for the area were teaching Darren still and set another date with him for NOVEMBER 8TH and we need to MAKE THIS HAPPEN PEOPLE. goodbye cigarettes!!!! goodbye coffee!!! hello water!!!! seriously he just needs to get baptized.  hes seeing the doctor today to help quit smoking because he needs more than just encouragement from us. im sooooo happy ive never had a cigarette. they're sooo expensive esp here in australia, like 15 for a small pack! dang what are we made of money here or what?

So we also had dinner with the Meharry family and they had their non member family there and it was lovely. I made friends with the girl next to me she was awesome. i love meeting new people. weve also been GQing this week as usual and it didnt feel like it was week 6. usually week 6 is really busy and hectic but it was unusually calm this week. we had a little sisters conference and it was just so lovely. one of the new sisters sang a song called Gloria by rob gardener and boyyyyyy it was amazing!!! dang shes got pipes! apparently both her parents are in mo tab. it was beautiful. President talked about how living the gospel should never be heavy or hard or "i just cant do this anymore-" that is not the gospel of Jesus Christ. Living the gospel is light and lifts our burdens and fills us with joy.  so true!!

We also got to watch the general womens meeting this week and it was just lovely. i love sister Marriots southern bell accent :) conference is the best. we also taught Susan again and she is interested and progressing slowly and is going to feed us this week so that is awesome :)

im so grateful to be a missionary and to labor and serve here in Capalaba. im glad im staying here for another transfer with my beloved companion. :) The Church is true!!! i love you all so much. oh and i am in a youtube mana show or something like that. were having a cultural night in nov :)  

love you all

Sister Schaelling

Carly is in it just for a second!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Rock Church vs. True Church

Heyyy family!!

Wow Kat is home! Wow that is crazy. Um, Katrina, you need to write me every week as part of your return missionary duties! haha  I bet its wierd being home!

Well this week we met with Darren again and family i dont know what happened but this time i finally lost my "you are such a waste of my time" attitude. As we were sitting there i honestly desired his salvation and i loved him! Kind of sad it was hard for me to love him in the beginning but im grateful for gifts of the Spirit including charity. So heres the story, he wants to go back to the Rock Church. He went there on Sunday just to see what it was like and he loved it, and all his old friends want him back, and he is stuck because he loves us too and our church. Welp that would be a hard decision if both churches were true. But theres the thing. Darren was saying he just needs to go to the church thats right for him. Oh man, God is a God of order and we are all his children and would He not have one true church? We are trying to teach with power and authority. He is really good at praying though. In his closing prayer he asked Heavenly Father to help him know which church to belong too. He will recieve a powerful answer.

Well conference was amazing! We just watched it over the weekend and i loved 'Which way are you facing' by elder Robbins and 'Approaching God with Spiritual Confidence' by the German 45 year old. Sooo gooodd!!! Elder Hamula was the one that toured our mission. Lately i have been reading all the biographical paragraphs in the back of conference Ensigns, its amazing how all of them are like lawyers or doctors or businessmen with lots of degrees. Anyway i liked it because then when they spoke i was like 'oh i know you.' Haha. We have a lot of conference Ensigns in the flat. :)

This week was pretty full of conference and oh we also taught Rodessa, our kind of less-active members GF. His name is Todd and guess what? He went to Davis High School! Oh wow small world. So we talked about Kaysville together haha. Rodessa is lovely and my companion has such a powerful testimony she makes everyone cry.

Wow i dont know what else to say, everything is a blur. Its so fun being companions with a Tahitian. She is so funny. She always tells me that i am crazy. Which is pretty true. I burned myself on my thumb and it blistered big and now its nasty looking. Just so everyone knows. Today was our zone leaders birthday, Elder Garcia, so we decked out their flat while they were gone. We are continuing to find find find. GQing!!! :) OH we also had an awesome visit with a wayy less active. I think i am just really prideful because i will visit someone once and be like 'man theyre so annoying', then visit them again and im like 'man i love you so much!!!' haha. He said the closing prayer which was huge and we felt the Spirit when he prayed! it was awesome.

We are also continuing to teach Susan she is progressing along slowly. The work is moving forward!! And being a missionary is just the best. :) I love the gospel and Jesus Christ.

Sister Schaelling

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Life in the Capalaba!

Hey Family,

Wow i didnt realize Kat is getting home this friday. Wow!! that was fast!!

Sounds like you had a lovely conference weekend. We are watching conference this weekend because of the time distance so im looking forward to it! Always packed with revelation.

This week we had zone conference. It was great. President is so organized and each training was delivered powerfully. We also got to teach (my favorite part) in a room with recent converts pretending to be investigators. My companion has such a powerful testimony and when she shares it, whooo. Spirit is there. I also sang with Sister Allen my mtc comp and SIster Alberts, who i live with, for a musical item after lunch, My Heavenly Father Loves me. I think it went well, nobody complained after haha. When Sister Stanton and I would sing in Ballina this one member would always try to coach us on where to take breaths. I called him the breath police. haha.

This week we also had trade offs with the STL's. Sister Wainwright came and worked with Sister Tufariua and i in our area. I dont why but everything just went according to plans...haha that doesn't usually happen but hey. Sister T also taught by herself with a member to our investigator Susan while Sister Wainwright and I went finding. It was a fun day!

We went to see Darren on Sunday and he was talking about how he wants to go back to his old church....we told him that he just needs to make a decision and follow through on it. This hanging out in the middle doesn't really work, we have to show our faith and do something. This is something i'm trying to apply in my life as well.

Family, i miss ya and love you all so much. Have a lovely week!!!

Sister Schaelling

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Another great week in Capalaba!

Hey family sorry for the random P days. I think i am back on the Monday schedule from now on and will try to let you know when it will be switched. Our P day changes if we have temple that week. But its normal this week!

Sounds like your week was fun and i love to see all the photos! I guess in the past few days since wednesday the week has been good. We had a couple investigators drop us, our new ones, so sad ... we will try to get them back.

We taught a less active this week and it was a meaningful lesson. She joined the church in Townsville branch up north but felt lost when she moved here in the massive Cleveland ward. She now lives in Capalaba's area and we knocked on her door when we were finding. I know Heavenly Father wanted us to find her. "I know my sheep, and they are numbered." As we sat and spoke with her i asked her if she moved back to Charters Towers would she go to church again. She said yes. Then she said "its a bit silly isnt it." She said she feels a pang of guilt every time she looks at the Book of Mormon on her shelf. We spoke with another less active we GQd at a bayside and he said the same thing. I can see sadness in their eyes, like they miss it! I just want to shake them and say come back!!! There is room for you here!!! We are standing here as His representatives and He knows you and led us to you so we could invite you back into the fold. It gets to me a little to see such precious souls wandering along strange roads...

Have i mentioned how much i love GQing? Its so fun. We went GQing at a bay side this week near a train station and there was heaps of people there. Catch the fish! Haha we broke my PR of contacts in a day, Sister Koloamatangi and I had 78, and that day with Sis T we had 87. Thats the day we met the less active. He looked like he wanted to come back to church but just didnt know how. I just wanted to scoop him up and chuck him in the meetinghouse. Haha. Man. We are also teaching and investigator called Susan and she has many questions. Its good to have questions, but only if you want an answer. Its silly to ask and ask and ask with no desire of actually learning. Susan wants to learn, so her questions are good. We saw a less active return missionary who served here in Brisbane, now hes married to a Buddhist Vietnamese lady and has a son. He has so many questions but they are meaningless because hes lost his faith...we sang for them i hope he felt the spirit.

There is a beautiful Tongan family in this ward called the Fotu'aika's. We went there on Sunday for a feed and then after they sang for us, oh it was so pretty. The had one of them on the guitar and they sang like a hundred different harmonies. I was in heaven, haha.

This week has been good! Family i love you all. When does kat get home??

Much love
Sister Schaelling

p.s. these computers dont take usbs because of viruses so i cant upload photos. :(

Thursday, September 18, 2014

hello! i am alive!

Hey family yes i havent emailed in forever! But we had temple P day this week but because my comp is a new missionary we had new missionary meeting and couldnt have p day on thursday and now it is friday and we have p day! Yay!!!!!

Welcome to Capalaba ward, Cleveland Stake of Brisbane Australia. its lovely here! lots bigger than lismore. Lots of Aussies in this ward, fancy that. We have two main investigators but both of them...welll...

Allright. This week has been a little tough because i am new in the area and have new eyes and can see that the two investigators we are working with are not going to progress because a.) the first one doesnt live in our area! Well dont ask me why past missionaries havent referred him yet but he has been taught at our chapel by Capalaba sisters for 5 months but he lives in the Many are we supposed to help him be baptized...into the wrong ward? Totally not okay. So i referred him to the elders and we taught him with the bishop of his new ward and Elder Garcia (they were on splits) and made the switch. It was soooooooo stressful because Todd has a relationship with the ward members here and has been fellowshipped here but both my companion and i knew it was the right thing to do. So we prayed heaps and the lesson went smoothly and Todd didnt even bat an eye when we told him he would have new teachers and a new ward. "Well its the same message!" were his words. He is amazing and can now finally progress!! yayyyy!! Downside....the ward isnt too happy about me right now...yeah i think i fail at this whole communication thing. working on that one...

And then Darren has been taught for aggeeess and he is still not progressing but has a baptismal date...hmm. How to handle this one my comp and i are still looking for an answer on that one. We shall see.

Other that that we have been finding machines. Last transfer this area had around 40-50 contacts a week. Recognizing the need for new investigators and the difficulty of obtaining them here in suburbia, Sister T and i have been trying to talk to as many people as we can and maintain around 150 contacts a week. Last week we got 154, this week it may not be as high because we had heaps of new missionary stuff. But hopefully the Lord will see we are here to work and we are serious and will bless us with new investigators!!!

New missionary meeting was good, it was interesting being the "trainer" SIster Tufariua is not technically a golden because she has been out like 4 weeks but she missed the meeting last transfer so we got to go. She is so cool family, and she is coming to visit us in Utah next year hahah because her missionaries that baptized her family live in Utah. She is full of Christlike attributes and she shines! Her English is coming along and language study is fun :) She has the most adorable voice and french accent!! i love it!!

I am making mistakes left and right but still trying my best, oh how much we need the Holy Ghost to guide us!!  And the Atonement to strengthen us!  I love being a missionary.  I was with Sister Smith the morning of New missionary meeting and we were walking to McD's to get food because we were way early.  anyway she is going home at the end of this transfer and as we talked to people along the way we realized we both were talking to people because we loved it, and because we wanted to GQ as much as possible before we werent missionaries anymore!  How things change. Time flies. I love my comp and i hope this ward will learn to love me haha

much love
Sister Schaelling

so this computer wont read my photos!! lame

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Transfer Time!!!


This is going to be short and i have to be fast im sorry!! but i got transferred! And i am now in Capalaba 2, in Cleveland Zone!! And here i am emailing so close to Brisbane. I havent been so close to the city in a long time!! 

My companion is Sister Tufariua from Tahiti! She is so adorable and i am so excited to work with her in this wonderul area. 

Last week was lovely, so full of appointments because we kind of knew i was leaving so we just used the excuse to visit everyone. Nareda is doing great, and we visited a less active Marie battersby far away and she told us to go and see her son and we did and it was amazing! Her son and his partner are wanting to come back to church, the son is less active and partner is not a member. They are such a beautiful couple and moving into Tweed ward in two weeks!! So excited!
Sorry family i have to go! I will email next week longer! Transfer meeting today always a little crazy. i love you all very much. 

much love
Sister Schaelling

Monday, September 1, 2014

Jodie got baptized!!!

Hello Family!!!

Mom happy birthday!! Sounds like this week was a lovely week for all!! We had a lovely week too because guess what? JODIE GOT BAPTIZED!! :) :) it was beautiful and happened Saturday morning at 10 am. A few ward members came and Bishop conducted. I sang with a YSA named Reece. He has a good voice and we sang I feel my Saviors Love. Sister K spoke on baptism and Sister McJr spoke on the Holy Ghost. Brother Cooke baptized, it was amazing!! Jodie was glowing! We stood at the steps of the font and helped her out, she was beaming. It was such a beautiful service and Sister Crowther drove us there together and back. Jodie is so wonderful and i look up to her so much. 

So that made the whole week worth it! :) It was a bit crazyy getting her interview all scheduled and working the logistics but all worked out in the end. this week we also saw Noel!! My 
favorite less active haha. The one with long gray white hair that wears ACDC shirts and sings Hotel California for us with his guitar when we come haha. We brought him a cheap lamington cake with candles for his birhtday. We also got to stop by and see Carly which is a miracle! She is so lovely. She is now studying mechanics. I remember when i wanted to do that haha.
We got to see Sister Barrett and she is doing lovely and a recent convert Roberta fed us dinner, she has two Chinese students living with her and they are so adorable. I love Asians. We met two Japanese people this week! I impressed them with my Japanese skills. We also met people form Chile and Ecuador. They are lovely, and we met some Indians too. Its amazing the people you meet when most of your time is spent walking around talking to everyone in sight, haha. 

We visited Nareda again this week. She kind of hates reading. Sister Deloncrais came with us. We visited Jodie almost everyday before her baptism to fight the adversary. Satan goes nuts when baptisms come up. I read something today out of Our Heritage that said when the saints rejoice, Satan and his angels stir, or something like that. So rude. We are teaching Mark too and he is always so happy and fun but has difficulty keeping commitments. We haven't had new investigators in a while!! we got lots of referrals this week so hopefully some luck there :)

Jodie got confirmed Sunday and we were late! haha Sister Deloncrais came to pick us up because we were over k's and wanted to ride with Jodie, the chapel 30 minutes away and we got stuck because there was an accident. But we made it.  Bishop said it was nice of us to show up :) Haha he is great. Jodie was glowing again and we are seeing her again tonight. 

family i love you all soooooo much! Have a smashing week--

Sister Schaelling

Monday, August 25, 2014

A great week.

Helloooo family!  here is heaps of photos of me and my comp at the temple and other missionaries of the zone, one of which is 6 foot eleven! and sister stanton reunited and me on trade offs with sister carter. well see if they all load... love you all!!!

So this week was lovely! We started off with zone p day in tweed which was fun, amazing race around Coolangatta and it was great. Everyone had fun and we brought a cake for our zone leader Elder Rameka's birthday. Its always great to be with fellow laborers in the vineyard! :)

On Tuesday we taught Colin our new investigator the restoration and ive decided that Satan really doesnt like that lesson. Like everytime i teach it and me or my comp is about to recite "I saw a pillar of light.."  the phone rings or the dog barks or someone has a coughing fit. Gooooood grief people!! Oh my goodness. But hey ya just gotta push thru it i suppose!! :) Teach and testify...amid dogs and phones and coughing fits...haha.

We also saw heaps of Tongans out in the whoop whoops of our area called Wardell. Its this tiny tiny town and they are members, living there and working at a cucumber farm. Conveniently my companion speaks Tongan and i love to hear the island languages they are so pretty.  We encouraged everyone to come to church even if they cant understand what people are saying haha. We saw Sister Barrett and it was just lovely, i love her sooooooo much. She also gave us a referral ages ago that we contacted on Saturday but well get to that! :) Sister Barrett is so open to the Spirit  but likes to sleep in on Sunday haha. We shared the story of Ruth and loyalty...i LOVE Ruth and i love how she says to her mother in law Naomi "Intreat me not to leave thee, nor return from following after thee, for whither thou goest, i will go, and where thou lodgest, i will lodge, and thy people shall be my people, and thy God, my God."  Man i feel the chills just typing it! Ruth chose not to return back to her gods and her people but stay faithful and look toward the future. May i be like Ruth and like Esther :) (clue--Tevia singing to his daughters in Fiddler on the Roof)

Wednesday we taught the lovely Nareda and she is doing...okay. She has a rough situation but we are trying to help her. We had a special training with President that we skyped in, he is just a powerful teacher and servant of the Lord. We are really focusing on using the Book of Mormon as our most powerful tool in conversion. I love the Book of Mormon. I get lost in the stories every morning as i read from its pages...the war chapters are captivating! Sister Stanton taught me how to love the war chapters and learn from them.

Thursday we contacted 78 people in one day which is a record for me. Lots of street contacting, its so fun! And in Ballina we average like 1 or 2 potentials a week so its normal to contact a hundred people and not get one appointment. But thats okay. Ballina has taught me how to deal with rejection haha. Its all good.:)  A couple that moved to Ballina fed us dinner and they are lovely. Friday we had weekly planning and also taught Jerry and Samuel! At Brother Grace's house. He is so old and so in shape he goes running all the time. His wife is adorable. Jerry and Samuel love them too so its fun teaching over there.

Saturday we took Siobhan (Shiv-on) out with us to do some visits in the rain!! It was fun, She is Sister Deloncrais's daughter. We went to Wardell again and visited this old man and he looked so sad, just staring at the rain. We shared a scripture and prayed with him. Also on Saturday we contacted David, a referral given to us by Sister Barrett, he is a total hippie.  it was great. He is a lovely man, not religious but belives in a higher power. Sister Deloncrais came with us. She is a great member missionary.
Sunday we went in the morning to Jerry and Samuels place just to make sure they woke up for church haha. It was funny. They came:) We ended up teaching YSA and Relief Society so that was fun. Now when people ask me to teach last minute im just like "sure." no use fretting about it. The lesson in RS was on family history, roots and branches, and i shared an experience i had on the train back from the temple sitting by a lady, we talked and then we got talking about family history and i got her the family history center near her and the consultants number because the elder in that area was on the train too. she was so excited to find her ancestors. Coincedence? i think not!!! :)

Well family i think thats it, i sure love you all and have a smashing week!!

Sister Schaelling

Monday, August 18, 2014

Country beach life in Ballina.

Wow this week was intersting and good! Sounds like the neighborhood walk-about was fun!! if only you could have had a real walkabout australian style!! Sorry the keyboard im using is really annoying so im not bothering to capatilize much..

this week was gooood!!!  because Jodie came to church!!! whahoooo!! and she is giving up coffee. she is so solid and has had such a hard life but she is ready for the gospel. the lord has definitely been preparing her. we are facing the adversary as always when dates get closer but we are fighting together. sister k and i also gave up chocolate and candy because shes giving up fun. haha love it!

So we had trade offs this week and i got to go out of my area for the first time ever!! it was soooooooo wierd serving not in ballina because ive been here for a long time. haha. but i was with sister carter in beenleigh and it was fun and so much more fast paced than country beach ballina. it was nice but i was glad to be back. :) so basically i will be a mess when i get transferred....

We set a date with Jodie this week!! i wasnt even there when they set it.  it was sister stanton and sister k, kind of funny i leave for one day and they set a date. but she is doing great and church was really good, it was ward conference, so the stake presidency came down and stake RS. they are just great. i hope i NEVER serve in a stake calling. just saying. :) there are dads two favorite words. ;) anyway, on tuesday this week we taught Dewi with brother and sister mcmillan jr. he speaks indonesian so that was helpful!! she is adorable and kind of progressing. samuel and jerry missed church sadly so we went to see them that night. they are doing good and won their rugby game on saturday. they are good boys. 

Mark got called into work and couldnt come to church sadly :(   he is still going for the 30th, we shall see. Saturday we did weekly planning and then we had the ward activity which was basicaly standing and eating but it was yummy food!!! We have been getting a ride to church to save our ks. :) Yay k limitations. (sarcasm.) 
We are in tweed because today is zone p day!! we a planning it and kind of doing an amazing race. should be fun, exciting and refreshing ;)  family i love you all and keep workin hard

much love
Sister Schaelling

Monday, August 11, 2014

Malo lelei, fe fe hake? (How are you?)

Dearest family and friends!

The end of week two is upon us, wow. that was fast! Sadly i left my camera in Tweed so i wont be getting it til like next week :(  So when i get it back then i will send some photos!! 

Sounds like family you had a nice week in K town and girls camp sounds like a success! I want to come. :) Dad im glad you got to go and be "the priesthood" as we always called the male leaders at girls camp which im sure is not politically correct but hey. Girls camp was always such a good experience, cleansing of the soul from worldly needs and such while getting very dirty. :) Fun fun.,

This week was good! I am having a hard time figuring out what to write these days because everytime i sit down to email its just like, welp, another week in Ballina! teaching, driving around, talking to lots of people on the street and keeping our heads up!! We got lots of potentials this week and they seem pretty solid. We taught a lovely new investigator named Dewi, she is Muslim from Indonesia and she is soooooo sweet. So humble and the cutest little smile. I love teaching people that dont speak english very well because they actually listen haha. And its so much easier to teach simple and clearly. We visited the Tongans again and Samuel and Jerry gave them a ride to church! That was awesome they are buddies now. Islanders... love them. :)

The members we met that live in Ballina, Matt and Shenice, fed us dinner on Thursday night. We can go to dinner on weeknights if there is a less active or non member there, and they live in a group home with 4 other members, two of which are less active. They are fun and fed us yummy food. We shared a message about Moroni 10:3-5 and how we can all know the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon and the church by the power of the Holy Ghost. I love the Holy Ghost and have been studying it a lot lately, and how different the Holy Ghost is from the light of Christ. Ive definitely been guilty of telling investigators that say "oh i feel the Lord guiding me" and im like boom thats the Holy Ghost! But really its the Light of Christ which is preparatory to recieving the Holy Ghost who is a personage, whereas the Light of Christ is not a personage at all. Really cool. One of our Bible bashing investigators was telling us how he has ministers from all different religions visiting him and professing to him that they have the Holy Spirit, and (being Christadelphian he believes that no one has the Holy Spirit anymore and it was only given to the original Apostles for the work of the ministry and that was taken with the Apostasy and not restored) and he says to us how can all these men be "guided" yet contradict each other? We can only recieve the Holy Spirit by the laying on of hands, is what he told us, which is soooo  true we agreed but he doesnt believe the restoration so it a moot point with him. But its true, we must recieve the gift by an authorized confirmation to be guided constantly but the Holy Spirit.  Anyways ive learned a lot about the Holy Ghost since coming on my mission is what i am trying to say. haha.

We taught Jodie on wednesday night and she also fed us dinner (yum). We are getting fed a lot lately which is a miracle!:) She has had a really hard life and loves the idea of the plan of salvation. She wants it to be true but feels like its wishful thinking in a way but wants to believe. Its so interesting people who are no strangers to pain hear the plan of salvation and are filled with hope and longing, while people who love the things of the world see it as so hard...i am trying to be humble and meek and grateful for the Lord and his guidance even when it is hard. 

Well family this week was great and i love my beautiful companion. She is teaching me to speak Tongan. Malo lelei, fe fe hake? :)  We continue to press forward in the lovely land of Ballina, New South Wales, Australia :)

much love
Sister Schaelling

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Heeelllloooo one and all!

Hello family!! i know its late to email we had pday on wednesday this week because we got to go to the temple!!!!!!! yayy!!!! it was so amazing. i love going there!! such a beautiful place to be. this week was crazzyyy, well this week and a half. this email might be written in ghetto language because i am emailing from a mall computer and the keyboard is wierd!! we are in tweed heads right now and will drive back to ballina after. the amount of times ive driven that drive ive got all 120 ks down. :)

Soooooo if i could have a dollar for all the times i have had my investigators tell me that i am going to hell this week i would have two dollars. haha. we went to teach the family that knows the bible very well and unbeknownst to us they are totalllyyyyy against all that we believe and had a lesson plan with there list of questions ready for us about heaps of deep doctrine...awkward...they then told us we belong to a cult and they looked us i the eyes and told us we were going to hell. whaaaaaat??? i dont get the black and whiteness of these people. i would never tell someone they are going to burn in hell because they dont belong to my religion because that make noooo sense. anywhos then we went and taught Kieth the Christadelphian and he kind of did the  same thing in a nicer way.. ah well we just bore firm testimony of Joseph Smith, the Book of Mormon, the current prophet and then left.  what can ya do?
This week we had miracle finding!! Have i mentioned how much i love finding?? i love it because it used to be really hard and awkward but after doing it for quite a while it feels natural to talk to people everywhere when it was so much harder in the beginning. i love opportunities to sit and share a quick message or to be an answer to someones heartfelt need of a smile and a friend. I love walking the streets with eyes searching for those who are seeking us but dont know it yet. its amazing! We sat with a lady from indonesia who is muslim. she is so adorable. we are going to teach her again.
Also this week we went to a tiny town called Wardell to visit our Tongan brothers, :) there are some members from Tonga living in wardell and working and my companion conveniently speaks their language!! :) she told them off for not coming to church like they should be haha. islanders are good at telling each other off haha. hopefully they come on sunday. we also taught jerry and samuel this week and they are doing great!!
family i dont have my planner with me so thats all i can remember of this week but know that i love you all soooooooooo much. keep on keepin!! 

much love
Sister Schaelling

id send pics but i dont have my bag! next week :)

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Life is Good.

Me and Zone Leaders
Hello Family!

This week was lovely!! man sounds like you smashed the hike and i LOVED the photos!! :) :) You are all studs. Maybe i will be up to training for timp when i come promises. haha! :) Glad you are enjoying summer! Its so wierd that its summer there and winter here. Its cold in Australia!

This week was great! We did a lot of finding and guess what? One of our members is a beauty therapist (esthetician or however you spell it) and she gave us facials on P day!! It was amaaaazzzzing. We also taught Samuel that night about the plan of Salvation, and he was asking questions which is good!! He was interested to know more about Adam and Eve. I didnt even realize that people believed if Adam didnt eat the fruit then we would just all live in the Garden forever with God, until i came on the mission. It shocked me that people could actually resent Adam and Eve for their choice...hello! We need to come to earth and we have a Savior. Anywhos....
Me and the Samoans, Jerry and Samuel
Also this week on Tuesday we saw Noel!!!! I love Noel and his partner/wife Sharon. They gave us hot chocolate and he played his guitar and sang for us :) We also sang I am a Child of God with my comp on the guitar. She rocks, literally. :)  Noel remembered that song from his primary days. I've decided primary songs are powerful! :)  We also saw Carly and "coincidentally" showed up at the same time as our member friend Sister Deloncrais who is also Carly's friend so we could teach together!! Yayyy miracles! :) 

Wednesday...oh boy. So we went finding in the morning and were taught by this lovely Christadelphian man. That is a religion for those of you who dont know. I say he taught us because we sat there and he had us read a zillion scriptures our of the Bible about the kingdom of God...he was very nice though. Its so hard for me to teach people who are trying to teach me but its humbling. We definitely cant compete with is Bible knowledge. But hey, we have heartfelt testimonies of the Restoration!! 
We visited Sister Monk as per usual and also our investigator Donna gave us shell necklaces that her niece hand painted! They are beautiful. She wanted us to have something to remember austrlia by and her, mine has a turtle on it. That was so nice of her. We also had a dinner planned with Carly for that night but she couldnt make it and it was a Wednesday so were not allowed to eat with members unless theres a non member there, so we found grabbed another investigator to come. yay spontaneous meals at members. Thursday we met a lady called Rhonda who is old and we sang fro her. I love old people their faces and hands just tell a thousand stories. We also taught Sister Barrett and her partner came home while we were still there so we got to meet him!! He is not a phantom after all! He is soooooo adorable he is called Israel. They are getting married too! yay. 
Sister Tauti and Schaelling

Friday was trade off night, the STLs came down and it was fun. I was with Sister Tauti this time and we had fun on Saturday. We went to teach Jerry and Samuel and I wanted them to meet each other because they are all Samoans. And then i had to beg them to speak in Samoan to each other. I love listening to the language!! Sunday was lovely because two random Tongans just showed up to church, they are members :) Yay lost sheep!!

I think thats all family!!
Love you all SOOOO much!!!

Sister Schaelling

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Miracles abound!

Hello family!!! 

Sounds like your week was fun!! Scott i love your hair! :) Glad you could go to parades and listen to pro marching bands :)

This week was great! Lots of work! We were able to teach our potential named Dallas, she is aboriginal and fosters her nephew, they are really nice! It was a little stressful though because she had lost her phone and we were looking for it everywhere and couldnt find it. We prayed but no luck. We started the Restoration with her. Tuesday we had district meeting and the zone leaders were there. They trained on the importance of member presents and how we should get more as a zone. We had Sister Mcmillian one of the only members that lives in Ballina coming out with us that day and we went to teach our investigator Jodie. Jodie read heaps of the book of Mormon! She was telling us all about Nephi and his brothers and the boat. We were suprised and happy. She said that she was reading about how there would be a church of the devil with all its fine silks and she got scared "oh no its the Catholic church!!" (she is Catholic) well you said it first....

We also saw Donna who is doing good, she is such a good grandma and always looking out for her little ones. We just cant get her to church it seems. We have been finding a ton and it bears fruit! I love knocking on doors. Wedesday we went and saw Nareda and it was a miracle!!!! We helped her fold the washing and then sat outside for a lesson. Previously teaching her she has been very confused about the concept of Jesus and God and almost unwilling to understand because of relentless questions, which we would try to listen and help with. We sat with her this week and asked her if she had prayed that week. She said, "yes sisters, i have been praying and its helped me so much.  I finally understand that youre not trying to punish me when you ask me to pray! Because its helped me understand and try to do what Jesus would do even if i dont get it all the time."  We were so happy and surprised but really we shouldnt be surprised because doctrine changes behavior. It was so refreshing to listen to how she had finally done something hard for her, prayer, and then gained a testimony of the principle. "If any man shall do his will, he shall know of the doctrine..."  Love it. We also sang with the guitar "My Heavenly Father loves me" for the whole family. 

We had another miracle on Wednesday too, we went to teach our potential we met in the apartment complex called Mark at his home with Sister Deloncrais. Mark is so amazing!! He is so positive and happy ALL THE TIME.  He accepted what we taught and committed to be baptized on the 2 of August. He is great! He came to church on Sunday, and was talking and making friends with all the members. He is so cheery and just wants to help everyone. We also are still teaching Samuel the new member lessons at random members houses. He is still doing good! Reading and praying and coming to church. Jerry is being a bum again and not coming. Thursday we taught Ashley!! i love her so much. We randomly dropped in and she gave us hot chocolate because it was "freezing" outside. Its really not that cold, but hey. Ashley is so great and she is CRAZY like me. Just thinking of her funny facial expressions and sound affects makes me laugh!! We gave her a Book of Mormon and taught about it. Love her!!

We also got to go and see Sister Barrett, less active, we see her almost every Thursday! She is sooooo awesome. So kind and loving to us! And she is very open to the spirit. She is getting married to her partner too so that is great! We are teaching her the discussions again and i think we're also her visiting teacher...we look forward to seeing her always! We stopped by Carly's place and had a chat with her partner and her friend. Carly's house is great, everyone is welcome there even is she isnt there, haha. They found out my first name is also Carly.....

Saturday we saw Mark again and taught Plan of Salvation. We also had a miracle we havent been able to catch up with our investigator called Niki in forever and we never go there at night, but after our appointment with Mark we thought we should stop by and we were able to see her and teach her, it was great! Sunday was lovely at church and Sister Stanton and I taught YSA's about Solomon and his downfall. Its amazing how our strengths can become our weaknesses if we are not humble!!

Family i got to scoot but i love you all sooooooo much and the Church is sooooooo true and families are forever!!!!

Sister Schaelling

Monday, July 7, 2014

Miracles a happenin!

Hello Family!!! and friends!!! and every one else....(kat will finish that quote in her brain...hahah)

Sounds like fourth of July was smashing!!! Mom props on being prepared and making things happen!! Im sure everyone loved it and Jenna you know if i was there i would be screaming your name too at the parade and you would start laughing as you try to march and play the trumpet :) Dad and Scott the 10k sounds amazing!! way to be men :) and wow Mckenna's engaged!! December wedding! Sweet!!!!

So this week was grand. We had lots of miracles. Would you like to hear some?? 

Soo, the other day we were finding, knocking on doors in an apartment complex which is a little awkward because you knock on one door and everyone in the hall thinks its there's and you're talking to five people at once. Ha ha. So anyway we knock on this one door and we hear people inside but they're not answering, so we move on, and then we're upstairs and we see men come out of the door we knocked on previously come out into the hallway. So all these details probs arent necessary but they're just comin to me as I type. We scurry down the stairs to catch them and say hello, and one of them is like "Hello!! Wow you're missionaries! hello my name is Mark!!" He tells us how he had missionaries visit him in Melbourne 10 years ago and he used to go to church with them and he talked about how they baptize people at church and he wasn't quite ready to get baptized yet. We asked if we could come and visit and he was like yes!!!! Yes come and see me!!..............woah. Miracle!! 

Also this week we went and saw our lovely less active named Marie and she is so cool. And her less active son showed up with his partner, who is not a member, and we shared a message with all of them! yay, miracle. And we got her sons address because he moved and we didnt have it on record, and we are going to go see them again and his partner/girlfriend who is sooooo sweet. That was awesome. Oh, we also had interviews this week with the mission president and his lovey wife, they were awesome!!! I love interviews, they're so fun. President likes looking at our study journals. I always feel awkward handing mine over because he'll just open it and start reading and im sure one of these times he'll read some totally immature comment like "wow Ammon is the bomb i totes want to be like him"or something like that...haha.  I was safe this time. He talked to me about receiving revelation thru the scriptures and writing, and how there's different stages, like first we write about a scripture and we just restate whats going on. Then we start to interpret it, then we apply. I am working on the applying part, instead of just writing "wow this is so pretty yay!!" thinking of "wow this is so pretty and it tells me i can do this in my life blah blah blah".  So yeah sometimes i feel like i am actually a little child when i read my entries sometimes!

So this Sunday Samuel got confirmed!! It was lovely. Its so weird how as soon as someone gets baptized and confirmed it seems like they have always been a member. Jerry didnt come to church so we went over later that day to call him to repentance. Haha, we just said hi and that we missed him. Also on Sunday we had a lesson from our RS president, that the Stake RS gave to all the RS, and all the women 12 and up were supposed to be there to hear it...guess what it was on....not gossiping!! yay man, i feel like we just beat that subject to death in young womens and relief society yet we still go discuss each other to everyone else....i feel like ive heard the same lesson a million times, "dont judge, we have no right to judge. why considerest thou the mote in thy brothers eye,....tell people you dont want to gossip if they start gossiping, stay out of peoples business, dont spread stories...etc etc" and its all true and we know its true. but why do we still gossip? Good grief. Sister Smith, the RS President, gave each of us some little stones in the beginning and reminded us "let he who has not sinned cast the first stone." 

This week we had another miracle, we went and taught our new investigator named Jodie, and it was lovely! She wanted to make us coffee so we brought Milo with us, which is like ovaltine/hot chocolate. :) We taught the Restoration and sang for her and left. A few days later she called us and left a message that she had been trying to feel better and she was overwhelmed and nothing was helping, and then we came and after we left she felt so peacefull!  And in her words "such a good spirit".  wow miracle!! She is lovely!! :)

This week has been so great and i love being a missionary. I am sooooooo not perfect and make a ton of mistakes everyday! But using the Atonement has become such a strength. I love the quiet peace that comes when i know i am doing the Father's will. I love you all sooooo much!!!

Sister Schaelling

Pictures--last p day we went to this beautiful walk place called broken head reserve it was lovely!! and pics of that with the district and also my and my you all!!!