Monday, June 24, 2013

New Jersey News--Manhatten Temple!!!

Hello my family!
So this week was awesome. We have been teaching Steve who came to church yesterday. He is trying to make time to really read and pray and we just taught him again today (on P day because we love him) law of chastity which i actually really like teaching. Its so important and i can just feel the spirit testifying that we must obey Gods commandments to live in His presence again.
Sister Schaelling and the Manhattan Temple!!!
On tuesday we had district meeting and taught the Roberts family, members about the atonement and missionary work. On wednesday we went to visit Jim and Jane in a nursing home they are less active. Nursing homes are rather depressing if you ask me. We sang to them and prayed with them. We met with a lady in our ward who is a recent convert who is struggling with cigarettes. It was cool because my companion thought we should teach word of wisdom and we didnt even know she was struggling with that but she opened up to us and we are helping her. We took her cigarettes away and follow up with her often. A man in our ward, Brother Gibbs, made us a lasagna that was so nice. Thursday we of course had weekly planning (best thing ever! haha) and we did some street contacting. Actually we called it "hymn contacting" because we just sang hymns and handed out cards to people. So we were walking and singing and this man was like hey what are you guys doing? How can i come to church? well we would love to talk to you about that!! It was awesome we sat and talked a little bit and prayed with him. His name is Patricio. He had to work this Sunday but hopefully he comes next and we can teach him.
Sister Pack and Schaelling--trainees
 That night we went and visited Brother Carrol a less active who is in the hospital. He's old and it was so sad being there. He was just weeping to us and scared that he might die, his wife also has stage 4 cancer. He told us he wishes he had lived up to his potential. The elders gave him a blessing. Now he is in the ICU on a ventilator and sedated. It shook my trainer up because she has been teaching and visiting with him for a while. 
Sisters Pack, Schaelling and Kranewitter
On friday we woke up early early and drove into Jersey City....and then took the train to New York! To go to the Manhatten Temple. It was so lovely, in the midst of Manhatten there is a house of God. It was amazing. A bunch of elders came that day too. We walked back all through Times Square (it took like 3 hrs to walk back to our train) it was so fun. We were handing out cards like crazy! We sat for a minute with the French Guy and talked to him about the Book of Mormon. He was so straightforward to us- why should i read it? Convince me. Sell it to me! We did our best haha and my companion raised a good point- you have to have a desire before we can convince you to do anything. We talked more about it and he said allright, you girls are cool, i'll read it. That would be sweet if he actually does! We shall never know. We also talked in New York to this  man who told us we looked like the FBI (theres like 20 elders walking with us) until he saw us sisters haha. We gave him a card and invited him to read the Book of Mormon.
Saturday we tried to see Brother Carrol again but we are a trio and only two can visit in ICU. We ate dinner with the Bishop and his family, they are great. We did hymn contacting again and got a potential investigator. He wanted to buy us pizza haha but we told him we were okay. Sunday was great and we hung out in the chapel all day because we are running out of miles on our car. We watched the missionary broadcast for members and missionaries it was so amazing! watch it! be a member missionary! :)

Sister Schaelling in downtown NEW YORK
This week was grand! Being a missionary is so awesome and hard and great. Its funny because all the things i thought were going to be hard are not and vice versa. Waking up early is fine. Teaching by the spirit is hard. and a million more things. haha. 
i love you all!!!!
much love,
sister carly schaelling

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