Friday, June 7, 2013

2nd letter from the MTC

June 6, 2013 (Thursday)

Hello dearest mother and family!!  Thank you for the pictures you sent mom! and the printed emails thank you. So I am just kickin it at the MTC still because this place is the place to be! I find out where i get reassigned hopefully today, so when i do know i will give you a call.
My new companion, Sister Allen and me, studying outside in beautiful Provo
So this week...last thursday we had in field orientation! which is disneyland at the MTC they say. We learned how to contact and work with members and such. We also had some really good TRC's this week, a less active and a referral family. i am getting better at teaching without looking at my lesson plans. Its so important to listen to the investigator. Elder Holland said, (it think it was him) if you listen with love, you wont need to wonder what to say. Sweet! On friday we had class as usual and on Sunday we said goodbye to our elders! they went off to New Mexico. Then we said goodbye to sister wulfenstein who is going to Australia and her visa came through! Yay. We miss her. Oh and fast Sunday at the MTC is sooooo long!  We also taught Jordan, (our teacher/progressing investigator) for the last time on tuesday! I have grown to love him even though he was hard hard. For tuesday devotional Tad R. Callister came and spoke to us! He talked about the blueprint or the foundation of the church that is outlined in the New Testament, and how our church today is a perfect restoration of that. It was really good. He gave us a lot of scriptures and we were all scribbling notes like crazy! Also on fast sunday we had mission conference which was good (and long) and we realized that by the end of fast sunday we had sung 17 hymns. Dang!

Sister Schaelling and Sister Allen waiting to go to Australia!

Sister Schaelling's New District--most waiting to get Visa's for Australia
So i am in a new district (District X...seriously thats our name!) now and Brothers Corbitt and Gill arent my teachers anymore :(  they were sooo awesome!!  Now i am in a new district with 13 elders and 8 sisters, so for the first time i feel outnumbered by the men! Our new teachers are Sister Peets and Brother Gonzalez. They are great. we are getting a lot more teaching opportunities and we are teaching progressive investigator one on one with each other, meaning i teach a twenty minute lesson to someone, evaluate, and then they teach me and were both pretending to be someone we know who isnt a member. It is a great teaching experience, im teaching and elder from provo. All of us in the visa-waiter-district are heading to Brisbane eventually with two elders going to india.

District X
How could i forget? On Sunday you can watch taped general authority talks and of course i watched CHARACTER OF CHRIST by Elder Bednar. DANG, is all i have to say! it was splendid and totally worth the hype.  Loved it. Turn out when it is easiest to turn in. i think you can find a different version of it online so read it everyone!! read it day and night!!! :) So the highlight of this week: So me and sis allen, and sisters crawford, mullen and bailey were the only ones left in our district since monday because everyone else left. (so we appointed sister bailey to be our district leader and get our mail haha) anyway, we were talking about how much we wanted a smoothie and we entreated Brother Gill to bring us one from Jamba juice. But teachers arent allowed to bring food for students so yesterday we got a package from Brother Gill with a smoothie in a waterbottle with five cups same day delivered from the wilk! how nice is that? haha even if it was totally melted it was still awesome!
District Sisters on "Abbey Road" to the Provo Temple
So i cant wait to find out where i get reassigned! i am hoping for boise idaho! because thats where my teacher bro corbitt went and he is the bomb so it has to be awesome there right!! also, Aunt Naomi sent me cookies!! That was so sweet and they are yummy!! Speaking of yummy, the ice cream here is sooo good.  i may have it twice a day wednesdays and sundays. dont worry, i utilize my gym time. ten laps to a mile! never gets old!!:):) I have become so close with sister baily, sister mullen, sister crawford and of course my companion sister allen. we are the visa-waiters! i am so blessed to live and be with them! they help me learn and we can laugh so much together. We were also really close with the elders in our district! Now they are out in the field killin it. (in a good way) Sister mullen also teaches me how to do yoga. And sister bailey is a p.e. major so at gym she is runnin around doing ab workouts that i didnt even know existed! Sister allen is way good at volley ball.

Sister Mullen--i love her
I am glad i have this extra time at the MTC to better my teaching skills. teaching is so hard and so rewarding. I have learned so much here. Something hit me the other day in zone teaching. We talk so much about what to do and what to say and how to organize, plan and teach. But there is more to missionary work than just doing missionary things. We must become like Christ, so that those we teach will recognize us as servants of the Lord. Not as convicing salesman or only service givers, but disciples of Christ. We have all been converted and we share His message. This is not my church, it is His. And just as vital and having good teaching skills and learning how to contact and such, is who we are as people, as disciples. I hope to become more like Christ and i am leaning every day. i love you all! I pray for you always.

much love,
Sister Schaelling

Yay for Brisbane!!!
Sister Allen and Sister Schaelling, companions in District X

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