Monday, July 1, 2013

Another week in New Jersey

Hello family! Thank you for the updates on Kaysville! It sounds like the fourth of July will be splendid! And good luck Dad and Scott on the 10K! And Scott wow! Ragnar huh? Sounds amazing to me! Way to be! 

This week was great. We met with Steve again on Tuesday and Wednesday. He should be getting baptized soon but he is having a hard time because he feels like he doesnt for sure know yet that it is true. He came to church this Sunday and he loves it. We will work with him. We had a great district meeting about accountability and goals. Dad you should see me now setting goals and makin plans like nobody's business! We had dinner at a members house with the elders which was good.

On Wendesday we had our summer event and all mission conference! it was super fun. We played a bunch of games outside with everyone. There are three missionaries who went to Davis here! And two that know Sarah Meservy from Bingham. Small world! The Manhattan Temple president and his wife spoke to us during the conference and it was awesome. On Thursday we had...weekly planning!!!! (best day ever! :) and then we went and visited Bro Caroll! He is going to be okay! He was up from his coma! Hurrah! So his wife, Eileen who is a non member was there. We went to teach her in the waiting room. We talked about the plan of salvation and then my lovely companion Sister Pack invited her to be baptized. Man it was amazing- Sister Pack said, "Will you follow the example" then Eileen was like "Yes! I will i will!!" then Sister Pack was like "...and be baptized?" And Eileen was like yes yes! Ah it was awesome. She has a date for July 21. She is on her third round of cancer and has chemo treatments and hip issues so its going to be hard getting her to church. We love her!

We went to Sister Ollivares, a lady from Peru for dinner that night and she brought her non member friends over! Man sister Ollivares knows missionary work! :) We talked about the Gospel of Jesus Christ with them and they were nice. Her friend who was there, Madonna, came to bible study with us later that night. Bible study is taught by Sister Izquierdo who has the wisdom of Grandpa Meservy. It is so interesting listening to her. We want to meet with Madonna again. She gave us a ride to bible study and we sang to her in the car. we like singing :) 

On Friday we went to see Jim in the nursing home. He is less active. Nursing homes depress me. We talked to him about hope and patience. We then came home and taught a bunch of people over the phone. We went to the Robertozzi's for dinner. Bro Robertozzi is a recent convert. We read thru some chapters of the Book of Mormon with him and read together. We want to help him understand the importance and power of the book of Mormon. That its not just a history book, but the keystone of our religion. We were supposed to teach our street contact, Joe that night but it didnt work out. Which is sad because i really wanna teach him! 

On Saturday we planned for our lesson for the ward in 3rd hour which was on loving one another. We practiced that and then we went and saw Jane in the nursing home, she was upset because she couldnt find a ride to church so we found her one. We sang to her of course. We then went tracting in Newton where we live! Yay for tracting. We got a potential investigator who said to come back later. We were walking back to our car i was talking to my companions about how i want to talk so someone who is in there car or contact while i am in our car. Then this car drives by and he stops and looks at me and iwas like roll your window down! hahah he did and we went and talked to him and he said he had met with missionaries before like a year ago. We got his address and an appointment and prayed with him. James is his name! kind of a gangster. Teaching him should be great!

Then when we were walking into our apartment we talked to the group of Hispanics that is always right outside our building barbecueing. One of them, Santiago seemed interested. And this crazy lady Tricia hugged and kissed me! how kind of her! She was high on somethin. Or just crazy! 

On Sunday we taught Mina, a muslim woman and her autistic daughter Pegga during 2nd hour. It was great, Mina is so kind and loving and patient. We taught half of 3rd hour combined with all the ward, we talked about loving one another and forgiveness, and how important it is in a ward family. We then had dinner with Sister Ollivares again with the elders and we talked about faith and hope. Sister Ollivares feels the spirit so much and brings the spirit to every lesson. Its awesome. We went to Sister Izquierdos after and drilled her with bible questions :) Also on Thursday we called Bro Sanchez, a non member (his wife is a member) and he said he loves church and wants to get the ball rolling on his baptism. That was amazing. We didnt even have to invite him!!

Being a missionary is grand and hard and amazing. I love it. I am learning so much, especially about humility. One of my favorite verses is some where in proverbs i think and it says "Despise not the chastening of the Lord, neither be weary of his correction, for whom he Lord loveth, he correcteth, even as a father the son in whom he delighteth." I love that. I am trying to internalize that especially now while i am being trained and getting corrected all the time. I was sitting on the ground in our kitchen last Sunday listening to vocal point sing Savior Redeemer of my soul. My favorite line "Chasten my soul til i may be, in perfect harmony with Thee. Make me more worthy of thy love, and fit me for the life above." To be fit for eternity we must be tried and tested! and there never was testimony without the test.

i love you all!!
Sister Carly Schaelling 

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