Wednesday, May 29, 2013

1st Letter from the MTC

May 29, 2013 (Wednesday, one week from when she entered the MTC)

Hi mom and family!!!!
     The MTC is splendid!  Thank you for all your prayers and support! I love you guys so much!!
     Okay so the MTC is great but it is so hard! like, so hard!  But everyone would always tell me, Carly its going to be so hard and is was like, okay?  But now, i get it!  You are teaching and investigator the second day and they just kinda throw you in there!  Learn by doing!  I love my teachers Brother Corbitt and brother Gill.  Brother Corbit is half black and is super awesome!  His teaching is amazing.  When we role play,(we do a lot of that haha:) he just knows how to make the investigator feel comfortable and you can just tell he cares about them!  He asks great questions.  It is all about asking good questions! and Brother Gill is so goofy and hilarious!  Also he looks like a blonde version of Jace Johnson! like, seriously!
     My companions name is Sister Allen and i love her. She went to BYU I as well and she is 20. She is so sweet and caring.  We have different teaching styles and we have learned how to teach together.  So we are teaching our investigator Jordan, (Bro Gill acting) and let me tell you that is one of the most scariest things ever at first!  Like, we dont even know this guy but we have to find out how the gospel can help his life and teach to his needs.  It is so good.  Also, TRC is when you teach these volunteers in their "home", we we are teaching Ivelisse Toboada and i even spoke some spanish to her and she loved it :)  It is so important to have the spirit there in the lessons or there is no way we can help them.  So the hardest part, teaching, is also the best part!  Because if feels sooooo good to work with your companion and teach a good lesson where the spirit is present. Like best feeling in the world! 
     Also, i decided that i will forever have the chills here in the MTC! because either i am just feelin the spirit or it is FREEZING! there is no escaping it!!  The devotionals here are amazing. We had one last night by elder and sister Zwick on becoming more Christlike, So good!  He shared a quote by Davis O Mckay that said something along the lines of how you think of Christ determines who you are and what your acts will be.  I have often thought, what thinks Christ of me? it is also good to ponder, what think I of Christ?
     I think the food here is great!  Yum yum, unlimited croutons.  And yummy ice cream.
     I love the girls in my room!!  Oh i am living in the MTC!  Dad is winning!  haha but the girls in my room are also in my district.  We have become so close.  We laugh so hard together at everything and we feel the spirit so much!  Also, i couldnt have asked for better elders in my district! they are like my brothers now and i love them.  Our district is really close and honest with each other.  We also can get really goofy and laugh really hard so we are working on that haha :)  But its kinda a nice release to laugh a little bit! 
     Mom and Dad i wrote you guys a letter i think you should get it today if you havent already! I love the MTC and it is lovely, so much is expected of us.  We have all been called of God to teach his word and share his message.  I have felt the weight of this calling and hope i can live in a way that i will be able to fulfill it. 
     Also, i have seen like ten people i know here! its crazy! It was so fun to have Makaal host me! 
     A thing the sister training leaders challenged us to do was bear our testimony every day to random people.  Its weird how it is not even wierd!  hahha but one night me and Sister Allen were bearing our testimonies to some elders from the phillipines and indonesia.  the elder from phillipines bore his testimony to us in his broken english.  Holding his book of mormon, he said intently, "This book, is my best friend."  I could see the sincerity in his eyes and i loved it so much!  The book of mormon is my best friend to.  It show us the way.  It helps us show others the way.  Love it!
     I love you all so much!  Thank you Mom and Dad for being so amazing and raising me right!!
     May the peace of God be with you always!! Much love,
Sister Carly Schaelling

p.s. i depart from the MTC June 2 at 4:30 p.m, and my flight is at 8:00 at night with United airlines than Quantas Airlines. (To AUSTRLIA!) so i think this means i have my visa!!! DAD WINS!! could you please make sure i have enough money on my card to pay the baggage fees and the 500 when i get to Australia? Thank you! I love you all!!  the next time i write i will be in the land down under!! (keep reading....)

Later in the day she wrote…..hey mom! so we just found out no one has their visas except for a few peeps in our district!  so i will be staying here another week and most likely getting reassigned stateside!!  like how cool is that?  i can be with my district and lovely australia girls a little longer!  and i would love to go stateside!!  atlanta georgia dad!  maybe i will go there! :)  i love you all so much!!!  i will probably be in the MTC until next thursday.  i will let you know whats happenin! and i would love a handwritten letter if you guys have the time!! 

Sister Schaelling
MTC Mailbox #219
AST-BRI 0604
2005 N. 900 E.
Provo, UT  84604-1793

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