Monday, September 9, 2013

Gladstone life!

Hello dearest friends and family!

This week was splendid as always! I shall start with tuesday, we taught Ken Tim who is from Malaysia and we actually skype the elders who speak Mandarin and they teach while we smile and nod. Oh my goodness i cannot imagine learning Mandarin. Good grief! We had some english class after which i always love.

After Ken we also went to follow up with a potential, Celeste, and her friend Rosie was there. We sat and talked together and taught about how God is our Loving Heavenly Father and prayer. I felt the Spirit a lot when we talked about this. We prayed at the end and all just looked at each other after. Are you feeling what im feeling? Love it.

We also got to teach Niki this week, her son is autistic and dealing with a lot of bullying at school. We listened to her struggles and then shared a message about the power of prayer and scripture study. So many times when people share their own very hard trials there is little i can say to relate. Thank goodness for the Atonement of Christ, there is someone who knows everything we go through, even when others dont. 

We are teaching Leyoni, a Shrilanken lady about the gospel. We taught the Gospel of Jesus Christ and about baptism. She talked about how she was baptized when the was four months old and her children also. We asked why. She said, (we have a little language barrier with her) that the priest always told them when we are born we are full of sin. Man, that is a soft spot for me. Little children full of sin? Whaaaat? Where is the logic in that?? We talked to her about how we are pure and clean before we know good from evil. She said she would ask her priest about it because she admitted it didnt make sense. We suggested she ask God Himself. She is lovely and has a little girl with the most beautiful brown eyes i have ever seen.
From her mom--All RIGHT!  Since Carly has not sent pics in a while (because she lost her battery charger...)  I thought I would give you a couple of pics of her in her younger life.
Here she is about 6 months old.
We are continuing to teach Dilys, (from Papa New Guniea) and she said she prayed about the Law of Chastity and feels she needs to get married. She is humble. Her little daughter is sooooo adorable. We read 2 Ne 31 with her and talked about the importance of baptism, the Holy Ghost, enduring to the end. Peter Sepe is her father and he is a recent convert. He is awesome. 

Tabitha and Mark- we had dinner with them and the Fentons and they are progressing along beautifully. Such a lovely family. Mark's back got thrown out so he was kindof in pain the whole lesson poor guy. They are so kind and receptive to the gospel. Once the Fentons start fellowshipping theres no going back! they are so sweet and kind and experienced. i love working with a senior missionary couples, it helps the stress because they are so much older and wiser than us little full time missionaries. :)

We are also teaching a Filipino family, Joanne and Nino. They invited us and the Fentons over for a birthday, it was so fun, we ate lots and then intro'd the book of mormon. They are splendid parents. Nino, the father just wants to be a good dad. He told me he could tell i had a good dad by the way i was. Good job dad! (and mom.) He always gives me his slippers when we walk in their house so my feet dont get cold on the tile haha.
Carly showing her enthusiasm for LIFE, age 4 1/2.
Phillip, the kiwi that lives away from home, called and told us he is reading the book of Mormon and it is helping him a lot!!! man that is music to my ears!! i dont even care if investigators remember what i said or did, i just want them to turn to the book of Mormon, because it will always be there for them. That book is amazing.

This week i studied repentance and the atonement. I decieded that repentance is more important than anything. "Say nothing but repentance unto this people"..."mercy claimeth the pentitent." 

My time is up! i love you all and am having a joyful experience here in Gladstone!! I love my companion with all my heart, she is amazing. There is something different about her, she is so much stronger and wiser and humbler than me. i love it! she is also a master chef and teaching me how to make curry!!!

biking in a skirt experience. :)

love you all
sister schaelling

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