Sunday, September 15, 2013

Another great week in GLADSTONE.

Hello dearest friends and family!

What a week it has been!!! To answer your questions mother, i use a computer at the library for email and only have one hour. For exersize we go walking or running or tackle a beast hill outside our flat we named Rasputen. Like the Russian terrorist. :)

This week i had some amazing experiences that brought me closer to my Savior Jesus Christ. The one that sticks out to me the most happened in a lesson with Dilys, our investigator. Her father is recent convert and has the darkest skin i have ever seen. And the coolest accent!

So we taught Dilys the ten commandments and she was so into it. When we were talking about keeping the Sabbath Day Holy we talked about church and why we go. I remember saying that we go to church to repent and be healed by taking the sacrament, and why cant we just sit at church and cry? We dont go to look perfect for others. She agreed and we had a great discussion. Then at the end, after the closing prayer she said she wanted to ask us something. She told us she was going to live the commandments so she could be baptized. She just started crying in front of us saying since reading the Book of Mormon she just feels how important it is to be baptized and make that covenant. She said she kept thinking, "what am i doing? i could die tomorrow, why should i choose earthly pleasures over God?" It was so amazing. We set a date with her for October 19. I will always remember her humble example of how important it is to repent. More important than anything else.

Also we had a lesson with Mark and Tabitha who are preparing for baptism on the 28th of September. They are truly golden. We talked about temples and boy the spirit was sooooo strong. The Fentons and their friends from Wyoming came and we all taught together about tithing and fast offerings and some other commandments and they took it like champs. Mark and Tabitha told us how they want to go to the temple and be sealed with their little Tiana, their 3 year old daughter. It was amazing, i just sat there and enjoyed feeling the spirit. I noticed before we taught i didnt have a lick of nerves, which usually are killing me. How awesome!!

We go and visit a Filipino lady named Joann and her family. We stopped by on Saturday night to invite them to church. Nino, (ninyo) is the father and he always invites us in and gives us food. "Food is for everyone," he always says. They are so nice. They said they couldnt make it to church because Nino had work. We shared a message with Joann, Nino and their 8 or 9 year old son Arkinz. He wasnt really into it when we were trying to teach him about prayer. We left and the next day, Sunday, in comes Joann with her three beautiful boys--Arkinz, Tres and Fort. They are so cute. Joann said it scared her that Arkinz cared so much about games and not about God. They loved church and want to come next week. That was so special!!

The best things about Gladstone are the people! They are all so kind, and our teaching pool is like the size of the pacific ocean. Very diverse and wonderful! Also my companion who is just awesome. I also lovvve the four way i'm with (meaning the four of us sisters that live in the flat)--Sister Wulfenstein from my MTC distict and Sister Watson who is so wise. Me and Sister Wulf both have companions that are wayyy older than us so we come home and just goof off with each other and laugh our heads off! The hard parts about Gladstone are the same trials in every area, seeing people reject us, and in turn reject their Savior and eternal life. 

i love you all! 
Sister Schaelling

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