Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Heyyy! Another week in Park Ridge.

Dearest Family!

My time is limited but thank you for the emails!  It sounds like life is swell in the land of kaysville!!  I cannot fathom that Jenna is going to turn 17 soon! good grief people!  Sounds like snowbird was successful as well!

So because i'm a really good missionary who always has her planner with her i will run through my week...oh wait...i left my planner at home! oops! i will do my best to convey the past events! So this week we did lots of teaching, we have a lot of investigators right now so we are blessed!  we were able to get some good fellowship out to teach with us!  OH i have a story!  so we were out tracting and we found a man named Paul.  Now let me just set this up for you.  We knock and a pudgy dog comes to greet us, and this man with hair down to his waist and tattoos up his arms and earrings on his face and in his ears comes to the door.  I am fully expecting a "remove yourself from my property" response from this guy but he opens the door and greets us.  we introduce ourselves and inquire about his religious background. He talks about how he grew up catholic and how he doesn't practice anymore, how he believes in God and Jesus. He kept talking to us and he kindly told us about his family, his wife and this three kids. How he has been with his wife since he was 13. We stand at the door and he sits and we talk to him about how he lost his life on an operating table, how much he wants to see his kids grow up. It was so cool. we got a return appointment and returned with a member so we could go in. But it was just so cool to me that he was nothing i expected him to be. he has faith and he loves his family very much.  and he's a lead guitar player in a famous band, by the way. :)

Also this week we did some service for our friends John and Angie who are moving. They have met missionaries before and we offered our help. They are a cute couple and very kind. On Friday i got sick and had to stay home all day with the fever...ugh. It was miserable because all i could do was lay there and introspect. Whilst coughing. Thankfully my companion went out with Sister Fau in our flat and they hit all of our appointments. Sister Fau's comp, Sister Bennellack stayed with me.

On Saturday we taught the Virtue Family again! They are so great! So James the father just loves us so much. He was crying, telling us how he thinks of us during the week and what we do. We gave him general conference on CD so he can listen to it in his truck because he's a driver. He gave us a bunch of money! now we're not allowed to take money from anyone and we tried to tell him but he wasn't taking no for an answer. that is the thing with a lot of people here who are Cook Island or Maori, they can be stubborn and hard as rocks! He shoved the bills in my scriptures for crying out loud haha. He told us he had to because he wants to help us and feels like God has asked him too. So we talked to president and he says we can give it to the ward. Any way we taught them about the Book of Mormon and how important it is. We invited them to church.....and they came!! yes! their whole family came and James looked sharp in his suit. Jasmin, his wife wore a pretty dress and their three girls were there too. They are awesome, and they all have baptism dates except the little one. We're worried a little because they love their other church that they go to. But i'm sure it will be allright. Also his wife smokes. So many of our investigators smoke. Well more like everyone in Australia smokes!

We went on splits again this Sunday with the Timu Twins. They are lovely! Sariah and Moriah. I took Moriah to an appointment with some J Dubs but it fell through, which was probably for the best. We tracted together. I realized these Aussies love to talk. They will talk all day about what they believe... which is nothing, most people here are atheist. They are filled with frankness and candor which i love, and they are civil, but firm in their belief (or lack of.)  It gives us many opportunities throughout the day, everyday to bear simple testimony. Such small statements strengthen me so much.  things like, "i understand that you don't believe, but i do want you to know that there is a God, and He loves you very much." its great!

Also this week Elder Pearson who is the Pacific Area President came and trained us! man it was so good! Every word he said was gold. he talked about becoming a missionary and a person that instead of asking "what do i have to do?" we ask "what more can i do?"

my time is running out! i love you all! i wish i could send pictures but i am on a countdown here!!!
i love you all!

love sister schaelling

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