Monday, November 17, 2014

Life is good!

November 17, 2014
Howdy family!
This week was especially grand because GUESS WHAT??  Do you remember Phillip Kimura, the Maori man from Gladstone that Sister Kyaw and I taught and baptized??  SO he came and surprised me at our Cleveland Stake conference!!  And he took out his endowment the day before!!! WHAAT!!!  I thought I would never see him again!!!  I love Phil!!!!!!!! Man, that was SUCH a tender mercy and a blessing!!  Not to mention we had a great stake conference with Elder Coward, 70, and Elder Nielson, the exclamation point game plan Elder Nielson who is now in our area presidency, he is soooo funny!  So it was a lovely day indeed!  We have a new stake presidency, the stake president and his second counselor are both in Capalaba ward. Yayy Capalaba :) 
Darren is alright, he came to stake conference. We’re still praying for him. We taught Linda this week, she is a new investigator and she is amazing!!!  She really felt the Spirit its the best when that happens! :)  We taught her about how families can be together forever. She believes she can see her mother again after this life and we let her know that she will!  We also had a miracle, we lost Laura our investigator ages ago because she moved and we couldnt get a hold of her and didnt know where she moved too. Then we found her younger sister door knocking!  And when we came back we were able to teach Laura and her sister this time! Miracle! 
Todd and Rodessa are also good.  Thank you for the hot tomales!! and the notes!  they are awesome!!  thank you so much :) Todd thinks you guys are way cool and said that he understands why I am the way I am after he met you mom, because apparently we are both outgoing haha. 
Stake conference evening session was great. Its a bit different from UT where we have to gather in the Marriot Center of Bountiful haha. Here we just meet at the stake center and the authorities are just cracking jokes and walking around with a micraphone interacting with everyone.  thats what elder Nielson was doing.  it was so cool and of course about the hastening of the work! He told us to ask ourselves, am I in or am I out? Do i want to be a part of this great work or not?  Because its up to us!  We are free to choose!  As i watch powerful representatives of the Savior, it makes me want to be so strong in the Spirit like reminds me of the scripture in 4 Nephi 7 I think.. "they were angry with him.,.because he had greater power than they, for so great was the faith of Nephi.that angels did minister to him daily."  I want to have that kind of faith!!

Family i love you so much!! until next week, stay strong :)
much love
Sister Schaelling

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