Monday, November 24, 2014

Lessons learned...from Companions!! yay...

Hello family!

I love you guys so much! Im assuming you have all my travel plans and such. its okay if you get the wrong time i think i can find my way home from SLC. haha joking! i cant wait to see all of you. This last week has been really good, we taught 15 total lessons which is a high for us. Lots of contacting also but we're struggling to find potential investigators. but hey. we taught Tahlya this week who is a new investigator and she is also a witch. Yay witch doctors haha. She is good and very kind. Hopefully as she reads the Book of Mormon she will come to know the Savior. 
Sister Allen and Schaelling

Being my concluding email i would like to share with you all what i have learned from my companions. I cherish my companions soooo much and they have changed and effected me a lot! More than i had supposed. When i think of my mission, i think of them.

MTC: Sister Allen, a sweet, soft spoken, kind loving lady!! She taught me how to listen with love, when all i knew was how to talk, a lot. She knew how to listen to our investigators and taught me how to be compassionate and not just bold. She is amazing :)

New Jersey, trainer: Sister Kranewitter, from Essen Germany. 4 foot 7, a convert at age 13, only daughter of divorced parents, and fiercely independent. Sister K was a big adjustment to the gentle Sister Allen. Sister Kranewitter taught me how to be a missionary. She required a lot out of me and pushed me to my limits! She taught me how to work hard and grit my
Sister Schaelling, Kranewitte, and Pack
teeth and persevere. She taught me how to be humble and correctable and not take things personally. This was a difficult time in my mission, but i have always been grateful for her firmness and pushing me to lead. I had no problem leading for the rest of my mission after her.

Sister Pack, fellow trainee, we just leaned on each other as we both got trained by sister K.  She is fun and was also a new missionary like me. 
Sister Schaelling and Cocker

Australia, follow up trainer, Sister Cocker
. Tall Tongan from the "ghetto" of South Auckland, New Zealand. Sister Cocker taught me how to laugh!! We laughed our way through our transfer together. She and i had a big desire to work hard and together we knocked doors into the night. We biked and i learned to drive on the other side of the road and learned all about Polynesian culture. We laughed and worked and she taught me how to follow the Spirit. She taught me to be bold.

Gladstone, up North, Sister Kyaw
. From Rangoon Myanmar.  Firstly Sister Kyaw taught me about Burmese and Asian culture!
Sister Schaelling, Ken and Sister Kjaw
Eating with your fingers and a lot of rice :) With broken English and myself in my third transfer, far away from our leaders together we relied heavily on the Spirit as we biked the streets of Gladstone. We prayed with real intent every time we left the flat and went to teach, because we really needed the help. Together we had 8 baptisms, the most fruitful time of my mission. Sister Kyaw taught me the importance of communication and to be strong. From a difficult country and background, she had strength i had never seen before so closely. We truly had a little sister big sister relationship with her being 8 years older than me. How i love her!! She was also my first companion to have for three transfers. 

Sister Merrill and Schaelling
Gladstone, Sister Merrill. How i love this woman! My first companion from Utah it was so
funny being with the same culture again. She taught me to be bold and teach with power and authority. She was an amazing teacher and helped my teaching skills so much!! 

Sister Stanton and Schaelling
Ballina, Sister Stanton. Oh Sister Stanton, i always had flashbacks of England with her, she's from Sheffield, Yorkshire. Together we were sent to open a new proselyting area in the furthest southern part of the mission. Our challenge was great and we had both been out for 8 months. Together we prayed!! She taught me how to pray always!! We prayed A LOT and it was amazing. She is soft and gentle but also amazingly strong. She taught me to be obedient no matter what. She taught me how to be smart and not mindlessly chug along. We grew very close in our 6 months together.

Sister Schaelling and Koloamatangi
Ballina, Sister Koloamagangi. Another Tongan companion, from Sydney. Sister K taught me to be myself. We laughed so much together and she was a good worker. She taught me to be bold with fellow missionaries. We were only together for 6 weeks, we could both discern very clearly our investigators concerns which made us quite the team.

Sister Tufarius and Schaelling
Capalaba, Sister Tufariua. From the beautiful island of Tahiti, how i love Sister Tufariua!!
She has taught me to have faith! She has had many many trials and tribulations, but pushes forward in faith!! She is a beautiful example of enduring to the end and also has taught me to trust the Spirit and to trust God!! She is also hilarious and has helped me with my communication skills. i love her so much.

I am so grateful for my beautiful companions and all they have taught me and this wonderful mission. i will work my hardest this last week. i love you all so much.

Sister Schaelling

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