Monday, November 10, 2014

Last few weeks

Hey i have normal Pday this week! Yay! and i think i will have normal pdays for the rest of my mission. yes i am pretty sure of that but as dad says, "one never knows" haha. 

So you saw good old Todd Smith! Yeah i think i scared him at Darrens lesson haha. I am not that bold all the time but sometimes you just gotta lay the beat down! haha but Todd is great. And it sounds like your week has been good! i keep forgetting its Christmas season because its boiling hot around here. so Christmas should be fun!!

This week was pretty interesting! Weve been trying to visit heaps of members but saints are quite busy in this area of the vineyard. I guess i dont have much to report on today because i already updated yall on last week til thursday! But on friday we did weekly planning, something im not going to miss but hey it needs to be done haha, and Saturday we got to do service! Service is good! it takes my mind off being stressed that i only have three weeks left. we cleaned a part member familys house. i honestly love cleaning i dont know why. when i feel like cleaning that is! then i love it!!

this week ive been on a rollercoaster of emotions! im basically sad sad sad that my mission is ending! but im happy too. but ive been in the sad phase this week. hopefully i will move into the happy and excited for the future stage this week!! we met with lots of people this week that were telling me to be happy! well then it will be done! happiness it is. :)

Sunday was good! Because we went to church and it was the adorable kids primary program!! so cute they always make me feel the spirit! oh to have the faith of a little child. we saw two less actives on Sunday. we were going to go to an Anglican service because we got invited and i secretly think it would be sweet to go to another church when im a missionary but we didnt get permission because theres not much purpose in us going to the Anglicans! They need to come to us our dear President counselled us. I love President Henderson. He is so smart.

Im excited for this week but know it will be challenging. These last weeks are challenging ill have you know. But i will endure to the end!! Interviews this week with President i cant wait!!!

much love
Sister Schaelling

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