Thursday, November 6, 2014

From October 26, 2014

Hello Family this week has been pretty good. we have taught a reasonable amount of lessons this week and have a new investigator! Mitchell! he is great.  well he is not super interested right now but im sure he'll come around. he is the boyfriend of a less active YSA that we found door knocking. he told me his sister is majoring in women and politics and that she would love to talk to me about our church being male dominated....#bringit....hahah. 

We are still teaching Darren and he is still smoking out the wazoo. the pills arent working as well as we'd hoped. we need a magic pill. Todd smith told us that one of his wml's on the mission would make the investigators smoke a pack of cigarettes under a garbage bin to get them to quit...yep considering that one hahaha jokes. 

its nice being full time car!! so awesome. better than walking everywhere. We had dinner with a recent convert named Michael this week and it was yummmy! he was found by sister stanton and he's great, very kind and he has a strong testimony. we visited heaps of less actives as per the usual and so on.....teaching and finding and gq ing...and this homeless couple...don't even get me started....its practically illegal to be homeless here in Aus because its very liberal and there are like a million community services available to help those in need.  anyways...

Sunday they released the ward mission plan. does our ward have a ward mission plan? do we have a family mission plan? lets make one. lets visit less actives!!!! yay!!! there were talks on Sunday about service and i just remembered you mom and when youre like hey!! its snowing!! lets go shovel the entire streets driveways!! yay!!!! haaha that was fun, lets do it again!!! 

So i'm a bit scatter brained but the week coming should be good. our new district is fun and this is a good zone. and we have challenges every day but we work thru them. And my companion is adorable and hilarious!! AND i love you all. did you get my letter with pics? did Todd smith visit you yet? i wont be emailing until next thursday my time because we have temple this week heads up!!!

love you all!!!

Sister Schaelling

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