Thursday, November 6, 2014

A few more weeks with my Tahitian Princess

Hey there family and friends hope life is treating you all swell!!  

soooo this week....lets see.

Hey nice job Davis High for maintaining our 2nd next to AF title....and cool Shannon ran a half marathon! sweet! and sounds like everything was grand.

this past week and a half..... well sad news, Darren is still on the smokes. His date is dropped for the 8th.......on the brighter side we have a new investigator!! yay!! Matthew is his name. Funny story--he came to church with the elders investigators and we met him, but then we walked up to him and GQd him at the bus station and we didnt know it was him, and he was like hey yeah we met at church! sweet! turns out he lives in our area and we taught him the plan of salvation. he is cool, a bit of a rough background,. but a humble guy. yay new investigators. 
I'm a Tahitian Palangi....(white person in Samoan)
we also saw Kayla again and this time her nonmember friend was there. i love when that happens. we had a message about prayer. it was lovely. Aussies are so interesting when it comes to religion, they're usually pretty uncomfortable discussing it. its like a no-no subject. but when you ask the right questions and bring it up in the right way, its great because they'll be honest and open with you. i love the Aussie people. mate. :) 

we went on a couple rescue visits with members which is always lovely! its amazing how going to visit someone to help strengthen them totally has the same effect on yourself. "and both are edified and rejoice together." D&C section ever!!!

the temple today was lovely!! and it was great being with the zone...when i think about the time i have left i feel a zillion emotions.  oh i just found out today that coming home of the plane with me is one of the APs, who is like the QB for the U or something, so the airport will probably be flooded with his fans haha. high school never ends...

we had trade offs this week and i was with Sister Wainwright in her area which was great and everything except we were walking the whole day and Holland Park is full of, hats off to the missionaries who walked their whole missions. haha make me look like a big baby!! she is so fun though, i loved it. we went door knocking all day. i love days like that. so fun. we met a sweet lady who does martial arts and i took a video of her doing a head kick...look forward to that one folks!!

we got smashed by a baptist missionary, well i dont know if he was a missionary but we was GQing at OUR bus station haha jk.  it's a free country but he was happy to tell us after a long standing discussion of doctrine that we are going to burn in hell if we "don't leave the Mormon church".  man good thing i have self mastery haha.

family i love you all and the gospel is true the Church is true i love this work and will continue to serve diligently to the end, 

much love
Sister Schaelling

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