Tuesday, October 21, 2014

We're on youtube!

So transfers happened and guess what? I am staying here in the wonderful land of Capalaba and i am staying with my beautiful Tahitian princess, Sister Tufariua. Yay!!! She is going to kill me. It will be a wonderful 6 weeks together :) the other two sisters are getting transferred, and we just found out that their area is getting closed so now its just me and sister Tufariua in the flat! wow we have a big flat too...but im used to being in a two way so it should be fun. i hope we are full time car. that would stink if we had to share with elders because their not allowed to drive us around...im sure well be full time car that would be amazing!!

Anyway it sounds like your week has been busy and good family!! Wow so cool Kat is home and assimilating back into the "real wold" of utah haha. Hey guess what we are teaching Todd Smith and his gf who is not a member, i think i have mentioned he is from fruit heights but he's going home this week and i told him to come visit you guys so hopefully you receive him! he buys us dinner every monday night so he's awesome :)

So for the area were teaching Darren still and set another date with him for NOVEMBER 8TH and we need to MAKE THIS HAPPEN PEOPLE. goodbye cigarettes!!!! goodbye coffee!!! hello water!!!! seriously he just needs to get baptized.  hes seeing the doctor today to help quit smoking because he needs more than just encouragement from us. im sooooo happy ive never had a cigarette. they're sooo expensive esp here in australia, like 15 for a small pack! dang what are we made of money here or what?

So we also had dinner with the Meharry family and they had their non member family there and it was lovely. I made friends with the girl next to me she was awesome. i love meeting new people. weve also been GQing this week as usual and it didnt feel like it was week 6. usually week 6 is really busy and hectic but it was unusually calm this week. we had a little sisters conference and it was just so lovely. one of the new sisters sang a song called Gloria by rob gardener and boyyyyyy it was amazing!!! dang shes got pipes! apparently both her parents are in mo tab. it was beautiful. President talked about how living the gospel should never be heavy or hard or "i just cant do this anymore-" that is not the gospel of Jesus Christ. Living the gospel is light and lifts our burdens and fills us with joy.  so true!!

We also got to watch the general womens meeting this week and it was just lovely. i love sister Marriots southern bell accent :) conference is the best. we also taught Susan again and she is interested and progressing slowly and is going to feed us this week so that is awesome :)

im so grateful to be a missionary and to labor and serve here in Capalaba. im glad im staying here for another transfer with my beloved companion. :) The Church is true!!! i love you all so much. oh and i am in a youtube video..lds mana show or something like that. were having a cultural night in nov :)  

love you all

Sister Schaelling

Carly is in it just for a second!

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