Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Rock Church vs. True Church

Heyyy family!!

Wow Kat is home! Wow that is crazy. Um, Katrina, you need to write me every week as part of your return missionary duties! haha  I bet its wierd being home!

Well this week we met with Darren again and family i dont know what happened but this time i finally lost my "you are such a waste of my time" attitude. As we were sitting there i honestly desired his salvation and i loved him! Kind of sad it was hard for me to love him in the beginning but im grateful for gifts of the Spirit including charity. So heres the story, he wants to go back to the Rock Church. He went there on Sunday just to see what it was like and he loved it, and all his old friends want him back, and he is stuck because he loves us too and our church. Welp that would be a hard decision if both churches were true. But theres the thing. Darren was saying he just needs to go to the church thats right for him. Oh man, God is a God of order and we are all his children and would He not have one true church? We are trying to teach with power and authority. He is really good at praying though. In his closing prayer he asked Heavenly Father to help him know which church to belong too. He will recieve a powerful answer.

Well conference was amazing! We just watched it over the weekend and i loved 'Which way are you facing' by elder Robbins and 'Approaching God with Spiritual Confidence' by the German 45 year old. Sooo gooodd!!! Elder Hamula was the one that toured our mission. Lately i have been reading all the biographical paragraphs in the back of conference Ensigns, its amazing how all of them are like lawyers or doctors or businessmen with lots of degrees. Anyway i liked it because then when they spoke i was like 'oh i know you.' Haha. We have a lot of conference Ensigns in the flat. :)

This week was pretty full of conference and oh we also taught Rodessa, our kind of less-active members GF. His name is Todd and guess what? He went to Davis High School! Oh wow small world. So we talked about Kaysville together haha. Rodessa is lovely and my companion has such a powerful testimony she makes everyone cry.

Wow i dont know what else to say, everything is a blur. Its so fun being companions with a Tahitian. She is so funny. She always tells me that i am crazy. Which is pretty true. I burned myself on my thumb and it blistered big and now its nasty looking. Just so everyone knows. Today was our zone leaders birthday, Elder Garcia, so we decked out their flat while they were gone. We are continuing to find find find. GQing!!! :) OH we also had an awesome visit with a wayy less active. I think i am just really prideful because i will visit someone once and be like 'man theyre so annoying', then visit them again and im like 'man i love you so much!!!' haha. He said the closing prayer which was huge and we felt the Spirit when he prayed! it was awesome.

We are also continuing to teach Susan she is progressing along slowly. The work is moving forward!! And being a missionary is just the best. :) I love the gospel and Jesus Christ.

Sister Schaelling

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