Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Life in the Capalaba!

Hey Family,

Wow i didnt realize Kat is getting home this friday. Wow!! that was fast!!

Sounds like you had a lovely conference weekend. We are watching conference this weekend because of the time distance so im looking forward to it! Always packed with revelation.

This week we had zone conference. It was great. President is so organized and each training was delivered powerfully. We also got to teach (my favorite part) in a room with recent converts pretending to be investigators. My companion has such a powerful testimony and when she shares it, whooo. Spirit is there. I also sang with Sister Allen my mtc comp and SIster Alberts, who i live with, for a musical item after lunch, My Heavenly Father Loves me. I think it went well, nobody complained after haha. When Sister Stanton and I would sing in Ballina this one member would always try to coach us on where to take breaths. I called him the breath police. haha.

This week we also had trade offs with the STL's. Sister Wainwright came and worked with Sister Tufariua and i in our area. I dont why but everything just went according to plans...haha that doesn't usually happen but hey. Sister T also taught by herself with a member to our investigator Susan while Sister Wainwright and I went finding. It was a fun day!

We went to see Darren on Sunday and he was talking about how he wants to go back to his old church....we told him that he just needs to make a decision and follow through on it. This hanging out in the middle doesn't really work, we have to show our faith and do something. This is something i'm trying to apply in my life as well.

Family, i miss ya and love you all so much. Have a lovely week!!!

Sister Schaelling

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