Monday, September 1, 2014

Jodie got baptized!!!

Hello Family!!!

Mom happy birthday!! Sounds like this week was a lovely week for all!! We had a lovely week too because guess what? JODIE GOT BAPTIZED!! :) :) it was beautiful and happened Saturday morning at 10 am. A few ward members came and Bishop conducted. I sang with a YSA named Reece. He has a good voice and we sang I feel my Saviors Love. Sister K spoke on baptism and Sister McJr spoke on the Holy Ghost. Brother Cooke baptized, it was amazing!! Jodie was glowing! We stood at the steps of the font and helped her out, she was beaming. It was such a beautiful service and Sister Crowther drove us there together and back. Jodie is so wonderful and i look up to her so much. 

So that made the whole week worth it! :) It was a bit crazyy getting her interview all scheduled and working the logistics but all worked out in the end. this week we also saw Noel!! My 
favorite less active haha. The one with long gray white hair that wears ACDC shirts and sings Hotel California for us with his guitar when we come haha. We brought him a cheap lamington cake with candles for his birhtday. We also got to stop by and see Carly which is a miracle! She is so lovely. She is now studying mechanics. I remember when i wanted to do that haha.
We got to see Sister Barrett and she is doing lovely and a recent convert Roberta fed us dinner, she has two Chinese students living with her and they are so adorable. I love Asians. We met two Japanese people this week! I impressed them with my Japanese skills. We also met people form Chile and Ecuador. They are lovely, and we met some Indians too. Its amazing the people you meet when most of your time is spent walking around talking to everyone in sight, haha. 

We visited Nareda again this week. She kind of hates reading. Sister Deloncrais came with us. We visited Jodie almost everyday before her baptism to fight the adversary. Satan goes nuts when baptisms come up. I read something today out of Our Heritage that said when the saints rejoice, Satan and his angels stir, or something like that. So rude. We are teaching Mark too and he is always so happy and fun but has difficulty keeping commitments. We haven't had new investigators in a while!! we got lots of referrals this week so hopefully some luck there :)

Jodie got confirmed Sunday and we were late! haha Sister Deloncrais came to pick us up because we were over k's and wanted to ride with Jodie, the chapel 30 minutes away and we got stuck because there was an accident. But we made it.  Bishop said it was nice of us to show up :) Haha he is great. Jodie was glowing again and we are seeing her again tonight. 

family i love you all soooooo much! Have a smashing week--

Sister Schaelling

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