Thursday, September 18, 2014

hello! i am alive!

Hey family yes i havent emailed in forever! But we had temple P day this week but because my comp is a new missionary we had new missionary meeting and couldnt have p day on thursday and now it is friday and we have p day! Yay!!!!!

Welcome to Capalaba ward, Cleveland Stake of Brisbane Australia. its lovely here! lots bigger than lismore. Lots of Aussies in this ward, fancy that. We have two main investigators but both of them...welll...

Allright. This week has been a little tough because i am new in the area and have new eyes and can see that the two investigators we are working with are not going to progress because a.) the first one doesnt live in our area! Well dont ask me why past missionaries havent referred him yet but he has been taught at our chapel by Capalaba sisters for 5 months but he lives in the Many are we supposed to help him be baptized...into the wrong ward? Totally not okay. So i referred him to the elders and we taught him with the bishop of his new ward and Elder Garcia (they were on splits) and made the switch. It was soooooooo stressful because Todd has a relationship with the ward members here and has been fellowshipped here but both my companion and i knew it was the right thing to do. So we prayed heaps and the lesson went smoothly and Todd didnt even bat an eye when we told him he would have new teachers and a new ward. "Well its the same message!" were his words. He is amazing and can now finally progress!! yayyyy!! Downside....the ward isnt too happy about me right now...yeah i think i fail at this whole communication thing. working on that one...

And then Darren has been taught for aggeeess and he is still not progressing but has a baptismal date...hmm. How to handle this one my comp and i are still looking for an answer on that one. We shall see.

Other that that we have been finding machines. Last transfer this area had around 40-50 contacts a week. Recognizing the need for new investigators and the difficulty of obtaining them here in suburbia, Sister T and i have been trying to talk to as many people as we can and maintain around 150 contacts a week. Last week we got 154, this week it may not be as high because we had heaps of new missionary stuff. But hopefully the Lord will see we are here to work and we are serious and will bless us with new investigators!!!

New missionary meeting was good, it was interesting being the "trainer" SIster Tufariua is not technically a golden because she has been out like 4 weeks but she missed the meeting last transfer so we got to go. She is so cool family, and she is coming to visit us in Utah next year hahah because her missionaries that baptized her family live in Utah. She is full of Christlike attributes and she shines! Her English is coming along and language study is fun :) She has the most adorable voice and french accent!! i love it!!

I am making mistakes left and right but still trying my best, oh how much we need the Holy Ghost to guide us!!  And the Atonement to strengthen us!  I love being a missionary.  I was with Sister Smith the morning of New missionary meeting and we were walking to McD's to get food because we were way early.  anyway she is going home at the end of this transfer and as we talked to people along the way we realized we both were talking to people because we loved it, and because we wanted to GQ as much as possible before we werent missionaries anymore!  How things change. Time flies. I love my comp and i hope this ward will learn to love me haha

much love
Sister Schaelling

so this computer wont read my photos!! lame

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