Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Another great week in Capalaba!

Hey family sorry for the random P days. I think i am back on the Monday schedule from now on and will try to let you know when it will be switched. Our P day changes if we have temple that week. But its normal this week!

Sounds like your week was fun and i love to see all the photos! I guess in the past few days since wednesday the week has been good. We had a couple investigators drop us, our new ones, so sad ... we will try to get them back.

We taught a less active this week and it was a meaningful lesson. She joined the church in Townsville branch up north but felt lost when she moved here in the massive Cleveland ward. She now lives in Capalaba's area and we knocked on her door when we were finding. I know Heavenly Father wanted us to find her. "I know my sheep, and they are numbered." As we sat and spoke with her i asked her if she moved back to Charters Towers would she go to church again. She said yes. Then she said "its a bit silly isnt it." She said she feels a pang of guilt every time she looks at the Book of Mormon on her shelf. We spoke with another less active we GQd at a bayside and he said the same thing. I can see sadness in their eyes, like they miss it! I just want to shake them and say come back!!! There is room for you here!!! We are standing here as His representatives and He knows you and led us to you so we could invite you back into the fold. It gets to me a little to see such precious souls wandering along strange roads...

Have i mentioned how much i love GQing? Its so fun. We went GQing at a bay side this week near a train station and there was heaps of people there. Catch the fish! Haha we broke my PR of contacts in a day, Sister Koloamatangi and I had 78, and that day with Sis T we had 87. Thats the day we met the less active. He looked like he wanted to come back to church but just didnt know how. I just wanted to scoop him up and chuck him in the meetinghouse. Haha. Man. We are also teaching and investigator called Susan and she has many questions. Its good to have questions, but only if you want an answer. Its silly to ask and ask and ask with no desire of actually learning. Susan wants to learn, so her questions are good. We saw a less active return missionary who served here in Brisbane, now hes married to a Buddhist Vietnamese lady and has a son. He has so many questions but they are meaningless because hes lost his faith...we sang for them i hope he felt the spirit.

There is a beautiful Tongan family in this ward called the Fotu'aika's. We went there on Sunday for a feed and then after they sang for us, oh it was so pretty. The had one of them on the guitar and they sang like a hundred different harmonies. I was in heaven, haha.

This week has been good! Family i love you all. When does kat get home??

Much love
Sister Schaelling

p.s. these computers dont take usbs because of viruses so i cant upload photos. :(

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