Monday, August 11, 2014

Malo lelei, fe fe hake? (How are you?)

Dearest family and friends!

The end of week two is upon us, wow. that was fast! Sadly i left my camera in Tweed so i wont be getting it til like next week :(  So when i get it back then i will send some photos!! 

Sounds like family you had a nice week in K town and girls camp sounds like a success! I want to come. :) Dad im glad you got to go and be "the priesthood" as we always called the male leaders at girls camp which im sure is not politically correct but hey. Girls camp was always such a good experience, cleansing of the soul from worldly needs and such while getting very dirty. :) Fun fun.,

This week was good! I am having a hard time figuring out what to write these days because everytime i sit down to email its just like, welp, another week in Ballina! teaching, driving around, talking to lots of people on the street and keeping our heads up!! We got lots of potentials this week and they seem pretty solid. We taught a lovely new investigator named Dewi, she is Muslim from Indonesia and she is soooooo sweet. So humble and the cutest little smile. I love teaching people that dont speak english very well because they actually listen haha. And its so much easier to teach simple and clearly. We visited the Tongans again and Samuel and Jerry gave them a ride to church! That was awesome they are buddies now. Islanders... love them. :)

The members we met that live in Ballina, Matt and Shenice, fed us dinner on Thursday night. We can go to dinner on weeknights if there is a less active or non member there, and they live in a group home with 4 other members, two of which are less active. They are fun and fed us yummy food. We shared a message about Moroni 10:3-5 and how we can all know the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon and the church by the power of the Holy Ghost. I love the Holy Ghost and have been studying it a lot lately, and how different the Holy Ghost is from the light of Christ. Ive definitely been guilty of telling investigators that say "oh i feel the Lord guiding me" and im like boom thats the Holy Ghost! But really its the Light of Christ which is preparatory to recieving the Holy Ghost who is a personage, whereas the Light of Christ is not a personage at all. Really cool. One of our Bible bashing investigators was telling us how he has ministers from all different religions visiting him and professing to him that they have the Holy Spirit, and (being Christadelphian he believes that no one has the Holy Spirit anymore and it was only given to the original Apostles for the work of the ministry and that was taken with the Apostasy and not restored) and he says to us how can all these men be "guided" yet contradict each other? We can only recieve the Holy Spirit by the laying on of hands, is what he told us, which is soooo  true we agreed but he doesnt believe the restoration so it a moot point with him. But its true, we must recieve the gift by an authorized confirmation to be guided constantly but the Holy Spirit.  Anyways ive learned a lot about the Holy Ghost since coming on my mission is what i am trying to say. haha.

We taught Jodie on wednesday night and she also fed us dinner (yum). We are getting fed a lot lately which is a miracle!:) She has had a really hard life and loves the idea of the plan of salvation. She wants it to be true but feels like its wishful thinking in a way but wants to believe. Its so interesting people who are no strangers to pain hear the plan of salvation and are filled with hope and longing, while people who love the things of the world see it as so hard...i am trying to be humble and meek and grateful for the Lord and his guidance even when it is hard. 

Well family this week was great and i love my beautiful companion. She is teaching me to speak Tongan. Malo lelei, fe fe hake? :)  We continue to press forward in the lovely land of Ballina, New South Wales, Australia :)

much love
Sister Schaelling

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