Thursday, August 7, 2014

Heeelllloooo one and all!

Hello family!! i know its late to email we had pday on wednesday this week because we got to go to the temple!!!!!!! yayy!!!! it was so amazing. i love going there!! such a beautiful place to be. this week was crazzyyy, well this week and a half. this email might be written in ghetto language because i am emailing from a mall computer and the keyboard is wierd!! we are in tweed heads right now and will drive back to ballina after. the amount of times ive driven that drive ive got all 120 ks down. :)

Soooooo if i could have a dollar for all the times i have had my investigators tell me that i am going to hell this week i would have two dollars. haha. we went to teach the family that knows the bible very well and unbeknownst to us they are totalllyyyyy against all that we believe and had a lesson plan with there list of questions ready for us about heaps of deep doctrine...awkward...they then told us we belong to a cult and they looked us i the eyes and told us we were going to hell. whaaaaaat??? i dont get the black and whiteness of these people. i would never tell someone they are going to burn in hell because they dont belong to my religion because that make noooo sense. anywhos then we went and taught Kieth the Christadelphian and he kind of did the  same thing in a nicer way.. ah well we just bore firm testimony of Joseph Smith, the Book of Mormon, the current prophet and then left.  what can ya do?
This week we had miracle finding!! Have i mentioned how much i love finding?? i love it because it used to be really hard and awkward but after doing it for quite a while it feels natural to talk to people everywhere when it was so much harder in the beginning. i love opportunities to sit and share a quick message or to be an answer to someones heartfelt need of a smile and a friend. I love walking the streets with eyes searching for those who are seeking us but dont know it yet. its amazing! We sat with a lady from indonesia who is muslim. she is so adorable. we are going to teach her again.
Also this week we went to a tiny town called Wardell to visit our Tongan brothers, :) there are some members from Tonga living in wardell and working and my companion conveniently speaks their language!! :) she told them off for not coming to church like they should be haha. islanders are good at telling each other off haha. hopefully they come on sunday. we also taught jerry and samuel this week and they are doing great!!
family i dont have my planner with me so thats all i can remember of this week but know that i love you all soooooooooo much. keep on keepin!! 

much love
Sister Schaelling

id send pics but i dont have my bag! next week :)

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