Monday, August 18, 2014

Country beach life in Ballina.

Wow this week was intersting and good! Sounds like the neighborhood walk-about was fun!! if only you could have had a real walkabout australian style!! Sorry the keyboard im using is really annoying so im not bothering to capatilize much..

this week was gooood!!!  because Jodie came to church!!! whahoooo!! and she is giving up coffee. she is so solid and has had such a hard life but she is ready for the gospel. the lord has definitely been preparing her. we are facing the adversary as always when dates get closer but we are fighting together. sister k and i also gave up chocolate and candy because shes giving up fun. haha love it!

So we had trade offs this week and i got to go out of my area for the first time ever!! it was soooooooo wierd serving not in ballina because ive been here for a long time. haha. but i was with sister carter in beenleigh and it was fun and so much more fast paced than country beach ballina. it was nice but i was glad to be back. :) so basically i will be a mess when i get transferred....

We set a date with Jodie this week!! i wasnt even there when they set it.  it was sister stanton and sister k, kind of funny i leave for one day and they set a date. but she is doing great and church was really good, it was ward conference, so the stake presidency came down and stake RS. they are just great. i hope i NEVER serve in a stake calling. just saying. :) there are dads two favorite words. ;) anyway, on tuesday this week we taught Dewi with brother and sister mcmillan jr. he speaks indonesian so that was helpful!! she is adorable and kind of progressing. samuel and jerry missed church sadly so we went to see them that night. they are doing good and won their rugby game on saturday. they are good boys. 

Mark got called into work and couldnt come to church sadly :(   he is still going for the 30th, we shall see. Saturday we did weekly planning and then we had the ward activity which was basicaly standing and eating but it was yummy food!!! We have been getting a ride to church to save our ks. :) Yay k limitations. (sarcasm.) 
We are in tweed because today is zone p day!! we a planning it and kind of doing an amazing race. should be fun, exciting and refreshing ;)  family i love you all and keep workin hard

much love
Sister Schaelling

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