Monday, August 25, 2014

A great week.

Helloooo family!  here is heaps of photos of me and my comp at the temple and other missionaries of the zone, one of which is 6 foot eleven! and sister stanton reunited and me on trade offs with sister carter. well see if they all load... love you all!!!

So this week was lovely! We started off with zone p day in tweed which was fun, amazing race around Coolangatta and it was great. Everyone had fun and we brought a cake for our zone leader Elder Rameka's birthday. Its always great to be with fellow laborers in the vineyard! :)

On Tuesday we taught Colin our new investigator the restoration and ive decided that Satan really doesnt like that lesson. Like everytime i teach it and me or my comp is about to recite "I saw a pillar of light.."  the phone rings or the dog barks or someone has a coughing fit. Gooooood grief people!! Oh my goodness. But hey ya just gotta push thru it i suppose!! :) Teach and testify...amid dogs and phones and coughing fits...haha.

We also saw heaps of Tongans out in the whoop whoops of our area called Wardell. Its this tiny tiny town and they are members, living there and working at a cucumber farm. Conveniently my companion speaks Tongan and i love to hear the island languages they are so pretty.  We encouraged everyone to come to church even if they cant understand what people are saying haha. We saw Sister Barrett and it was just lovely, i love her sooooooo much. She also gave us a referral ages ago that we contacted on Saturday but well get to that! :) Sister Barrett is so open to the Spirit  but likes to sleep in on Sunday haha. We shared the story of Ruth and loyalty...i LOVE Ruth and i love how she says to her mother in law Naomi "Intreat me not to leave thee, nor return from following after thee, for whither thou goest, i will go, and where thou lodgest, i will lodge, and thy people shall be my people, and thy God, my God."  Man i feel the chills just typing it! Ruth chose not to return back to her gods and her people but stay faithful and look toward the future. May i be like Ruth and like Esther :) (clue--Tevia singing to his daughters in Fiddler on the Roof)

Wednesday we taught the lovely Nareda and she is doing...okay. She has a rough situation but we are trying to help her. We had a special training with President that we skyped in, he is just a powerful teacher and servant of the Lord. We are really focusing on using the Book of Mormon as our most powerful tool in conversion. I love the Book of Mormon. I get lost in the stories every morning as i read from its pages...the war chapters are captivating! Sister Stanton taught me how to love the war chapters and learn from them.

Thursday we contacted 78 people in one day which is a record for me. Lots of street contacting, its so fun! And in Ballina we average like 1 or 2 potentials a week so its normal to contact a hundred people and not get one appointment. But thats okay. Ballina has taught me how to deal with rejection haha. Its all good.:)  A couple that moved to Ballina fed us dinner and they are lovely. Friday we had weekly planning and also taught Jerry and Samuel! At Brother Grace's house. He is so old and so in shape he goes running all the time. His wife is adorable. Jerry and Samuel love them too so its fun teaching over there.

Saturday we took Siobhan (Shiv-on) out with us to do some visits in the rain!! It was fun, She is Sister Deloncrais's daughter. We went to Wardell again and visited this old man and he looked so sad, just staring at the rain. We shared a scripture and prayed with him. Also on Saturday we contacted David, a referral given to us by Sister Barrett, he is a total hippie.  it was great. He is a lovely man, not religious but belives in a higher power. Sister Deloncrais came with us. She is a great member missionary.
Sunday we went in the morning to Jerry and Samuels place just to make sure they woke up for church haha. It was funny. They came:) We ended up teaching YSA and Relief Society so that was fun. Now when people ask me to teach last minute im just like "sure." no use fretting about it. The lesson in RS was on family history, roots and branches, and i shared an experience i had on the train back from the temple sitting by a lady, we talked and then we got talking about family history and i got her the family history center near her and the consultants number because the elder in that area was on the train too. she was so excited to find her ancestors. Coincedence? i think not!!! :)

Well family i think thats it, i sure love you all and have a smashing week!!

Sister Schaelling

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