Sunday, July 13, 2014

Miracles abound!

Hello family!!! 

Sounds like your week was fun!! Scott i love your hair! :) Glad you could go to parades and listen to pro marching bands :)

This week was great! Lots of work! We were able to teach our potential named Dallas, she is aboriginal and fosters her nephew, they are really nice! It was a little stressful though because she had lost her phone and we were looking for it everywhere and couldnt find it. We prayed but no luck. We started the Restoration with her. Tuesday we had district meeting and the zone leaders were there. They trained on the importance of member presents and how we should get more as a zone. We had Sister Mcmillian one of the only members that lives in Ballina coming out with us that day and we went to teach our investigator Jodie. Jodie read heaps of the book of Mormon! She was telling us all about Nephi and his brothers and the boat. We were suprised and happy. She said that she was reading about how there would be a church of the devil with all its fine silks and she got scared "oh no its the Catholic church!!" (she is Catholic) well you said it first....

We also saw Donna who is doing good, she is such a good grandma and always looking out for her little ones. We just cant get her to church it seems. We have been finding a ton and it bears fruit! I love knocking on doors. Wedesday we went and saw Nareda and it was a miracle!!!! We helped her fold the washing and then sat outside for a lesson. Previously teaching her she has been very confused about the concept of Jesus and God and almost unwilling to understand because of relentless questions, which we would try to listen and help with. We sat with her this week and asked her if she had prayed that week. She said, "yes sisters, i have been praying and its helped me so much.  I finally understand that youre not trying to punish me when you ask me to pray! Because its helped me understand and try to do what Jesus would do even if i dont get it all the time."  We were so happy and surprised but really we shouldnt be surprised because doctrine changes behavior. It was so refreshing to listen to how she had finally done something hard for her, prayer, and then gained a testimony of the principle. "If any man shall do his will, he shall know of the doctrine..."  Love it. We also sang with the guitar "My Heavenly Father loves me" for the whole family. 

We had another miracle on Wednesday too, we went to teach our potential we met in the apartment complex called Mark at his home with Sister Deloncrais. Mark is so amazing!! He is so positive and happy ALL THE TIME.  He accepted what we taught and committed to be baptized on the 2 of August. He is great! He came to church on Sunday, and was talking and making friends with all the members. He is so cheery and just wants to help everyone. We also are still teaching Samuel the new member lessons at random members houses. He is still doing good! Reading and praying and coming to church. Jerry is being a bum again and not coming. Thursday we taught Ashley!! i love her so much. We randomly dropped in and she gave us hot chocolate because it was "freezing" outside. Its really not that cold, but hey. Ashley is so great and she is CRAZY like me. Just thinking of her funny facial expressions and sound affects makes me laugh!! We gave her a Book of Mormon and taught about it. Love her!!

We also got to go and see Sister Barrett, less active, we see her almost every Thursday! She is sooooo awesome. So kind and loving to us! And she is very open to the spirit. She is getting married to her partner too so that is great! We are teaching her the discussions again and i think we're also her visiting teacher...we look forward to seeing her always! We stopped by Carly's place and had a chat with her partner and her friend. Carly's house is great, everyone is welcome there even is she isnt there, haha. They found out my first name is also Carly.....

Saturday we saw Mark again and taught Plan of Salvation. We also had a miracle we havent been able to catch up with our investigator called Niki in forever and we never go there at night, but after our appointment with Mark we thought we should stop by and we were able to see her and teach her, it was great! Sunday was lovely at church and Sister Stanton and I taught YSA's about Solomon and his downfall. Its amazing how our strengths can become our weaknesses if we are not humble!!

Family i got to scoot but i love you all sooooooo much and the Church is sooooooo true and families are forever!!!!

Sister Schaelling

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