Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Life is Good.

Me and Zone Leaders
Hello Family!

This week was lovely!! man sounds like you smashed the hike and i LOVED the photos!! :) :) You are all studs. Maybe i will be up to training for timp when i come home...no promises. haha! :) Glad you are enjoying summer! Its so wierd that its summer there and winter here. Its cold in Australia!

This week was great! We did a lot of finding and guess what? One of our members is a beauty therapist (esthetician or however you spell it) and she gave us facials on P day!! It was amaaaazzzzing. We also taught Samuel that night about the plan of Salvation, and he was asking questions which is good!! He was interested to know more about Adam and Eve. I didnt even realize that people believed if Adam didnt eat the fruit then we would just all live in the Garden forever with God, until i came on the mission. It shocked me that people could actually resent Adam and Eve for their choice...hello! We need to come to earth and we have a Savior. Anywhos....
Me and the Samoans, Jerry and Samuel
Also this week on Tuesday we saw Noel!!!! I love Noel and his partner/wife Sharon. They gave us hot chocolate and he played his guitar and sang for us :) We also sang I am a Child of God with my comp on the guitar. She rocks, literally. :)  Noel remembered that song from his primary days. I've decided primary songs are powerful! :)  We also saw Carly and "coincidentally" showed up at the same time as our member friend Sister Deloncrais who is also Carly's friend so we could teach together!! Yayyy miracles! :) 

Wednesday...oh boy. So we went finding in the morning and were taught by this lovely Christadelphian man. That is a religion for those of you who dont know. I say he taught us because we sat there and he had us read a zillion scriptures our of the Bible about the kingdom of God...he was very nice though. Its so hard for me to teach people who are trying to teach me but its humbling. We definitely cant compete with is Bible knowledge. But hey, we have heartfelt testimonies of the Restoration!! 
We visited Sister Monk as per usual and also our investigator Donna gave us shell necklaces that her niece hand painted! They are beautiful. She wanted us to have something to remember austrlia by and her, mine has a turtle on it. That was so nice of her. We also had a dinner planned with Carly for that night but she couldnt make it and it was a Wednesday so were not allowed to eat with members unless theres a non member there, so we found grabbed another investigator to come. yay spontaneous meals at members. Thursday we met a lady called Rhonda who is old and we sang fro her. I love old people their faces and hands just tell a thousand stories. We also taught Sister Barrett and her partner came home while we were still there so we got to meet him!! He is not a phantom after all! He is soooooo adorable he is called Israel. They are getting married too! yay. 
Sister Tauti and Schaelling

Friday was trade off night, the STLs came down and it was fun. I was with Sister Tauti this time and we had fun on Saturday. We went to teach Jerry and Samuel and I wanted them to meet each other because they are all Samoans. And then i had to beg them to speak in Samoan to each other. I love listening to the language!! Sunday was lovely because two random Tongans just showed up to church, they are members :) Yay lost sheep!!

I think thats all family!!
Love you all SOOOO much!!!

Sister Schaelling

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