Monday, June 16, 2014

Hello one and all!

Family! Hello! Thank you for the emails and photos, sounds like your week was lovely with the strawberries and horseshoe pit. :) Jenna you are so cute. Scott and Dad you look very manly (remember how we would compliment food or nature and then wait for someone to return the compliment to ourselves? wow, its so pretty out side!! wait for it... YOU'RE pretty outside! haha)

This week has been grand!! GUESS WHAT! we got transfer calls and SISTER STANTON AND I ARE STAYING TOGETHER! this is our fourth transfer together and in Ballina! YAY. its a good thing we are soul sisters because we will end up being together for six months at the end of this transfer...yay. :) We are so happy!! 

So the highlight of this week is that SAMUEL CAME TO CHURCH :) he came by himself too and showed up early. He is so cool and we love him. He survived all three hours and the ward was really friendly to him. Half the ward used to play rugby for Wollongbar which is where he is playing now so they had plenty to talk about. We have been teaching him and Jerry in lots of members homes, which is lovely. teaching in a members home is wayyyyyyyyy better than teaching them on the front porch.  I love how when you walk in a members home the Spirit is just like BAM, something i didnt really notice until i served a mission and have been in homes where the Spirit is definitely not BAMing if you know what im saying. And having members testify especially about the commandments is SWEET!!! i love teaching law of chastity because its so bold and so true. I also like teaching tithing, i think were so lucky to get to help Heavenly Father with building his Kingdom. He could probably do it without us but He lets us help Him so he can bless us :) Commandments are the best!
Sister Deloncrais and Son

Also we saw Myra this week and took Sister Deloncrais with us again and they are super best friends now its crazy how well they hit it off. They connect on a whole other level Sister Stanton and I dont even get it haha. But we are continuing to teach her. We went and saw Nareda as well and helped her organize some of her stuff. She is totally an artist and so fun to be with. We are trying to help her understand the plan of  Salvation, which i love teaching. (who doesnt. haha.) She is so fun.

We also have been seeing Emily randomly but had to drop her baptism date :( She is smashed with schoolwork and life. Its hard ive realized to help people see that the gospel isnt here to overburden us or make our lifes harder or give us more commitments we cant keep. Living the gospel IS life, it IS our commitment. Its hard in a world so governed by material or educational pursuits or work or possessions, family commitments, to have extra time, we just have to shift our time. Its a bit difficult to find more time to do things, i think its a shift of what we use our time for. Does that make sense...?

Hmm im trying to think if anything more exciting happened this week. Sister Stanton and I just fill our remaining time with finding!! Knocking those doors. Its nice most people are super nice or pretty nice so its really kind of funny the random rude person. this one guy saw who we were and he was like "oh let me put it this way, even if i did have time, i still wouldnt talk to you. " it was so funny and abrupt, i dont know why its funny to just is...most people are really nice though. Oh we were door knocking and this lady was on the phone and was like hey sorry can you come and talk to me on your way back? So we were walking back and almost forgot but then remembered and went and talked to her again, she was like yeah you guys can come back and teach me and ill read the pamphlet! YAY :)

I have been studying WHO AM I lately.  Wow i am really using the all caps key lots today. haha. But our lovey President gave us an equation for success in missionary work, which is:
     finding+teaching+planning+member engagement divided by knowledge of who we are and why were here equals success.
So my brainy companion explained it to me later that the top of the equation is what we do, find teach plan and work with members. But if we dont know who we are or why were here, than we wont have much success, even if our doing things stays constant. But if we know who we are and why we are here, and do the things we need to, then we have success. And we were talking about how this applies in our life, when we know who we are (child of God) and why we are here (plan of salvation) and then we DO what we need to (faith, repent, baptism, holy ghost and ETTE) than we are successful in the Lords eyes! And we have peace and joy!! It made sense when she explained it to me. And i think sometimes i lose knowledge of the 'who i am' because it gets lost in just doing things. So, cue seminary 90s music, "Ive got to find out who i am!" (please tell me you know this song)
Sister Stanton and I got soaked tracting
Also, guess what? We are a Tabernacle Choir only music mission now!! Good thing i have heaps of Tab Choir CDs...yay!!! :) 

Also, we had zone p day last week and we played baseball with a tennis ball and no gloves. It was so fun! i pitched for a little bit and hit a line drive if anyone is wondering....haha. BUT our beloved District Leader slid into home and he wasnt wearing shoes and collided with the pitcher and broke his foot and it requires surgery so hes going back to New Zealand! So sad!! But he will be back soon we are hoping...

Oh Sister Stanton and I are visiting teachers now :) Our RS pres gave us some names, well like a million names. We went and visit taught Sis. Kate McMillian, whom we call sister Mcmillian Jr or Sister McJr for short (she doesnt know we call her that. haha.) But she is married to James Mcmillian who is in the bishopric who is the son of Ross and Pam Mcmillian who used to be the Bishop and now is on the high council and all in the ward. Se we call them the McSrs and the Mc Jrs. Its all very confusing. She is so funny and awesome and she scaled my teeth for free!! Yay clean teeth! :) 

I love you all so much, thank you for your prayers!! I send mine right back at ya!!!
Sister Schaelling
Elders and us at Zone P-day

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