Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Exciting news on the baptism front.

Hello Family!!! Well this week was lovely! I attatched pictures of the P day we had a couple weeks ago of our trip to Byron Bay and Minyon Falls. It was fun!!!

Oki doke, sounds like family you had a successful week this week!! Britta's reception sounds fun and nice highlight in your hair Jenna!! Dad, im so happy that you got the GS 14 job!!! Thats awesome!! Im glad you are all doing so well!! :)

So this week! We had a miracle!! Well lots of them but one of them is we set a baptism date with Samuel!! The Samoan we met on the street last week. We had a lesson with him at a members house and my companion was so bold and set him on date for the 29th. His friend Jerry, the less active is helping fellowship him and also wants to come back to church :)  Its so happy and exciting.  We had another lesson with them on Wednesday and taught Gospel of Jesus Christ. He is so great and has good questions. I love teaching so much. I love Samuel so much! He is so humble and wants to follow Jesus Christ and Jerry is there to help him!! :)

We also had a wonderful lesson with a new investigator named Myra. She is lovely and from the Netherlands! :) She is really searching for the truth. We brought sister Deloncrais with us, man it is so important for our investigators to have a friend member, or else Satan will just go even more crazy on them...

We had trade offs this week and i was with Sister Carter for the day, she is from Seattle Washington,. She helped me so much, i love her!! She is a wonderful missionary and example. i love trade offs!!!

Family im so sorry im out of time!! i love you all so much and am doing good. Please pray for Emily and Samuel and their baptisms.

 Much love,

Sister Schaelling

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