Sunday, June 1, 2014

Hello Family! and Friends!

Sounds like Memorial day was great!! Nice penny boarding and scootering S and J. Dad props on the 50 mile bike ride...did i read  that correctly? haha Sister Stanton told me this one time she went on a date and her date took her for an 18 mile bike ride...hahaha. I would die...
Since Carly doesn't send many pictures, here's a pic of S and J having fun on J's penny board and S's scooter
This week was lovey and full of miracles!! I will tell the miracles!! So Monday night we went GQing at the bus stop and as we pulled up and parked the car we saw a woman with a man talking. We felt it wasnt the right tome to get out and talk to her so we waited. The man left. We waited a little longer until it felt right, and got out and went to talk to the lady. I said hello and she rushed over to me. She started saying how stressed she was that her autistic friend was supposed to be meeting her and he wasnt and she couldnt read on the paper when her bus was leaving. I tried to calm her down a little and told her from the ticket her bus wasnt leaving for two hours. Just then the friend she had been waiting for showed up and she was so relieved and thanked us for calming her down when she needed it. She said she was just about to get on a taxi and try to find him when we showed up. She saw our badges and said "oh yes mormons! the elders come and see me every week and i want to become a mormon too." She told us her sad life story and said she was moving to Ballina soon. She is from Thailand and her name is Batong!

On Tuesday we taught Nareda again and she said the plan of Salvation sounded like a fairy tale...well kind of is i guess. haha. She is fun to teach because she keeps us on our toes with a million questions every time. We also saw my main man hippie inactive Noel and his partner/wife Sharon. They are great, always talking our ears off with crazy stories, we sang all seven verses of "A Poor Wayfaring Man of Grief"with them and then me an Noel had a Wierd Al quote off. Im pretty sure i won... :)

As we were going to cross the street we saw two big young men coming towards us. The street was busy and we couldnt pass yet and they got closer and one of them muttered a friendly, "hey sisters..." We stopped trying to cross the street and talked to both of them. Their names are Jerry and Samuel and they are both Samoan an from New Zealand. They are rugby players and Jerry is a member, Samuel is Methodist. We talked for a little and got an appointment to teach.  We then crossed the street and went finding and met Jess, a lovely mother of two kids who invited us back.  Later in the week we went to see her and taught and her two kids were just going crazy!! It was fun and a little stressful and Jess seems golden. On Friday we went back to teach the rugby players and the lesson was so full of the Spirit. Jerry told us of how he wanted to come to church again but didnt know where it was, and he wanted his friend Samuel to come with him and be baptized. He said when he saw us on the street he was so happy he almost ran to us and was telling Samuel to hurry up to catch us before we crossed. Samuel is humble and listened intently to the message of the Restoration. He promised to read and pray and we invited him to be baptized, he said he would pray about it, and he thanked us many times for coming to teach about was awesome!!

This weekend we had stake conference at Mudgeeraba and it was soooo good. Elder Coward of the eighth quorum (who knew there were that many) of the 70 presided and his remarks were amazing. The Sunday session was so good, President Shine our Stake president talked about how the call the hasten the work is not to over burden us, but to save us, by losing ourselves we are found! and that the Lord requires faith, not infallibilty! it was wonderul!!

Family i love you all!!!!
Sister Schaelling

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