Monday, June 30, 2014

A BAPTISM in Ballina!!!

Hello Family!!!

Sounds like you all had a wonderful week!!!! The air show looks fun and even more amazing camera pictures with the fancy lens!!! I should probably upgrade my camera in the future.... :) But thats okay. So the big and exciting news of the week is SAMUEL GOT BAPTIZED :) :) :) First baptism in Ballina since we got here 5 months ago!!!!!!! Man!! It was so good. The service was amazing!!! And Samuel wore a lava lava!! (the man skirt) and it was awesome!! 

It was the most stress free baptismal service i've ever had!! Usually i'm running around trying to print more programs or make sure that someone is playing prelude but the ward helped so much. We sang and Brother and Sister Mcmillian gave talks and Brother Mcmilan Sr did the baptism!!! And it was so beautiful. 

And also, there's a family in our ward called the Spillers. They live like and hour and a half away on a farm. They have 8 kids. And Brother Spiller, without us asking, killed a pig and brought it for all of us to eat after.  Oh my goodness, it was so good, and Samuel and Jerry loved it because it reminded them of home eating killed pig all the time on the islands, yum!!! And we didnt even ask Brother Spiller and he did that for us/Samuel! So nice, service ninja. 
Sister Stanton, Schaelling, Samuel and Brother McMillan

So that was the highlight of the week, We also took Siobhan out with us for rescue visits, she is 14. So i think that i'm pretty used to teaching lessons by now and it all seems pretty normal and not scary, but after our lesson Siobhan was like, oh my goodness that was so cool! And so happy she got to come with us. I think that sometimes I forget how exciting teaching can be and how lucky we are to get to visit people and share the gospel with them!!
Delicious food at Samuel's baptism!
So i love teaching our investigator named Sister Banks. We like calling our investigators Sister and their last name because we feel like were in sisterhood (gangster style) and i've developed a habit of calling everybody (well females, old or young,) "Sis." Anywhos, so we taught Sister Banks and she is always confused with the concept of Christ and also doesn't feel like she knows who she is. But shes such a paradox because she welcomes us in her home and lets us help her tidy things up and its totally at ease like she knows who she is and is very open about her beliefs. I love teaching her because she isn't afraid to ask questions and is sooo honest. We need that!!

Family, being a missionary is the best. Just like life there are ups and downs. This week was obviously an up and very happy and exciting with Samuel's baptism. There are also downs like when we knock on doors for 20 hours in a week and get two potential investigators that both drop us before their appointment. That would be a down. But its okay, because no matter up or down we can still be diligent and work hard and have faith! Happy news, last transfer at mission tour Elder Hamula (President of the Pacific Area) challenged us to work hard and burst off the plateau we were having of 50-60 baptisms a month. Now i've never been one for numbers and going crazy about them, but my mission President is. :) As a mission we set a goal to have 100 baptisms in June, something never done before ever in the ABM. We have had weekly mission wide conference  calls with updates and miracles stories and testimonies. This morning we had a conference call and President let us know we reached 105 baptism in June!!! Elder Hamula himself was on the phone and his wife and told us he was so proud of us and read to us "according to your desires,...according to your faith, it shall be done." Sister Stanton and i just started crying when we heard his voice, which is interesting because i never cry!!! We are happy to have worked hard, and even though i can be a grumbler when it comes to leaders going crazy about numbers goals, i know that when the Holy Ghost is with us we can accomplish our goals and desires! :)

Family friends, love you all so much!!

Sister Schaelling

Cleaning the oven, gotta love it!

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