Monday, May 19, 2014

YO to the world!

Hellooo family!! This week was awesome! The chalk festival looks cool! And sounds like your week was fun! And happy mothers day again! 

Sooooo, this week we had the much anticipated mission tour with President and Sister Hamula of the area presidency! fancy schmancy!! We showed up at the meeting early of course, and don't worry, we did NOT have wet hair! Ha ha.  Then we had trainings from President and Sister Henderson, amazing as always and president trained on something that stuck out to me, how we're supposed to teach the lessons in their full content unless directed otherwise be the Spirit. A lot of times we teach a few principles of the restoration and finish it another time, but hey, why not teach all of it while we've got them sitting there? So true. 

Elder/President Hamula then trained us (after a short talk by his wife of course) for like three hours. Maybe it was two. It was soooooo good! He talked about....everything and then he did question and answer and it was just so great. I wasnt gutsy enough to ask anything but everyone else had really good questions.  We talked about how at times as a missionary its hard to work through exhaustion, and then he pointed out Hebrews 11, the chapter all about faith.  It talks about how saints endured torture and pain and sickness and lions all by faith. When our faith grows, our endurance grows. We talked about how we are made perfect in the end, and how we have to be patient with ourselves as we strive to overcome our weaknesses. Someone asked what his greatest desire for us would be. He said it would be for us to know the Lord. When we know the Lord, nothing can overcome us, we have everything we need. "In the world ye shall have tribulation, but be of good cheer, i have overcome the world." :) It was great. 

Oh he also kind of smashed us for not inviting to baptism in the first lesson and also we need to plan better. (Its crazy how leaders can tell you something youre not doing well, in like the most inspiring way)  So we were going to our first lesson after mission tour and thought we had better take his counsel and invite them to be baptized. After all, thats kind of why were here after all!!! haha. We went to teach our potential whom we had met at the door a week before named Emily, and as we were teaching, her friend Olivia joined. Olivia had amazing soul searching questions, and we continued to teach, we recited the first vision and the Spirit flooded the room, tears, then Olivia asks "So what do i need to do?" We invited them to be baptized and they accepted. Miracles!!'

I dug out my planner from my first transfer and we did weekly planning the way my trainer from New Jersey taught me, long and meticulous but effective. I was surprised at myself for planning meticulously on my own accord.  haha. Weekly planning is great and helps us feel prepared.

Family my time is almost out!! i love you all so much and of course, I love the Lord. Thank you all for everything you do!! Keep smashing it!!

Love sister schaelling

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