Monday, May 12, 2014


Hey everyone! Family it was so great talking to all of you on Skype!! You're all so cute and Kat one day we will just talk in person haha. I love you all soooooo much and Mom happy mothers day!!!!! You are the best mom i have ever had!!!! :) :) i love you so much!!!! :) 
Sister Schaelling and Stanton

Soooooooo I feel like i dont have much to update because i just talked to you all! Ballina is still kickin, we met a really cool potential investigator named Jack!! He is honest in heart!! He was so open with us and asking us heaps of questions!! It is exciting finding all the time because the miracles just dont stop for anyone let me tell ya. 

Funny story time!! So this week we had a dinner appointment with Sister Davey and a guy from our ward, Reese was there. So after the appointment were driving home and i pull the car over to get a song, which i never do. Then were talking for a second and i start to pull away from the curb and i see a man, a tie.....running towards us....who could that be? I roll down the window and Reese just hands us our phone all out of breath and stumbles away....we left our phone and he ran to bring it to us!!  yay!!!! Miracle!!!!

Also this week we took one of the young women out with us knocking doors, it was fun. I like knocking doors with members. We also are having mission tour this week with Elder and Sister Hamula who are in the area presidency, fun!! Shined shoes and no wet hair...or their will be consequences...hahahah. No really it will be great. I love conferences, a spiritual feast!!!

Did i mention that we taught Tristan, our member referral? It was a quick lesson and we were just relying on the Spirit the whole time to guide us! Try teaching the entire restoration in 12 minutes! haha itwas good he is sweet! Were excited to keep teaching him!!!
check out this sunset... the skies are amazing here at night!!!

This work is the best and i love the Lord. I was thinking today about the gospel in my life and how much of a part of me it has been. How lucky i have been to always have the hope of the gospel in my life blessed. I love you all somuch. Keep smashing it!!!!

love love
Sister Schaelling

check out this sunset... the skies are amazing here at night!!! and me and sister stanton!

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