Monday, May 26, 2014

Another Great week in Ballina!

Hey family! need to be speedy today!!

Dad youre emails are always so well put together and hilarious, i laughed when you said "Ive never ran 10 miles before but i decided to give it a try..." Like, how many people say it that casually haha. Sounds like you are progressing family and well done Pop on a full Sunday. Im kind of glad ill never have to conduct a sacrament service or anything really. It sounds stressful haha.

So this week was fun!! Last Monday i learned how to change a tire because as we were driving on the highway we heard a mysterious noise, loud and fast banging sound. Not good...we pulled over and inspected it was just a plastic bodypart hanging off from below the front left we drove to our appointment which was FHE with the Smith family it was fun! We drew pictures from Alma 50 and talked about fortifying ourselves. We then drove to the Cookes, members whom Brother Cooke used to be a car mechanic so he drilled a hole in the hanging off plastic and wired it to the bumper...meanwhile he guided me through changing the tire because i didnt know how. Haha it was fun....

We taught Nareda again on Tuesday and it was good! She is stil really confused and doesnt understand the need for Jesus Christ...its interesting to teach her becuase ive always had almost child like faith in Jesus Christ...ive never really wondered why we need Him or if the Atonement was real or anything like that, so thinking about her questions helps me learn. We also were able to see Emily on wednesday and we taught the Plan of Salvation, the Spirit was so strong! She is prepared and loved it, as we were teaching we were getting ready to committ her to be baptized on the 21 of June. (I love inviting people to be baptized, and i only get to do it for 18 months, its the best.) We had taught all of the Plan of Salvation and the Spirit said ask her what she wants to do, so she can be accountable. We asked, What does this plan motivate you to do? She said, i want to be baptized, and my companion set the date. YAY we have a progressing investigator, were so excited and love her so much. Her closing prayer was adorable. 

We had the zone leaders at our district meeting because they were down for trade offs with the Lismore elders, they role played on me and it was amazing, they are such good teachers!! They taught me about the Holy Ghost and invited me to be baptized, they way they taught was so good ive been trying to copy them. We brought Sister Deloncrais with us to see the inactive Sharon and finished teaching Plan of Salvation. It was wonderful. the spirit was there...

We were also finally able to teach Carly the full restoration and also invited her to be baptized which she glad we were able to help her understand our message and the purpose of our visits. We saw Thalia again and she wants to be baptized but her mom wants her to be baptised in her church, challenges always come...

Sorry fam im running out of time! Today we went to some waterfalls and also Byron Bay it was beautiful. i discovered im not afraid of heights anymore, at the falls we could get close to the edge and it was pretty, i was standing on the edge and looking over against my companions will and then she just started crying...i felt so bad haha 

love you all so much!!!
Sister Schaelling

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