Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Fun times in beautiful Lennox Head

A note from a member in an Easter Egg for us
Hello family!!
Sounds like this week was fun for everyone!! Dad glad you got to go out and so some visits. I think i am just going to go visit people all the time after the mish, me and kat can go door knocking together haha.  Jenna i loved the picture of you on your board! so cool!! and Scott you are just a cool cat!! Mom and Dad i love you so much and kat your emails are always great and inspiring :)
This week was fun! We had trade offs with the Sister Training Leaders so they caravaned down to Ballina and spent the day with us. Every trade off ive been on in my mission ive been the one leading in my area...so i never get to go on vacation for the day :) But because were a little far, the STLs just come and stay the night and we all work in Ballina for the day. I was with Sister Tauti and we went finding and visited some less actives and it was all good fun :) I love islanders. Shes Samoan, but from New Zealand like Sister Cocker. She is great and a wonderful teacher and her prayers are always filled with the Spirit, i love trade offs because they help me learn!
So this week we went door knocking lots and lots and it is fun. Ive been trying to really listen to the Spirit even at doors, to help these children of God see us as His servants. Something i find saddening is when people give us a schpeel about how there are so many churches and the Bibles been translated so many times and how can we know which of all of them is true and then they close the door. And im like, "here we are!! Listen please we have answers to the questions of the soul"....oh so cool story, we knocked on a Baptist pastor's door and stood talking to him for ages, he was REALLY nice and was asking genuine questions. A lot of times people ask us questions but we know that they already know what were going to say. So we really have to have the Spirit with us and teach by the Spirit when were finding. So we taught about the plan of Salvation and the Book of Mormon and prophets and priesthood authority. He didnt smash us! It was a miracle! :) Then we left. He invited us to his service ;)

Sisters Stanton and Schaelling at the Brisbane Temple
We went to a place called Lennox Head and did some finding there. Its RICH! apparently this place has the some of the best waves in the world to surf. We had little success but it was really pretty. We talked to a Jehovah's Witness man (its wierd sometimes they're the only ones that will stand and talk to us) and he was telling us how Jdubs are pacifists so they will never go to war or fight anyone. it was funny because i told him that my dad was in the air force and he was like, oh. sorry. haha. He was nice.
I gave a training in District Meeting this week on asking inspired questions- which means we have to listen, be in tune with the Spirit and focus. As i was giving this training i felt like i needed to relate it to companions, and how we need to listen to each other. I remember times on my mission when i have prayed and prayed for my companion and i to be able to understand each other and work in unity..."for the spirit of contention is not of me." So i started training on how important it is we listen to each other, and focus on each others needs and listen to what the Spirit is saying to us- i know how important this is in a companionship, and how it requires complete humility and faith.

Sisters Stanton and Schaelling on the Train to Brisbane Temple
Were in Tweed Heads now because today we have zone p day and are going to have a water balloon fight :) We got a referral from a member, first ever here in Ballina, and we are going to see him tomorrow, we're so excited. I love this work and how hard it is and i love the Lord and i love all of you!!!

much love
Sister Schaelling
Cool house in Lennox Head

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