Monday, March 10, 2014


Wow hello family!! Sounds like this week was a success! Jenna you got asked to prom how cute!!! Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyy! 

So this week was full of miracles. Where to begin? We got to teach this week!! Yayy, thats a miracle all by itself! haha but we taught this cool part member family, and they have two boys, 17 and 15 i think...they are great. We also saw Shane, who has been taking the lessons for agessssss and we were excited because he organized his own ride to church! Miracle. Annd 

GUESS WHAT....we were tracting and we had been going for almost two hours and i was like yo! Companion! lets go get some water at a members and leave! ( we were having no potentials ) and my righteous and diligent companion was like, we will endure to the end! of this two hours! 15 more minutes! (Good thing shes here) and we meet this wonderful kind lovely lady who invites us to come back next week...whose name happens to be Carly. Spelled the same. She doesnt know thats my name...and she never will!!  hahaha

AND THEN we go pick up a member, Sister Deloncrais to come with us to teach Shane and she asks us if she can introduce us to her lovely amazing friend she has been visiting and has felt it is time to introduce her to the missionaries....her friends name is Carly. Same Carly we tracted into!! Whaaaaaat? Miracle!! Baptism soon to come!! :):) 

Also this week we were  tracting (we do a lot of that here in Ballina ;) And were talking to this lady who goes to Assembly of God (AoG) church and talking blah blah balh and sister Stanton is like, is it okay if we sing for you? *Sure* And we sing Abide with Me and i prayed silently that the angels would sing with us....*lady is weeping* and says we sound like angels and can come back next week and call her anytime. Yay!! Basically Sister Stanton is the bomb!! 

Also this week we had Zone Conference....the first one ive been to in the ABM (Australia Brisbane Mission)! It was amazing and President is pretty much a boss. So zone conference consists of a bunch of trainings by president and sister Henderson and the APs and such, then role plays and more trainings. Then the APs were doing a role play on street contacting a man on his way to work..probably the hardest audience a missionary can have. President stepped in and smashed it!! He said to the man (the elder pretending to be a man, who was walking quick to get to that bus,) i know you need to catch that bus, but i bet you love your family more than you love that bus. *silence*  *mans stops and stares at him* "Theres a message about families that i traveled 9 thousand miles just to share with you. Will you please let me take a minute of you time this week."* BOOM. it was so good we all cried and then laughed because if we all GQd like that Australia would get baptized! :) Then we practiced.  I know how important it is not to read from a script as missionaries. We do this all day, finding people. Its easy to ask the same questions...Hello, im Sister Schaelling. Were from the Church...have you met missionaries...we share a wonderful message....would you be interested? Do you know anyone who may be? okay person. But when we really look in peoples eyes and see who they really are and listen to the spirit and find out what matters to them...then we can really find people.  not just go thru the motions!! Love it!! 

I got sick the day after zone conference which was sad because we were all pumped to go smash the area.and I was out all day, then it was Sunday and Shane came to church!! and it was joyous. He knows lots of people there. Ward council was super good on Sunday. i really like Lismore ward, and Bishop is great. We had dinner at their house on Sunday and they are hilarious. 

Sister Stanton is awesome!! its her birthday this week. She is so great. Always listening to the Spirit. The Divine question i loved this week is from Jesus to Peter when Peter starts sinking into the sea after walking on water for a fleeting moment "O ye of little faith...wherefore didst thou doubt?"I love that because im sure Peter didnt doubt the Savior, just himself. But when we doubt ourselves, are we not doubting the being who created us? 

I also love whenever Jesus asks the Pharisees, "why reason ye in your hearts?" when they are muttering about how only God has power to forgive sins. its like hes saying, Why are you stewing about what i just said? will you just admit already that you know i am the son of God? Its like when we mutter about things the prophets or our leaders ask us to do. "Why reason ye in your hearts?" Obedience without muttering brings miracles!!!

I love you all!!!!
much love
Sister Schaelling

p.s. I forgot to mention that we named a baby this week!!! haha we went to follow up with a potential whose wife just had a baby and he was so cute only a week old and they didnt have a name yet and they were thinking of bible names and my comp suggests Mosiah and they text us later saying they named their baby Mosiah! :) Wow.

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