Monday, March 17, 2014

Hello! Hello!

Family thank you for the Birthday wishes! Ive decided that a perk to being a J Dub would be you dont have to have birthdays...haha im not sure i want to be 20! Then i have to be an adult and responsable and stuff. eh...

Jenna how cute your donut answer. I love donuts. And I just love you all so much. Katrinas emails are always so joyful and full of life and enthusiasm! They inspire me, she inspires me! What an amazing missionary!
Sister Stanton and Schaelling, on Sister Stanton's birthday (March  13th)
This week was good, first i just want to say that ever since i told my comp Dad that you were in the air force she loves saying "oh thats because your dads in the military!" yep and now the elders are doing it too haha. So when i ask her if shes okay shes like "wow you can read my mind because your dads in the military" or when in teaching her my cool self defense skills its "because your dads in the military"or when i have a super sensitive nose and can smell everything, its because "Dad you're in the military!"  hahaha. SO anywho's...

This week is week 5 of the transfer which is hard to believe and we were blessed with two new investigators. Two miracles! THe first one is an old Finnish lady who doesnt read in english and small miracle the zone leaders were coming down to do trade offs with the elders and they had a Finnish book of Mormon in their flat and they gave it to us to give to her. Yay :) Our second new investigator is a girl named Thalia, we went to visit a member referral and ended  up doing service cleaning her neighbors house. (Ive never cleaned so much until my mission, love it :)  Well, i love cleaning other peoples stuff... :)  And then she let us teach her daughter Thalia and it was good! We started teaching the Restoration and also taught Book of Mormon. And we sang :)  Yay people to teach!!!

This week we did lots of service, we helped Matt and Annette clean all the walls in their house because their moving. They are moving out of our area :( and out of the mission...lame. We went over there twice this week. We stopped by Carly's a million times and only talked at the door, she is so awesome but its hard to share a message! Hopefully this week we will be able to teach her. She is so nice.
The elders gave sister Stanton a cake for her birthday and i think i attached a picture of me eating it,,,it was SO GOOD. (they didnt make it haha)  oh my goodness, best cake ive had! It was chocolate mousse and yellow cake with chocolate frosting,.,.om nom nom!!  This week we taught and inactive lady named Sister Monk, she was kind, inactives used to be so mysterious to me especially when they just act totally normal and nice, they are just real people like the rest of us...

Wow i love my mission so much. My mission is so amazing and is changing me, but boy it is hard. But its good hard. I cant believe i am turning 10 months old this week. Thats not okay, im not ready to be old! I think back at my experiences and how wonderful they have been, and i wouldnt trade them for anything, i know we are each sent to different missions for different reasons- and i love the story found in Luke 9.  Someone comes up to Jesus and says Lord, i would follow thee whithersoever thou goest- and Jesus replies, (i think this is how it goes) "Foxes have holes, birds have nests, but the Son of Man hath not a place to lay his head."" Its like Jesus is saying, yes, please follow me but its going to be hard, sometimes we dont even have  place to sleep-- he then says, let the dead bury their dead and go and preach the kingdom of God.  Man, it is so important to leave things behind from our old life and give our desires to the Lord.  Its explained beautifiully in the talk "The Fourth Missionary."  I have been studying that talk this week and something i love is that the consecrated missionary's dominant desire is to do what the Lord wants him to do. As disciples of Christ, i know i am most happy when i am doing what the Lord wants me to do. Its just hard figuring out what that is sometimes haha...
Sister Schaelling eating Sister Stanton's birthday cake
Family, the time on this computer is far spent :) i love all of you so much and hope you are happy and well. I hope and pray everyday for your happiness!!
much love
Sister Schaelling

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