Monday, March 24, 2014

HELLO :) from Ballina

Hola family! This week was jam packed with awesome stuff!!
Sister Schaelling and Cocker, together again, even for a moment!
But firstly, sounds like your week was great, Schaelling family! Mom and Dad how was the hockey game haha. and so cool you met up with Shannon! That must have been so fun. And Jenna hope you had fun at the dance! I bet you danced the night away like a dancing queen. :) Love you all sooooo much!!

This week started off with a FULL P-DAY which means we dont have to go out and work at 6 pm like we normally do. Thats because Gold Coast zone thrashed their goals last transfer. But Sister Stanton and I both werent here last transfer but i guess we still got to participate in the reward haha,...i think rewards for goals are kind of ridiculous, like, you baptized people, now you get to relax more! what? haha  But it was nice. We met up with the Tweed sisters at Brunswick Heads and just talked and walked around because there is nothing to do in Brunswick Heads haha but it was soooo fun to see them again and talk!!  With other sister missionaries :) Sister Smith and Sister De Chavez are sooo cool!
Sister Schaelling and Stanton and the Ballina Elders
Then on Tuesday we taught Valma our Finnish investigator, she is 79 and doesnt speak much english so we sing and hope the Spirit will translate haha. She is so lovely and witty and old. Teaching her is really hard though with the language barrier. We got her a Finnish Book of Mormon. We also saw our other old lady investigator Judith who was all excited to come to church and then she dropped us on Saturday on the phone it was so sad. any whos, on a happier none, we had TRADE OFFS this week!

And guess who is my sister training leader? SISTER COCKER my beloved trainer. So she traded off with me and we worked here in Ballina and it was THE BEST. it was like the good old days workin together again, tracting all day and teaching by the way and talking with everyone. So fun. It was so crazy that she is still the same to me, just stronger and grown. We talked about our missions so far and everything. It was like coming home, working with her again. She will always have a place in my heart. We also brought a member out with us to go follow up with a bunch of people and none of them were home....but hey! we got to road trip together haha I love Sister Cockers work ethic, it brought back good memories of when i would be tired and she would just throw me on my bike and tell me to get to work, haha, she didnt actually do that because i would never try to be lazy around her :) oh and she always talks about how she loves the way i talk about my family. im not really aware of how i talk about my family so i guess thats a good thing :) 

We taught our other new investigator Shirley on Thursday and it was so good. We sang for her too and she is a really spiritual person. its really fun teaching people you found. We taught Sister Monk a less active and also had weekly planning (yay,...i dont know who actually likes weekly planning...) Friday was deep clean we do every six weeks for 4 hours. Its always fun to clean. But cleaning is like introspection time which isnt always a good thing. Sometimes i dont like thinking too much, but anywhos...
Happy 20th Birthday!
Saturday we taught CARLY for the first time! She is so prepared its amazing. She was like, can you please explain why there are so many churches? um yes, we would love to haha....we had a relief society activity and we gave a little presentation on the history of RS, which was great i love RS, its the best! Worldwide sisterhood! oh also i turned 10 months old on Saturday which is gross. Who wants to be old? i loved being a young missionary!!.....:( 

Sunday was great because we got to go to church. No investigators this week at church :( we will try for next. We went to follow up with some referrals and then tracted the day away. Finding is fun and exciting when we find with faith! Also i think it was my birthday this week or something haha...the elders brought us a cake. how nice of them. Also at like 8 30 we heard a knock at the door and someone dropped off a present! how sweet :) its so fun having a birthday when its just a normal day. i wish all birthdays were like that...

More new investigators this week! Tracting, teaching, talking to randoms by the way. I love when things finally just come natural. When the gospel just becomes a part of who we are and what we say. We dont need a memorized verse or line to say while talking with someone when we see them as a child of God. Something that i think comes with time on my mission has been my ability to be calm and natural when i teach and not nervous and wondering what i am going to say next. We carry an important message to be shared with earnestness, but we also have charity and love for all, enough time to listen and reflect and then testify with our heart, not recited words in our brain. Theres a great talk by Presidet Eyring from may 2002 ensign, i think its called, a child, a disciple or something like that. But he talks about member missionaries and how they are bold and effective but its because of who they are and what they know, not their talent and ability. We can all be missionaries in different ways. Some members love giving out Book of Mormons, others invite everyone to have the missionaries.....we can all do it in our own way when we pray and find out what God wants us to do. :) 
Cute Little Lizard!
Also you may be wondering why this email is late, today is tuesday P day because its transfers. But sister Stanton and I are staying in Ballina for another six weeks! i hope we stay here for 3 together but who knows. its my bucket list to be with a comp for 4 transfers! 6 months haha.  Our housing coordinator, he was with one comp for 11 and a half months and they bought each other a fake wedding ring haha....

Also did i mention our car got broken into the other week? Some *loser* smoked in the Lords car and burned his or her cigarette in the seat...but on the bright side they didnt take anything. Except Ballerina's pride. Ballerina is the name of our car. 

Still loving Ballina and Lismore ward. The members here are great, still getting to know all of them. Trying to be a consecrated missionary and give everything to the Lord!!

Much love 
Sister Schaelling

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