Monday, February 3, 2014

Yo, yo, yo!

heyyyyy family and friends!!! whats happennin?? Sounds like life is same old fun in K-town!! Wow im so glad they have a Nordstrom Rack at station park! hittin that up when i come home and destroy all my mission clothes because they will smell!! and Jenna i bet you are just the cutest little salad line girl at Zupas. And there are two scandanavian boys sitting in front of me speakin something!!!
Sister Schaelling and Merrill, in the RAIN
So this week was fun! We are still running around G-town like crazy! Visiting people all day everyday. We started off with seeing sister Craig and her recent convert daughter Marilyn and the Ebert family we always visit every Monday night. We had an awesome lesson about 3 Nephi 17, we read together and talked about if Christ came to us, what would it be like? Those 3 Nephi chapters are powerful!! Man, every time i read them im sitting there gettin shivers.
Sister Merrill, Celeste, Sister Schaelling
On Tuesday we saw Ken! and we are doing english class after. I like teaching english, its fun. And it helps me with my english haha. We also went and saw the lovely John and Mourine! Man they are great. They came to church on Sunday and lots of people talked to them!! I love seeing members fellowship our investigators. During personal study one morning i was reading about "Ye are no more strangers" by bishop Causse from priesthood sesh, and something that really stuck out to me was how he said that our meetinghouses are not "ours" they belong to Jesus Christ...anyone who walks into one should feel welcome! So true. Our investigators are Gods children, we are all fellowcitizens, and there should be no strangers among us! Awesome talk.

This week we had and awesome lesson with Phil Kimura (his last name is actually Japanese even though he is Maori) who has been going through a hard time. He is doing the training to receive the Melchezidek priesthood in March, and man is satan "doin his thang" as Katrina says :) but man it's sad! He is really trying to work towards his goal but finding stress and trials at every turn. We are trying to strenghten him and help him act in a way that the Holy Ghost will be with him always. We also saw Mitch and Loki and Glen, Mitch's dad practiced baptizing him because Mitch got Baptized on Saturday!! yay!!! Glen baptized him and we had an awesome turnout at the baptsim, we had to move everyone to the chapel because there wasn't enough room in the primary room where the font is. It was great! 
Mitch's Baptism

We also did some member work this week and took a cake to one of the young women that just moved in! We didnt make the cake haha Laureen did, and we got all the young women and went over. Stasia, the birthday girl's family is from Wyoming. They just moved over here for a few years and live in a company when we went to visit them the first time i had so many memories of moving and going to school for the first time in a new place, a foreign country haha. I remember praying that i would find someone to sit with at lunch haha...ah, moving. 

Also there were cylcone warnings all week this week so we were tracting in the rain and wind! it was fun. And people are nicer to us when its raining! haha. We met some great folks and got some return appointments. On Thursday we had a broadcast from Brisbane where President Henderson was speaking in a cluster meeting with a bunch of stake presidents and members and was good! He talked about hastening the work and we now have new standards for the mission! also we have something called "missionary milestones" which im not entirely sure what it is yet because they were handing out papers...should be cool though.

We also missed lots of other people this week, Atimah is in Brisbane for the week (an elder once said "vacations are of the devil" hah. so true because they get back and we're like hey remember us? and their like wha..) And we only saw Charity and Ian stopping by because they were super busy working all week! They are doing good!
We LOVE ice cream!!!

On Sunday we had lunch at the Fentons flat and Helen Lealogata and her two non member kids came and also Phil and Monte, less active Samoan brothers, they are awesome!! They sang for us and Monte played the these islanders know how to sing! it was grand. Helayna, Helen's daughter has a baptism date for the 22 of this month! We also had a huge turnout at church, more than ive ever seen, with 10 of our investigators that came, what a huge blessing, it was a marvelous week!

i love you all so much!
much love
Sister Schaelling

p.s..........guess who killed a bigger than fist sized spider last night? yours truly. and this morning i killed one with my bare. hands. i'm an animal!!!!!!  :) 

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