Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Transfers after 5 months in Gladstone!!!!

Firstly, Dad you're a pro! Thats so cool you got to use youre improv skills! I hope you join the cool band ;)
Well my friends, I GOT TRANSFERRED! what? i never thought this day would come! the APs called me and were like, sister schaelling, how do you feel??? man they love messing with us :) But yep i flew down to Brizzy yesterday and went out to work with the Cleveland sisters (there is a place called cleveland here :) and we had transfer meeting this morning! 

Secondly, it is so wierd being around so many missionaries! im so used to being isolated up north it was crazy seeing everyone. So a lot of sisters from my intake are now training! im so happy for them! Then president called my name and sister Stanton;s name, (who was formerly in Cleveland so i knew her from working with them yesterday) and said we would be opeing Ballina in Gold Coast Zone. So after he said that, sister Stanton and i look at each other like "um, where?" we didnt know if we were whitewashing an elders area or what, so after transfers we were like, "so, lovely APs, what are we doing again?" So apparently we are opening a new area for missionaries in a place called Ballina, which is actually in New South Wales, not Queensland--a different state than the rest of the mission, and this area has never seen missionaries before. We totally have a fresh, empty area book :) We are in the Lismore ward which is about a thirty minutes drive from our area...apparently. And the reason i keep saying apparently is because we havent actually been to our area yet because they are waiting on our flat contract to get cleared or whatevs so we are chilling with the Tweed Heads sisters! How exciting. Welp.

My new companion is sister Stanton and she is the same age as me in the mission, exactly 8 and a half months ;) And she is from Sheffield England! And she reminds me so much of Clarissa McLaren! So im pretty pumped for this transfer! It will be wonderful! Lots of finding for us!! I knew i was going to be in a finding area this transfer because ive been kind of spoiled in Gladstone teaching like 25-30 lessons a week!...for 4 transfers. And all with people other missionaries found pretty much. Now i need to put in my time being a pioneer and tracting all the time :) Im so excited for Ballina.(i dont even know how to spell that.)  And i think we will end up having skype district meetings again because of distance. And we are in a two way, just us in the flat. I thinks its funny how i went from being up north to being in the farthest south! yay!!!
It was a little sad leaving G-town. lots of members came to the airport to see me off. that was so nice of them. Phil cried when i shook his hand goodbye. He is wonderful. I loved Gladstone, but i am so excited for a change and a new area. They dont exactly give you a book on how to open an area so we will probably just be winging it all day everyday, but hey thats where im right at home! I was noticing a change in me as we were driving (oh i forgot to mention Ballina is full time car so hopefully i dont get fat,....haha. and i'm the driver, yay...:) so we were driving on this super busy highway with lots of traffic in an area where i dont know where i'm going (of course on the other side of the road but thats pretty normal now haha) and i kept waiting for the nervous, uncomfortable butterflies but they never came. Just this feeling of calm as i drove 100 km an hour. (that was the speed haha) Then i thought of how nervous and scared i was my first day here, driving the same high way. How things change!!
And its the Atonement that will change all of us ;)
more next week, my time is far spent!
Very much love to you all :)
Sister Schaelling

p.s.  okay mom my miracle this week was....okay so we were at mark and tabithas house because they threw me a pancake dinner because i was leaving, and a girl named Cassidy moved in with them she is 16, and her friend was there, friend apparently not being a very good influence on her, and we had a wonderful lesson after about Christlike attributes, and they both loved it! Mark and Tab participated and the friend, named Ellie, and Cassidy became new investigators and promised to pray that night and come to church and said they were so excited. it was a miracle!! :)

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