Sunday, February 16, 2014

hey family, from Tweed Heads

hello all,
Sounds like this week was wonderful for everyone! Jenna dating every night! :) Mom sewing quilts. Dad presenting with no "ums" of course! Nice work :)

SOOo....Sister Stanton and I are like wandering nomads! We are still in Tweed Heads, staying with the sisters here because our flat paperwork and stuff is still going through for our flat in Ballina. It is so wierd not having an area let me tell ya!! We feel like lost children. But hopefully we will get to go to Ballina tomorrow or on wednesday and move in! But to fill our days here in tweed we have been going and contacting the tweed sisters former investigators and a list of less actives whose records are at the church but havent shown up in forever! Its like detective work. The sisters here are sister Smith and Sister De Chavez, from NZ and from the Phillipines, they are so fun! It has been pretty much a blast. Im the driver because Sister Stanton doesnt drive at all, so i am perfecting my skills. :)
Sister Stanton is awesome! We have been out the same amount of time in the mission and she is from Yorkshire, Sheffield England. She is pretty much great and talking with her about England is fun! She is a good listener and a great missionary. We are pumped for Ballina. And yep Mom i think were in the  southeast of the mission....i think President thinks i work best in isolation haha :)
We also got to go GQ'ing this week (golden question-ing..street contacting) which was so fun because there is no where to GQ in Gladstone! So we went to the beach walk and went at it....oh my gosh sometimes people are so funny..especially when they start running away from you before you even talk to them ... GQ stories:
"Im sorry cant talk we have to go eat"
"Sorry Im atheist"
"i just talked to you guys like 2 minutes ago" haha the other sisters were GQing at the other end of the beach walk,...unbeknownst to us...

my favorite:
     "Yes we go to church, we also have missionaries that preach the gospel two by two, we have strong faith.."
     us: "Oh cool, what church do you go to?"
     "um, it doesnt have a name, because when Jesus Christ was on the earth the church had no name.'
     " when youre missionaries introduce themselves, do they say were from the church with no name?"
This map shows the Queensland area, which is my mission, and I am now going to Ballina with is part of New South Wales "State."  It is south of Brisbane, on the coast.

also this week we went to teach a lesson with the sisters investigator but they didnt have a member to go with them so we went, and we taught the plan of salvation when the phone rings and his friends want to come over...his Jehovah Witness smash us! (obviously they didnt say that on the phone haha) so we sped up the lesson and prayed and are on our way out the door when his Jdub friends show up, and literally block our way out and start bashing us. we just testified and left and laughed in the car how we spent our valentines day with Jdubs crashing our lesson!
also it was kind of awkward at church because everyone was like "hello new sisters!" and we were like, "hi, were not staying!" and then one of the speakers fell through so sister Stanton and I gave a 10 minute talk each, with like a two minute notice, but it was all good fun. And Sister Merrill was just in Tweed heads ward and i got to hug everyone for her. And Sister Smith and Sister De Chavez are so fun..,..and hopefully we move into our flat in Ballina soon!!
I love you all sooooooooooooo much! Obedience brings blessings and miracles!!
Sister Schaelling

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