Monday, January 20, 2014

Yo family!!

Yo family!!

What is up?? Thanks for the emails and updates!! This week was stacked with appointments and lessons and everything! They always say there no tired like mission tired...well....theres no tired like Gladstone tired!! Good grief my eyes are heavy just sitting here typing...

We started off visiting Sister Craig and Marilyn Craig and teaching them about service. Marilyn is a RC with down syndrome and we are pretty much best friends. She loves hugs. Fun fact. they call a hug a cuddle here. So its not awkward to be like, "oh come give me a cuddle!" Oh Tuesday we taught Ken as per usual! And also we went to see Tabitha at her house! She is doing well, being a mom and such...we watched the mormom message Daily Bread Pattern, it talks about how manna was needed every day, and it didnt keep over night...a paralell for daily spiritual food, reading a praying and church!

We also saw John and Mourine! I love them so much. We watched the joseph smith movie together! They loved it! Something Mourine said was that she listens to every church that comes to the door, but this is the only time she has felt peace. BOOM. It was awesome. We invited them to be baptized and they said they would if thats what the Lord wanted them to do. Their relationship is so funny to me! Mourine just orders John around and he does whatever she asks haha, then shes like "oh he's my man! i love him so much." they will be married 30 years soon! 

So this week we trekked out to the very outskirts of our area, BILOELA. two hour drive, to see a referral! Smalllll town but we contacted Rosetta, she is from Albania! We taught the whole family, they were interesting. She gave us a bunch of albanian probiotics to mix into our food.....yum. We also hunted the random members that live in Biloela! Theres an awesome family that lives there but only comes to church twice a month because of commute. They are Filipino (my favorite! love them) and also we saw another less active. On Wednesday we saw Bree and she was doing great, wedding plans!! We also saw Mandy who has been being taught by the other sisters for quite some time. She is very sweet and loves reading from the book of mormon and coming to church! We visited the Bowtell family, a PM family mom with three kids. I look up to her.

Thursday we saw John and Mourine again and we discussed the organization of the church as it was in Christs time and now in ours. Mourine told us how she knows its only gonna be one church standing in the end! And we were like, yes indeed! There house has pictures of Jesus everywhere and Mourine sings us songs about Jesus. Shes so cute. We are visiting Jade, a 22 year old mom, living with a partner. She came to church too!! She made me so happy this week because of one thing she said! She didnt really believe in God before but then she told us "I've decided that i believe there is a God." Hurrah! 

We also saw Phil the RC and taught about enduring to the end! He is so emotional and feels everything. Hes this big Maori guy and all you have to say is "Phil we love you" and he starts crying. it s adorable. We also that night saw Helen West, and read scriptures with her and her non member niece who was up from sunshine coast. We got her info for the elders to go see her!

Friday we do service at Evelyn Witheridges, a long line less active. She is so nice, we always drive her little tractor to go and get her trash bins from the road because she lives on a huge property. We weeded her garden, which always makes me think of Grandma Meservy :) On Saturday we saw Mia and taught about the atonement. We also saw Celeste. She is doing well, just has to give us smoking still!! 

We are teaching the children of a less active, a Samoan family, Helayna and Bucky. They will probs get baptized soon. Helen the mom is totally smoking and then says a beatiful closing prayer to the lesson...its so wierd! haha she is coming back to church. In New Jersey we counted LA at church as Key Indicators but we dont here int he ABM sadly! But its all good im still glad they come haha

Sunday is always a little craaazy because we're running around trying to get investigators to church! We had to lead Elder fenton to Jades house to pick her up and ended up being late for sacrament which is awkward because Sis. Merrill is branch pianist and im the chorister...haha Sister Cleland was filling in during the opening hymn and had me take over in the middle of it because she didnt know how to do it was funny. Of course this is the day the district president was there...story of my life! im so impressive to priesthood leaders...haha.

On Sunday Sister Merrill and i had a crazy, amazing, spiritual experience! We tracted into a lady and i dont want to get into the details but we literally brought the spirit into the room because it clearly wasnt there. We taught of the Gospel blessing families and the importance and need to be kind to our children, always. The moms countanace totally changed and she was crying instead of cackling by the end of the lesson...ive never felt the power of my calling before, we were acting as if God was there in the room and saying only what He would want us to say...."Reproving betimes with sharpness, when moved upon by the Holy Ghost....after wards showing and increase of love..that he may know thy faithfulness is stronger than the cords of death." (D&C 121) It was insane!!! And our testimonies were strengthened of the importance of unity in a companionship and the presence of the Holy Ghost!

Family and friends i love you all!! This week i was reflecting on the importance of obedience and sacrifice...submissiveness and courage...and read the talk about "doing" vs. "being." It was enlightening! We cant just do and we cant just be like Christ. We have to be like Him, His character, and do what he would want us to do. Life long quest! Developing Christ like attributes!

Welp i love you all and i am gonna crash today...
much love,
Sister Schaelling!

January 12, 2013

January 12, 2013
Hello friends and family! Sounds like it has been snowy in the good old UT! I miss the snow! Jenna you are just the dating queen!  And mom and dad im glad you got to go do sealings in the temple. Ive never done im sure it is lovely!
So this week was reeediiculouss and awesome!! SIster Merrill and i are just running around like chickens with our heads cut off trying to cover both these areas! How interesting it has been! Its a good thing we like each other! Have a look at the events on Tuesday...first we had a conference call with the zone to set goals because we cant really have zone meeting because were all plane rides apart. That was good. We finished our service project at the Lealogata's painting their living room, then we taught Ken, (I LOVE KEN SO MUCH EVERYTIME I SEE HIM IT BRIGHTENS MY DAY!) and then we went out to Tannum Sands and Benaraby for the first time, about a 20 minute drive...but we broke the GPS so we were reading off a tiny ripped up map trying to find less actives! Except no one was home. funniest part, theres a less active that lives in a trailer park that we couldnt find, so we pulled into a gas station and we ask this man washing his windows, "Hey wheres the trailer park?" and hes like "Oh its right there," points to the trailer park thats like a foot away from where we parked, awkward! and then he says "but theres no vacancies." We were laughing and said we didnt want to move in just looking for someone. And i remembered how it may or may not be on my bucketlist to live in a trailer! One day :) And as we pulled back into our flat we had a lesson that evening with James from PNG and Peter Sepe was going to come with us...and i locked us out of the flat! oopsie. So Peter drove us and brought his wife with him. Then Elder Fenton set up ladders and we broke back into the flat by myself climbing in through our bedroom window from the roof! Success. And pretty much everyday was like that this week! Tick infested homes, lice ridden children, roughin it in Gladstone. Also our toilet broke. But hey! All is well :)
We also had a miracle this week which is....setting a baptism date with Celeste! We have been visiting her for ages and can just see the Lord working in her life. She used to drink and smoke all the time when we were over, then she quit smoking (and started again :( ) and then she got pancreatitis from drinking so much so now she cant drink! Well then thats pretty straight forward. She has changed so much since we first started visiting her. She has come to church 4 times!! We just need to get her married and baptized. She is wonderful but afraid of herself. Afraid that she will make a promise with God and not keep it. Many people have this concern. I have this concern sometimes! What if im not good enough to make it? Etc. Well my friends, let me let you in on something. We dont have to go through life alone! We dont have to be perfect yet. What a concept! We have the Atonement and the merciful gift of repentance for our aid as we travel through this life. If we could learn now to move on and let things go that we do wrong and others do wrong, how freeing a feeling it would be...soaring on wings of eagles. As Isaiah says. Elder Holland said "because Jesus walked such a long, lonely path utterly alone, we do not have to." Lets keep our heads up and remember Jesus already walked a long and lonely path!! We dont have to walk that same path! We can lean on His love! We can love our enemies and bless them that curse us with joy in our hearts simply because God is our loving Heavenly Father and his Son Jesus Christ, saved us from death! I want to share this with every lonely and sad and discouraged person i see!!
Wow this week was challenging and stressful! But something that i have realized as ive gone through my mission, is that ive learned many new things and wonderful things. New skills, trying new things, learning sooo much. Theres a mormon message we show investigators a lot called "Essa's Story" (watch it) and at the end Elder Scott says "The knowlege that is most precious to me, is that i am a child of God." When he says that, the spirit hit me everytime. The knowlege most precious to me, is that i also am a child of God! He is my Father, we are his children. He sent his Beloved Son to save us! What sweet and simple joy this brings. Im so amazed at love of God! Because of the love, we can be more than conquerers through Christ, for who shall seperate us from this love? (Romans 8) love it!
Thats all for now folks! Love you all so much
Sister Schaelling

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