Monday, January 6, 2014

Hello! :)

Heeyyyyyyyyy everyone!!!!! SO I JUST WATCHED THE COUSIN VIDEO!!!! it was wonderful!!!!!!!!! thank you soooo much! so much! ah i loved it!!!!! and Lynn i am in the north-west part of australia, maybe they said queensland? who knows! And yes i have seen a kangaroo. Even with a baby in its pouch! and yes they eat pumpkin here but just like a normal squash and its not that orange. And i loved seeing all your faces!!!! Thank you! 

This week was lovely, back to some hard yakka (thats aussie lingo for hard work but we say it heaps in the mission now as a term for working harrrd) after the holidays! So Sister Merril, my new companion is from South Ogden and went to UVU...she is 21 and bubbly and fun and reminds me a lot of Kenna! So i am just lovin her!! We have our plates full because of the combining of two areas which is now one big area that we cover. There are parts of our area that are like a 3 hour drive away! good grief haha. and we have a referral out in Biloela that is a two and a half hour drive to go and contact! Roaaad trip! it will be fun. And we have  so many investigators its almost too much but i love teaching so its great! We are trying to really get the members to come out with us and get involved!  I wish i could have or would have gone with the missionaries to teach before my mission. Thats so not even scarey when your the member haha. 

So the big big news of this week is that we SET A DATE with BREE!!!  whaaaaaa???  She has been investigating since January last year for pete's sake.  She is living with a partner so she finally talked to our branch president and set a marriage date, and a baptism on the same day, Feb 8th!  Prayyy we will! for her!!  Its amazing how things seem less daunting as my mission goes on.  First just teaching the Restoration was hard, then that got easier, handling minor concerns was hard like "i didnt receive my answer" type of stuff used to be scarey, then you just have so many experiences that all the sudden its like...  oh you're not married? no problem! ... oh you're addicted to drugs and alcohol?  Please, thats nothing compared to the power of God! Let us teach you!  I dont know if that makes sense but i love the feeling of having confidence in God and Jesus Christ so much that we know we can do, or accomplish anything, if it is in line with the will of the Father!!  Patience and perseverance and charity and courage is the key!

Wow also this week we had a heat wave! It was "stinking hot" as they say here. well im pretty sure they say that everywhere but hey. So im pretty much used to walking around drenched in sweat with no makeup on!  parrty!!  andd...this week we taught lots of peeps, oh MIRACLE this week, (good idea mom) was that...okay so last night we were thinking, "Maybe we should go and see Jenny" this random investigator we have never met, and she lived like 15 minutes away but we were already driving that way sort of, so we thought we might as well! Then we show up and shes just talking to us like normal and then just starts sobbing! And we were like woah, whats wrong? Turns out shes going through a super hard time so we returned later that evening with Elder Fenton who gave her a blessing!!! It was wonderful!

Also this week we taught a lovely filipino couple Charity and Ian! They came to church! We think they will get baptized this transfer hopefully! They are so cute. I love filipinos. So nice. And we had an intense lesson with Arnelson! He's had two baptism dates and then got sucked in to a bunch of anti-mormon stuff! And we were trying to get to the root of his concerns and finally just bore our testimonies and invited him to church. He came to church and felt the spirit!!

Of course there were sad times this week too and rejection but thats okay! I remember reading in the Book of Mormon how Alma an Amulek were preachin and saw no one was listening, so they just left to find people who would! That is how we should be, give everyone a chance, and discern who is sincere and honest in heart!  Missionary work is so exciting and hard and wonderful.

I think thats all for this week folks! I love you all! 

much love
Sister Schaelling 

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