Monday, January 27, 2014

Hello! Family

Sister Schaelling, Cocker and Fau at Sister's Conference in Brisbane
yo fam

This week was great! thank you for the updates of your lives! I wish i could have listened to kelly dehaan sing again man he is amazing! Dad im sure your concert was great! Glad you all got to go bowling. when i was in park ridge we tried to go bowling for a zone p day..but we were too late! im sure mom is the best activity day leader :) i loved activity days!!!
Sister Schaelling and Cocker (C's first companion)

So this week was of course good, seeing people, teaching the word! We also got to go to....SISTERS CONFERENCE!  p.s. did yall know that we have a mission  blog?   There are pics of sisters conference there! So we got to FLY DOWN to Brisbane! I havent set foot in brizzy for 5 and a half months! and best part! WE WENT TO THE TEMPLE! and i saw the new video!! not the new new one, the old new one if that make sense. I LOVE THE TEMPLE SO MUCH. it was wonderful!! Man i feel like such a wimp because i was missing the temple so much and just because i havent gone for five months meanwhile some missionaries dont go for two years!! 

So all eleven of us Northern sisters as they call us, did a session with sister Henderson on wednesday night after dinner. It was so lovely. Then we slept at the mission home and went to the kangaroo point chapel the next morning and  I GOT TO SEE SISTER COCKER :) my beloved trainer. She cried when she hugged me haha. she always cries :) man it was so wonderful seeing all the sisters again, i forgot what it was like! Sisters conference included....region time, all the north sisters together, then a training by sister Henderson about how we should act as sisters, and talks from president Smiburg and his wife, he is the stake president, he told the story of josiah in 2nd kings! its good! President trained us on the power of sisterhood. He told the story of moses, and spoke about the sanctity of life. How God rules the world by allowing babies to be it was amazing! I love President. Also during sisters conference we had workshops from RM sisters! they were all grand....and of course we got trained on modesty! Virtue is power my friends
Sister Merrill and Schaelling, caught in the rain
Soooo at the end of sisters conference we were waiting for our ride to the airport and its raining cats and dogs, long story short, we miss our flight! So we booked ourselves another flight at the sales desk for the following morning and joyously i had enough money on my missioncard to pay the transfer fee! tender mercy. We flew the following morning back to good old G-town..

And visited all the people we hadnt yet seen!! We had a good lesson with Atimah who is on date for the 8th...she has lots of concerns for her baptism. Sister Merrill is pretty much a boss at resolving baptismal concerns! man! She has the same concern that Steve had from my first area, she doesnt want to make a promise she cant keep. I have learned on my mission that there is no such thing as an easy baptism! and there shouldnt be! all must pass through trial to know the bitter from the sweet.
Sister Schaelling and Tautuiaki

Another lesson that stuck out to me was meeting with Charity and Ian, the filipino couple that were teaching. They are so humble and such good listeners. Ian was asking all right questions for Restoration! Why are there so many churches? Why do we need the Book of Mormon? it. Restoration is my favorite lesson!

Sister Cocker gave me a Tongan hymn book at sisters conf! Man i am singing like a bird out of that!  Sister Merrill gave me one of her Samoan hymn books because she had three, i love singing in those languages! such a pretty sound...islanders! love them. 

Death by dish soap
Wildlife in Gladstone, man cockroaches! Dad i remembered how you and your comp on your mish would squirt dish soap at cockroaches! Well dont you worry i have put that to use! Look at me following the council of my parents. when we find one we spray it with room spray (paralizes them AND  smells good) and then squirt dish soap at them after confining them in a cup! i took a picture but its a little nasty...maybe i will send it! :)

Today is AUSTRALIA DAY! when captain cook settled in sydney. yay!! so pretty much everyone is getting drunk right now and not working!!! yeah im glad im not tracting! Mourine our inv. was made and australian citizen the other night so we went to the gathering...this big party! man it was awkward! but hey im used to being awkward its part of missionary life :) We also went and had dinner with one of our new investigators Pauline and her whole family was over! man they were hilarious and loud! We shrugged off early before it got to crazy! 

Going to sisters conference was a highlight, especially going to the temple. I have a testimony now of the doctrine of assembly....when two or three are gathered in my name, there will i be also. Church and meetings and all of that really are important, so we can be spiritually fed and receive revelation for those we can bless and also our own lives!!  I know i joke about how annoying meetings are but i know that councils and meetings are important and needed! :)
Sister Wulfenstein and Carly

Welp i love you all!
Much love
Sister Schaelling

Family i love you all so much! The gospel is true!

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